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Hikaru calls the shots, but it's Kaoru who pulls the strings.

Sort of like the way Tamaki and Kyouya works.

Only, not quite.

Hikaru is like Tamaki in the relationship.

They're both loud. And more open.

More susceptible to their emotions.

They're both very smart, too. But they put their intelligence to a different use.

Tamaki uses his brain in…

Actually, Kaoru doesn't know where Tamaki uses his brain. Or how.

Or if he even has one.

(But he knows he does, in the deep recesses of his mind. It's very deep though.


… very deep.


His common sense has yet to testify its existence.

With the exception of a few, very rare moments.)

Hikaru uses his brain to look at the bigger picture.

He recognizes endless possibilities and the logical consistencies of the world. What actions bring which consequence, and the reliable presentations of cause and effect.

He plans the overall impact, the reaction, the punchline to the joke.

He knows what he wants (what he and Kaoru wants).

And he knows what to do to obtain it.

He sees the problem, and thinks it over to formulate the best solution.

Sometimes, his solutions are not always the best for everybody.

Most of the time, his solutions are meant for his own amusement (and of course, to Kaoru's as well).

He doesn't see a problem the way everybody sees it.

He perceives them through his emotions, filtered by his wants and interests.

And everyone knows Hikaru's emotions are... different. (Fickle, yet also not.)

In a way, it's sort of selfish.

He doesn't mean any harm; not exactly.

But that's just how his mind works.

Kaoru is different though.

He's like Kyouya. But not quite.

He and Kyouya are more subtle. Inconspicous.

Granted, Kaoru is just a bit louder as well.

But he isn't any less calculating.

He perceives the world through details rather than through the grander scheme of things.

His intuition is sharper, finer.

He recognizes patterns in sequences, exploring possibilities inside of possibilities. The small building blocks that make up the foundation of greater things.

He plans the execution, the steps in each phase. The minute details and small gears that brings forth the bigger picture.

Because when Hikaru calls the shots, it's Kaoru who pulls the strings.

He knows what he wants (what he and Hikaru wants).

And he knows how to obtain it.

Kaoru is the more logical half of the Hitachiin twins.

Hikaru thinks more in abstract concepts.

Logic, however, does not elude the older twin.

They are the same. But not quite.

Rather, Hikaru shares a unique sense of logic. One that only Kaoru understands.

Because sometimes, Hikaru doesn't understand himself.

His mind works like numbers. Logical, but abstract and imaginary.

Kaoru translates those thoughts into words.

Hikaru is the innovator, but Kaoru is the mastermind.

Because when Hikaru calls the shots, it's Kaoru who pulls the strings.

Of course, there is a downside to it.

Hikaru participates, and Kaoru watches from the sidelines.

It's hard to discern though. They're too identical.

Because they're almost the same. But not quite.

"Same difference." The twins chime.

It takes a sharp, critical eye to see the difference. (Her eyes.)

When Kaoru focuses on the details, he sometimes misses the bigger picture.

He realizes things other people miss.

But he misses what other people realize.

Sometimes, he misses the relevance of his realizations.

And so he remains undecided.

Or maybe he gives up before he could.

Hikaru isn't like that.

He has more conviction.

Which is why Hikaru calls the shots, so Kaoru can pulls the strings.

It's an intricate duality. Details and Composition. Sequences and Patterns.

The line separating them is paper thin.

Because when you spend so much time with one person.

(More so, when you're each others' half…)

You hardly see the difference anymore.

Because your minds work as one.

Hikaru builds towers, and Kaoru builds foundations.

"It's the same difference."

But not when the symmetry diverges.

Once, Kaoru caught a glimpse of the bigger picture.

But he said nothing.

For the timebeing.

Some people see Kaoru as the subdued twin.

Because it's Hikaru who calls the shots so Kaoru can pull the strings.

But then, if a loose thread is pulled, the whole tapestry unravels.

It's subtle, noticeable only when the damage has been done.

Kaoru knows what he wants. What Hikaru wants.

Because naturally, they both would want the same thing.

(Because they are the same. But not quite.)

Kaoru knows who he wants.

And he knows how to obtain her.

And even if Hikaru builds his tower.

Without foundation, it would just fall.

Because when Hikaru calls the shot, Kaoru will pull the string.

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