Song Two: Soft Shock

(Album: It's Blitz!)

Pairing Two: Ignitionshipping (Volkner/Flint)

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It had been too long me just milling about, not writing a thing. I confess—I'm a lazy ass. In my defense, once you're in school drama, there goes your entire social life. I digress.

I've never written an Ignition story before, but I tried! Oh, and just so that people know all the YYYFFP stories are unrelated. I do love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs; this particular song helped me a lot recently, one with the mistakes of ruined friendships and deep feelings…AH! Brain Diarrhea! I can't let personal problems reflect on my writing! What kind of author does that? (Rim shot) Well, here it is, and please Read and Review—I'M DESPERATE!

~Hacha cha cha cha~

Late July, a breezy evening on the beach, nowhere to go but back home or forward. The trail of footprints left in the sand were reminders that it's safe to move on, because there will be an end to the ongoing expanse of land one day. What was telling him the adverse were the waves crashing down onto the sand, washing away his footprints. Why couldn't the waves take him away at that instance, that one instance he opened his mouth? But what use is thinking all of this and not saying anything about it? Perhaps it was just fear of the expected reaction—maybe the receiving end has already cut all those ties long before the man put on the spot could even consider feeling guilt afterwards…

"…Life is nothing but crap…"

Flint, a member of the Elites in Sinnoh, walked the Sunyshore beach for about three hours, just contemplating himself. Sunyshore was always a place which when brought up, Flint grew the biggest smile, memories flowing all across his mind; Sunyshore was where the boy grew up, where he started his Pokémon-based adventure, and where he found the best person he would ever meet—his closest and most dear friend, Volkner. Volkner was blue oni to Flint's red oni—he was always the voice of reason, and usually came off as a bit stand-offish at times, but Flint always found a way to crack that façade he had. Everyone in Sunyshore already knew the two—a dynamic duo, as they said. Attached to the hip for ten years…

Ten years…built up to be broken down…

The pair's ever-growing affection for one another should've stopped at nothing over the "brotherly" status; however, one can't always control their feelings. Flint was always a loud-mouthed, obnoxious kind of guy, and he was never one to let his feelings get in the way of anything, providing he had any (regarding the situation)…but what had happened? One walk on the beach, like the two always did, one conversation, like they always did, but a subject was brought up—something very new.

Flint stopped in his tracks and clenched his fists.


"Why did I have to do that, damnit? Why am I such a fucking idiot?"

The waves seemed to have stopped, just to listen to the man.

He turned to look at the ocean.

"And what the fuck are you looking at? You could've killed me right there, you could've taken me away! No, I just HAD to fuck everything up! All you did watch!" Flint fell to his knees, shaking.

"Why…why couldn't we just be friends…?" A single tear fell down the man's face, soon becoming waterfalls of silent tears, the ocean just nodding in disappointment.

"Why so glum, chum?" a hand rested on Flint's shoulder, rubbing its palm against him softly. Startled, Flint turned and barely made out a face distorted by his tears. "J…Jazz…"

"Yeah, it's me, buddy. You ok?" Jasmine knelt down next to him, arm over his shoulders. Jasmine, a Gym Leader from Johto, oft liked to visit Sinnoh because of its symmetry to her home region. She was about five or so years younger than Flint and Volkner, but got perfectly along with them; the three walked about the beach mostly, always chatting, laughing, or messing around in the ocean. This particular meeting with Flint seemed out of order, as he usually lit up the party—she wasn't used to seeing him like this.

"Sniff. Yeah, yeah, I guess…no, Jazz, I'm not ok. I thought I would be, but I'm not. Jazz, I just don't get it… But what're you doing here?" Flint leaned his head on Jasmine's shoulder, his big poufy afro smothering her face.

"I was just walking on the beach 'cuz it reminds me of home," the mess of hair muffled the girl's words, "but that's different. What's a-matter with you, Flint? I was walking then I heard all this yelling from across the beach. I ran to see what was wrong, and I found you… are things ok?" she asked, moving his hair to the side.

Flint moved off of the girl, shrugging her arm off. "You're too young to understand, Jazz. It's a guy problem."

The brunette blinked and tilted her head. "Like puberty?"

Flint turned to her and raised an eyebrow. "…Ehhhh, kinda…"

"That's ok. We all have that, buddy."

"Hm, but that's not what I'm miffed about…"

"Well, what's wrong?"

"I already told you, you wouldn't understand…"

"Well, you don't know that unless you tell me, silly!"

Flint blinked. "Damn, you're good…"

Jasmine giggled. "I know! So, go on! What's a-matter?"

"Well, Jazz, today I did something..."

Jasmine lay down on the sand facing Flint, digging her elbows into the sand. "Did you do something wrong?"

"You see, Jazz, it goes a little like this…"

~Earlier that Day~

"Good morning, Flint, Lucian, and little Aaron!" Bertha said, making breakfast for the Elites. Flint was quick to sit at the table, waiting on what Bertha was making today. Aaron followed in, holding Lucian's hand.

"Well, aren't you two the cutest things! You look as happy as my husband and I were when we were younger." The elderly lady walked across the kitchen, noticing the couple.

Aaron blushed and looked away. "Lucian makes me so happy. He's my boyfriend and I love him a lot!" Aaron hugged the man, Bertha awing at them.

"Yes, he is a little ball of sunshine, isn't he? I love him so much—I'm even considering marriage when he's older," Aaron gasped and looked at Lucian with glistening eyes, "just don't tell him I said so."

Bertha laughed and Aaron gushed about a ceremony in a garden with all sorts of bug Pokémon, Flint just sighing in exasperation. He'd heard the whole shtick und spiel over and over again, completely agitated by the constant romance between his fellow Elites.

"Oh, everyone, oh, everyone, I have news!" called a voice from outside the kitchen. Bursting through the doors was Cynthia, full of energy.

"Cynthia, you haven't had coffee yet and you're already jumping off the walls! What's gotten into you, child?" Bertha asked, setting the table.

"Oh, everyone, today Steven and I are going on a date to the Unova region! He's taking me to the Ferris Wheel in Nimbasa, and I'm so happy! We haven't dated in weeks!"

"What the fuck is a Unova?"

"Lucian, Aaron! As my obligatory gay friends, you guys are going to go shopping with me so that I have something new to wear for Stevie!"

Lucian sighed.

Flint twitched an eye at all this lovey-dovey crap flying all over the kitchen, to the point of an appetite lost.

"I'm leaving." Flint mumbled, walking away completely unnoticed by his coworkers.


"…So I got pretty fed up with all of their love and affection for each other. That's when I made my way out here to Sunyshore." Flint told Jasmine.

"Are you just jealous?" Jasmine asked, rolling on her back in the sand. Her inquisitive nature had made her an unintentional Zen-moral-Mr. Miyagi, which typically lead to people resolving their own conflicts with just one question (and she has absolutely no idea).

"No, I'm no—well, I guess…maybe that's why I hate Aaron so much, y'know? I've been in the Pokémon business since I was ten, and I haven't found anyone who shares that same love! Well, actually, I'm lying…" Flint picked up a shiny rock and fiddled with it for a while.

"So you have met someone like that?" Jasmine asked.

"Well, Jazz, here's how that went…"

~Back to the Flash~

"…it's so stupid, y'know? I mean, we all know they're crazy in love, why do they keep on rubbing it in?" Flint laid back on a rock next to his friend, who was sitting on the warm sandy beach.

"Damn, sounds like you have a case of jealousy." Volkner laughed, looking spaciously at the ocean.

That was typical Volkner—always right, always knew what to say. It pissed the hell out of Flint at times, but it's one of the many things he loved about the man.

"Psh, screw you. I could have that whenever I wanted; you know that, Volk." Flint rolled his eyes. His friend smirked and punched him playfully on the shoulder.

Flint and Volkner were close—very close. Flint, when at the league, had a voice in the back of his head praying that there wouldn't be a challenger that day, in the hopes that he would get to see his friend instead with this free time, much like today.

"Whatever, Flint." The blond man drew circles in the sand, eventually digging up a tiny pink sea shell.

"Besides, I don't need to be in a relationship. All I need is my best friend by my side!" Flint smiled, turning his head to Volkner.

Relationship…Best friend…the two words together gave Flint a sudden tingling feeling in his tummy.

"So, where is he?" Volkner asked. Flint chuckled and slapped his friend on the back of his head. Although it was all jokingly (was it really, Flint thought?) it still left a bitter taste in his mouth, resulting in an awkward silence. The two eventually found something more to do, staring at the sky.

"That cloud over there looks like a Wurmple." Flint said, pointing towards the sky.

"Flint, you think every cloud looks like a Wurmple," Volkner pointed out, "and that looks more like a Teddiursa."

"Teddiursa? You're blind, Volk! It's flat like a Wurmple!" Flint sat up from the rock.

"So you're implying all things flat are Wurmples?" Volkner smiled, holding back a laugh.

"Volk shut the hell up! It's a friggin' Wurmple!" Flint tried holding back a laugh from Volkner's previous comment.

"It's a Teddiursa!"

"It's a Wurmple!"



"It's a motherfucking Teddiur—GAH!" Flint pushed his friend down to the floor, pummeling his face into the sand.

Volkner tried to pull himself up, but Flint had him pushed down pretty well. "Say 'Teddiursa!'"

"Teddi-fuckin'-ursa!" Volkner was muffled underneath the sand, but Flint could make out his words.

"Good Volkner!"

Flint released his grip, and Volkner used this freedom to jump up, making Flint fall on his back. The blond turned and pinned the redhead down, smirking deviously. Flint's face grew uncomfortably warm with Volkner hovering him like this. Why was he feeling this all of a sudden? The two had played rough hundreds of times, but what made this tussle feel different? The possibilities disturbed Flint, yet they kept coming back into his head.

"Not gonna fight back, are you? Well, that's not like you, Flint. You are pretty off today…"

Volkner leaned in.

"Well? Too chicken to do anything?"

Flint froze for a split second, trying to process his friend's words over his flowing thoughts. The man was just so close to him at this moment, and what was he supposed to do? Flint could have done a number of things to Volkner—fought back, retaliated with a snarky remark, even cracking a smile would've implied that everything was alright—but Flint didn't do any of these numbers of things.

Instead, he leaned upward…

And kissed him


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