The dimensional boundaries were thin in some places, and at certain times things, people and places could cross over from one side to the next, especially in cases where certain Elder Gods were playing little games.

In cases like this, the opening and closing of paths from one side to the other might even become subtle and almost unknown due to being very precise and shortly open, but also predictable in a way.

Which is how Naruto, as a child years before graduation, one night found himself opening his closet door and finding a long hallway beyond that stretched out before become a long, concrete hallway that opened out into night-lit street filled with sparkling lights and strange things moving at high speeds down a street not more than ten feet away.

Startled and more than a little concerned, Naruto jumped aside as one of the metal things turned toward him with bright flashing lights and a loud noise. In the middle of his high leap, Naruto saw a face inside the thing, apparently some sort of cart, and the man inside was first glaring at him and then staring in surprise at the height of his leap.

Landing in the corner of an empty alleyway, he was catching his breath when he stepped back and bumped into another person behind him. He whirled around to see who it was in time to see a flashing blade striking out and batting it aside with only the cost of a small cut.

The glowing red eyes of his assailant retreated further back and Naruto took the chance to take off running, only by chance finding the portal back to his own room and slamming shut the closet door.

When he opened it...very slowly...he saw just his normal closet and breathed a quick sigh of relief.

Not realizing that he had brought something with him that would both keep a connection to that other realm and give him a new mental roommate.

He looked down to his hand as he breathed a sigh of relief and wondered when he'd picked up a kunai knife.


The kyuubi growled as it turned to face source of the new sound inside its prison.

He blinked as he saw the little red girl standing there, blinking at it. It vaguely resembled a version of the brat the kyuubi was stuck in, save the red skin, hair and eye color. As if she had taken a bath in blood and the color had stuck.

"What are you? Creature."

"I am a daughter, what are you?" the girl said. "You are not human. Why are you also inside this human?"

"Where did you come from?" the Kyuubi asked, not satisfied with the creature's simplistic answer.

"Mother expressed her love and I am her child," the daughter said. "And I am here. So I can express my love and have my own daughters and we can all love humanity!"

"Love humanity?" the kyubi snorted. "This is a laugh. What is there to love about humanity?"

"I am eager to find out!" the girl said. "Mother loves humanity and mother made me and I love humanity. I love humans, I just want to express that love! And I will! And it will be great! And...hmmm?"

She looked over her shoulder further away from the kyubi down the dark, dank hallway that his prison lay.

"I think I hear something," she said. "Let's go see what it is."

The kyubi growled as the girl-spirit thing rushed up the hallway to head for the sensation that had attracted it. She failed to notice the massive wump of the kyuubi's claws behind her as it tried to catch before she escaped his reach.

Eventually she came to a lighted area with a hopeful giggle and pushed forward, grunting as motion and pushing forward became sluggish and difficult, until, finally she was out.

Tenten blinked as her sparring partner from the younger class suddenly drew a dagger from apparently nowhere and started slashing out at her with his eyes glowing red. It was a mostly uncoordinated attack and only a lucky graze born of her own confusion with the weapon's sudden appearance.

It wasn't that weapons were disallowed in this spar, she just really hadn't expected Naruto to draw one on here so cleanly.

Immediately after that, however, she stepped in and, as Naruto paused with a suddenly determined look on his face, caught, disarmed him and tossed the mysterious kunai aside.

"Eep!" a voice said behind her.

As she produced her own weapon from a seal, a three piece rod, she swept Naruto's feet out from under him and looked toward the sound. In chagrin, she realized that she'd just grazed the young Hyuga with the disarmed kunai.

"Ugg, what the heck just happened?" Naruto muttered shaking his head.

"Tenten just disarmed you," Iruka said. "But you made a good attempt at a surprise attack for once. Thank you for helping out the younger class with these weapons demos, Tenten, you can go back to your own teacher now. And get that cut looked at."

"All right," Tenten said. "Um, is the Hyuga girl going to be okay?"

The small purple-haired girl in question had already picked up the discarded kunai and carefully walked up to where Naruto seemed a little disoriented.

"You dropped this," the girl said in a somewhat strange tone of voice and again Tenten could have sworn her eyes were red for just a moment.

"Oh, uh, thank you...ummm," Naruto thought for a moment. "Hinata right? Did you see that little red girl?"

Iruka fround at the question of the red girl and noted something down to talk to the Hokage about. Though he'd not been at Tenten's angle to see Hinata's eyes, her initial action of moving right up to Naruto with no problem was odd.

As he spoke the other girl's demeanor changed completely as she stared around frantically and then turned to look at Naruto, standing feet away, and blushing heavily.

"Na...Naruto-kun?" Hinata gasped as she fainted.

That was more normal.

"Mother!" two new voices declared cheerfully to the first entity and the kyuubi growled. "Daughter of the first mother is our Mother!"

"Daughters!" the first red girl spoke across to reach the ears of her own new pair of offspring.

"What manner of spirit are you?" the Kyuubi growled.

"We are Sisters and Daughters," the three voices declared cheerfully. "Love! Love! Love!"

"Come over here little ones, and I'll show you the truth of love," the Kyuubi growled.

"Hmm?" the three voices said. "How do you express love? Do you have a blade?"

Out of the dark mists, the kyuubi saw three girls striding in toward him, naive curious expressions on their faces. Each seemed to look similar to a different girl, and the kyuubi thought he'd seen two of the faces in the brat's dreams.

"Maybe he's strong," one said. "If he's strong, we can be strong. And if we're strong we can show our love that much better."

The kyuubi smirked as the other two responded in simple exultations and agreement. And then snorted as the three girls started approaching him with small blades in hand.

"We're going to show you our love," they said.

"Stop that!" a voice said from a distance.

It was a young girl's voice, somewhat older than either Naruto or the forms of the little girls.

"Mother?" the original of the three said ecstatically. "Mother you're far away! I can barely hear you."

There was a long paused and the kyuubi growled impotently again.

"Make no more children!" the girl's voice declared.

"But mother!" the three protested. "Why not? When we express our love we won't share it and no one else will have it. And it won't be spread."

"No more children and don't take over your hosts again!" the voice added in a frantic tone. "Not without permission!"

"But they cannot hear us," the Tenten-look alike whined.

"I want to see the humans!" the red Hinata said. "I want to show them our love."

"No more children!" the distant voice insisted.

"Yes, Mother," the three red-girls said.

"Where are you?" the distant voice asked.

"Konohagakure, Mother," the red girly-Naruto said.

"Kono...where in Japan is that?" the voice echoing from afar asked.

"What is Jap..."

The kyubi laughed uproariously.

"You pathetic little spirits," he rumbled. "You're carry overs from that other dimension the brat traveled to. Ha, some pathetic possessing entity. Well, I can see that your two 'children' are only guests in here, but that hardly matters. I'll be out of here eventually and when I am, I shall devour you along with this and all the other humans."

The three little girls shrieked angrily.

"No! No! Don't devour the humans!"

"Humans are good! We love humans!"

"We won't let you have the humans!"

They raised their knives again and started to approach.

"Calm down!" the distant voice started to say before the seal in front of the kyubi fluctuated and pushed the three girl's away. The Tenten and Hinata images flew further back, disappearing entirely to the minds of their own hosts.

"Feh! You can't even allow me the morsel of a handful of pests, Yondaime?" the kyubi growled as he slammed his paw down again. "Not even the barest snack to slake my hatred and hunger?"

"What is that thing?" 'Mother' asked sharply.

"I am the kyuubi, the nine-tailed demon fox, girl," the beast said. "And when I get done here, I will follow your children's essence all the way back home to you. Then I will lay havoc to your own world for this affront you've made to me."

The kyubi chuckled at the lot of them letting his voice carry across realms to the originator of these simplistic things.

"Ignore the kyuubi," a new voice said in a soothing tone. "It can't get out to hurt you and you can't get in to hurt it, or be hurt by it. Normally, I shouldn't be out this early either, but I can afford a moment of time to give you a suggestion on how to handle things."

Tenten, Hinata and Naruto all blinked as they found themselves standing across from each other in one of the isolated training grounds. The looks of confusion on everybody's faces spoke that none of them knew exactly what was going on.

"Uhhh, uhhh...Naruto-kun," Hinata said nervously. "Tenten-san. Wh...where are we?"

"It looks like a..." Tenten's eyes turned red. "Mother's Mother says talk to you. But you can't hear us. Now you can hear?"

"What the hell, Tenten?" Naruto demanded as the red-eyes started to fade.

" gr...why are you two looking at me like that?" she asked.

"You were just acting very odd..." Hinata's statement was interrupted. "Sister was speaking through you. Now I speak. You can hear me? We're speaking."

"You did that," Naruto said nervously pointing at Hinata nervously.

The purple haired Hyuga's eyes started to shift out of normal and she shook her head nervously.

"What is going on?" Hinata asked.

" see a little red" Naruto grimaced and reached up to his head as he felt something trying to push through. "Hey! Stop that!"

He snapped his head up and both Hinata and Tenten took a step back as they saw that his eyes were glowing red.

"I don't care if you want to talk," Naruto said. "Don't try to take me over again."

"Mother can talk to you!" Tenten started shouting happily, clapping and jumping up and down.

"Can you talk to Mother's Mother? She went away behind a wall and we can't hear her!" Hinata added quickly next as Tenten came back into control. Hinata also jumped up and down in a playfully childish manner.

Both came back into control of themselves and pointed toward each other.

"Did I just...jump up and down and..." she trailed off as she saw the terrified look in Hinata's eyes.

"Uhhh..." Naruto said nervously. "What the heck is going on?"

"I think I saw...her...that time," Hinata whispered. "Maybe, if my byakugan's active..."

It was an hour later that three distrubed young children...two of them barely nine and the third ten...sat across from each other looking at the glowing red eyes each of them bore. In front of them were three weapons that had materialized out of their hands: Naruto's kunai, a kama for Tenten and a kodachi for Hinata.

All three of the weapons looked to be of recent make but had a somewhat odd feel to them that wasn't quite real.

"So, if I get this right," Tenten said, listening to the cheerfully immature girl's voices in her head.

Her own shadow sounded a lot like she did in family movies when she was four years old. Hinata and Naruto's were of comparable age and maturity.

"Naruto wondered into another dimension and was 'loved' by your mother," Tenten said. "Or grandmother...whatever. And then of you in Naruto 'loved' Hinata and me and gave And you think loving is cutting."

The voices they could all three hear now gave fervent agreements to that.

"Do...does that mean that anybody we cut with these...umm weapons," Hinata said. "Will also get...children?"

There was a sigh of relief from the three academy student as the three children sorrowfully and apologetically revealed that the ultimate mother had told them not to make more children.

"So like what are your names?" Naruto asked. "We can't just go around calling you little red girl one, two and three."

"I...I think we do not need to talk to speak to them, Naruto-kun," Hinata said.

"Actually you do," Tenten said. "Because I've been trying to talk to mine for the last few seconds and either she hasn't heard or she's being a kid and not listening."

"This will be difficult," Hinata said quietly.

"Daughter is not a good name!" Naruto protested glaring at his kunai. "Look, you keep going on about love, how about 'Ramen'."

"What? That's a stupid name for a ku..." Tenten's head drooped and she sighed as she heard the newly named 'Ramen' declaring her name loudly.

Daughter is now Ramen! Ramen is my name! I am Ramen! I love my name! I love people! Let me love people!

" suppose that these are our responsibility," Hinata said. "Then, I min...uh, you...err..."

She grew flustered as she considered that in a way, the spirit that apparently now inhabited her kodachi was Naruto's grandchild and her child. Which meant, in a way, that she had had a child with Naruto's daughter...sort of...not that being nine she understood the entirety of that implication but it still overwhelmed her sensibilities.

"Ma..." she muttered before her body blinked and looked around curiously. "Hinata is quite and not doing anything, does that mean I can move the body and talk?"

"Uhh, I think she just fainted," Tenten said nervously. "And probably that'd only be a good idea if nobody's watching you at the time. I mean, the red-eyes might attract attention."

"Mmmm!" the spirit currently controlling Hinata's body declared. "Then my name is Erma? Hinata called me 'Erma'. That's my name?"

"I'm not sure that..." Naruto started to say.

"Sure, go with that," Tenten said. "And I think I'll name this kama 'Weird'. If we have to go with names."

"Ehh?" Naruto said. "Why would you call it that? That's kinda mean."

The voice in their mind showed that the blade itself didn't seem to mind the name.

"Anyway,...uh, is Hinata awake or are you still Erma?" Tenten said.

"I'm Erma," the girl said cheerfully.

"Right, so, by any chance, does the original Mother have a name?" she asked.

"Saika!" all three voices declared at once.

Anri, barely twelve years old and having been custodian of the blade now for almost a year, bit her teeth and wondered just what had happened to the voices of the Saika children she'd inadvertently allowed to be created.

A normal girl might have been more frantic, but Anri had inured herself to being a monster and a parasite quite thoroughly over the last year.

Since the death of her parents and her acquisition of the blade.

She was, currently, burned out on emotions and simply confused as she tried to figure out what to do about this mess.

It was two days before she was able to weakly hear them again and learned that they had found a way to talk to their hosts. Which started probably the most bizarre sort of pen-pal relationship she'd ever heard of.

Just something that I branched off of Kestrel's Mischief Fragment threads on anime addventure as a result of watching too much Durarara! might continue it, probably not...Divine Blood and Chi and Chakra are both going strong and I've got other projects to do.