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~I Reached Anticlimax~

Jasmine widened her eyes, taken aback by this story. "You…?"

Flint hung his head in shame. "Sorry, Jazz…I don't know how you…feel about that kind of stuff…"

The brunette, lying on her back, looked up at the sky for a while. She stared at a cloud, which looked more like a Wurmple than a Teddiursa, as she tried to defog (snicker) her mind. Flint glanced at her, trying to read her blank face. A light breeze hit the two, breaking the silence. A small smile grew on Jasmine's face after taking all this information into consideration.

"I think I know how I feel about this," Jasmine said, still looking at the cloud.

The afro-headed man tilted his head, raised an eye brow, and expected the worst.

"I think," she smiled wider; "I think you have a lot of guts!"

Flint snorted. "What?"

"You had the courage to kiss someone you liked, even when you weren't sure of your own feelings! You just went with it," Jasmine rolled back on her stomach, facing Flint, "but I'm guessing it didn't end well…"

"Once again, you're more right than you thought, Jasmine." A voice said from afar.

Flint, startled, turned his head, along with Jasmine.

He stood in the sand, jacketless and with flip flops, blond hair messy as usual.

Flint's eyes widened.

~Flash, savior of the universe~

Volkner pulled away immediately.

"Dude! What the fuck?"

He pushed off Flint, scooting as far away from him as possible.

Flint just sat there in the sand, words broken in his speech. He was riddled in shame and embarrassment; what the hell did he just do to his friend?

Volkner's face was flushed a red as vibrant as Flint's hair, acting quick at trying to hide it.

"You…you idiot!" the blond trembled.

Flint stood up and walked to Volkner, "Volk, I'm so—"

"Don't even…! You…" Volkner looked Flint dead in the eyes, the redhead not sure if Volkner's were conveying anger or embarrassment or some other emotion, "You moron!"

The blond man turned and ran as fast as he could away from Flint.

Flint had never felt emptier, more shameful, and more heartbroken in his life…

~Flashback on Hold~

"Hey," he said, his voice calm, quiet, and stoic—just as it always had been.

Jasmine looked at Flint nervously, now aware of the situation her friends were in.

Flint initially had ignored the acknowledgement, but Jasmine felt she needed to break the awkward silence.

"Hi, Volkner."

"Hey, Jazz. Hey…Flint…" Volkner sounded spacey, like he was troubled in some way.

"Yo…" Flint mumbled, not all too thrilled about seeing Volkner.

Jasmine got a chill from the tension in the air; she couldn't stand seeing her friendship breaking before her. The girl wasn't very experienced in the field of 'love' or how it worked, but, she figured, it probably could be helped if someone takes the right initiative.

"Volkner, wanna sit with us?" Jasmine asked, scooting away from Flint, purposely making it an open spot. Flint shot her a "what the fuck are you thinking, kid?" look. The girl smiled reassuringly—Flint didn't know whether to just trust her or punch her.

Looking at the obligatory designated area of seating, Volkner mentally sighed and sat down in between the two. Volkner kept his eyes on Jasmine, and Flint avoided both of them completely. Jasmine saw that this wasn't necessarily helping, so she kept with talking.

"It's almost nighttime Volkner—why are you out now?" she asked.

"I could ask you two the same thing."

"Well, we've been here for a while, right, Flint?"

Flint ignored her.

"Oh…well, what were you two doing?"


"About what, Jazz?"


Flint whipped his head to her with a face that read "oh my Arceus, you better shut the hell up!"

"Uh, I mean…um…Oh, Flint, who cares? He would've figured it out anyways."

Volkner rolled his eyes playfully. "To tell you the truth, I've been out on the beach for a pretty damn long time. I knew you guys were talking about what happened. While Flint was talking to you, I was thinking about a lot. I wanted to tell you something, Flint…"

Flint turned to his friend. A smile was plastered on Volkner's face as he proceeded to tell his story.

"You see, after you…did what you did, I had a big problem…"

~Flash in Switched Perspective~

Volkner ran into his Gym, heart racing. "Damn it, Flint!"

Volkner's friendship with Flint always seemed to have undertones of something more—he figured this out very late into his relationship with him. A lot of the other people who liked to gossip about the whereabouts and what-doings of famous trainers liked to speculate on this; Volkner had at first brushed off the implications about his sexuality. Eventually things got to a point where when he would hang out with Flint, there was something in the back of his head that had a hard time distinguishing the feeling of friendship from something different.

Maybe it was all those little endearments they shared, as friends.

It also could've been the sentimental value of their friendship as a whole.

Regardless of these things rooted at friendship, Volkner knew exactly what all this accumulated into—

He had fallen in love—

And Flint not only confirmed these feelings, he reciprocated them—

And nothing made Volkner more relieved, or happier.

However, since everything had come so quickly to him, as well as him trying to battle off these feelings, he unintentionally hurt the man who loved him back, and surely ruined any chances he had with him.

After spending a long time calming down, Volkner dressed down and decided that a walk on the beach in the evening would help clear his cloudy mind. As he walked across the sand, he caught eye of an intrigued brunette girl and a depressed Ronald McDonald look-alike…


Jasmine had wide, glossy eyes—she couldn't believe how perfectly the scenario played out for the two of them, and was excited about what Flint would now that Volkner had told his side of the story.

Flint blushed lightly, staring into his friend's blue eyes. "V—Volk… I can't believe it…"

Volkner smiled and inched closer to Flint, placing his arm over his shoulder.

"You…you really…"

"I do, Flint," Volkner was leaning in slowly, ready to kiss the man he loved.

"…think I look like Ronald McDonald?"

Volkner backed his face away from Flint, his romantic mood ruined. Jasmine laughed, happy that their friendship was rekindled.

"Flint. Shut the hell up, kiss me, and never talk ever again."

With a light heart, Flint kissed him softly. Volkner slid his arms around the redhead's waist, kissing back with more pressure. The soft shock of the kiss sent shivers all around the two—their bodies were warm and their minds were free of any worry or apprehension from earlier that day.

Volkner broke the kiss to bite lightly on Flint's lip—this was a different sort of shock to a different sort of soft spot Flint had. Just as the redhead had given the man access, the two heard a harsh breathing different from theirs. They turn to see Jasmine, blushing madly, fanning herself with her hand.


"Oh! Crap, sorry, Jazz…we kinda forgot you were there…" Flint laughed, letting go of the blond man.

"Oh, no, you can go on!" Jasmine insisted.

The two men laughed. "Maybe later…" Flint suggested to Volkner, who considered this offer greatly. "Yeah, maybe."

Flint rested his head on Volkner's shoulder, and the three enjoyed each other's company as the sun set.

Volkner was probably happiest of the trio, knowing that everything wrong was better, now that he and Flint were back together.

~Verjy patmut'yuny~

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