As the Wind Turns
(or The Many Lovers of Sakura Mikan)

Chapter 1:
Tsubasa Andō

Tsubasa was her first.

The night after their last exam, Misaki had thrown a party in the Special Abilities classroom to celebrate the end of their senior year. Someone had snuck in a few kegs of beer and all sorts of hard alcohol bottles—one of which Mikan-chan had somehow gotten her hands on, despite being underage. It took a while for her to get off the chair she'd been sitting (slumped) in and stagger her way through the room, her legs heavy as she moved past her drunken senpais.

Somehow, she reached the corner where Tsubasa had fallen into. He had been watching the festivities with sad eyes, because unlike Misaki and his other classmates, being a member of the Dangerous Abilities class meant that he was too valuable to the academy, and thus would not be permitted to leave them for good. He hadn't wanted to come to the party, hadn't wanted to be reminded of what he was losing, but Misaki had played dirty and got Mikan to turn her soulful eyes on him, making him agree easily and proving once again (albeit in a rather humorous sense) that she truly did belong to the Dangerous Abilities class.

Mikan had always been able to cheer him up rather quickly, a talent she used on many of the students in the academy, so it was no wonder that he pulled her close and kept her safely next to him when she found him in the darkest area of the room. He'd seen the way she swayed from side to side, seen her covertly join the drunken population of the room with a few sips from her stolen bottle, and he knew that his little kōhai was completely wasted. He wasn't as bad off, but then again, he had finished half a bottle of hard alcohol, so he supposed it was all about perspective.

"That's nice," Mikan-chan sighed, and only then did he feel the silky strands of her hair snaking around his fingers as he massaged her scalp absent-mindedly.

He hummed in response, not really up to talking. He tended to be quite the blabber mouth when drunk, but while he had an extreme dislike for that particular aspect of himself, he couldn't deny that alcohol possessed quite an awesome numbing power, for which purpose is why he hoarded one such bottle of alcohol. Compared to Mikan-chan and her extremely low tolerance for alcohol though, he was still definitely far better off.

"Will you come visit me?"

Silly girl. Didn't she know that people like them had no choice but to stay here?

Mikan shifted and turned to him, her head on his shoulder. "Tsubasa-senpai?" she slurred. "Won't you miss me?"

That was when he made the mistake of looking down at her.

Her eyes were darker with a dangerous emotion, but they still shined with that unique innocence she had somehow managed to hold onto. Her skin was flushed with the alcohol in her veins, turning it a beautiful shade that hovered between dark pink and light red. And her lips…

"Tsubasa—? Mmph!"

It certainly never occurred to him to do this—to kiss her lips like a lover would. She had always been his little kōhai, his little Mikan-chan. But now that he'd had a taste, he knew he could never go back to being just her friend and senpai.

"Oh," she breathed when he pulled away for air. When he couldn't bring himself to not touch her, he moved his lips to her cheek and up her jaw to nibble at her ear, then lick the sensitive spot behind it. "Oh!"

Her hands gripped him tightly, as if he was the lifeline to her drowning body. And perhaps he was. Or perhaps, it was the other way around.

In response to her small mewls, he brought his hands to her waist, tracing down the curvy outline of her petite form to squeeze the back of her thighs, which made her spread her legs for him. Feeling her knees on either side of him had him shuddering in lust and anticipation, and the feeling of drowning intensified, electrifying his skin and sending him into a deeper state of desire-want-need!

Her fingers raked through his hair suddenly, pulling him back into a breathtaking kiss as she writhed against him. He thrust back, rubbing his hardening length into that spot between her thighs, coaxing the most wonderful sounds from her slender throat. Large hands pushed her legs up gently, opening her up more, and she obediently kept them in place when he began to palm her chest.

The urge to wrap his lips around her nipples seized him, making him pull away from her kiss and move down in one motion, teeth biting down carefully through her blouse. Mikan shuddered, her other hand moving to cup his head and keep him there. He obliged, briefly pausing to unbutton her blouse with nimble fingers and pull her pink bra down to make the experience all the more pleasurable.

"Don't stop!" she panted, wrapping her legs around him and grinding harder into his hard body. "Please, Tsubasa-senpai—"

"Don't call me that," he groused, pulling the other cup of her bra down roughly and scratching her other nipple accidentally. She squealed and tightened her hold on him for a moment, making him pay attention to her reaction. Could it be…?

He caught her gaze and held it as he took her pebbled nipple between his teeth and began applying more pressure. Mikan's eyes widened as it began to sting, and as he experimentally pinched her other nipple and thrust against her again, she jerked with a hoarse gasp, eyes squeezing shut. But there was no mistaking her excitement, her enjoyment of his rougher actions.

Who knew that this little, wholesome girl was actually incredibly kinky? A series of images and ideas flashed through his head, all involving his little kōhai and sex and all the nasty things he could teach her. Kami-sama, yes. He would like that very, very much.

"Did you like that, Mikan-chan?" he asked, a devilish smile on his face.

Mikan could only whimper and lean up to capture his lips forcefully. "Do it again," she demanded when he broke the kiss, and Tsubasa obeyed eagerly, snapping his teeth around her flesh and tugging with more force. "Oh, Kami-sama… Tsubasa-senpai, more!"

He closed his eyes at her voice—lost to need and lust—and knew he wouldn't stop. This, whatever it was, couldn't end. Not now, and maybe not ever.

Dangerous, indeed.

It didn't take long for him to succumb to his own need for her, his fingers ripping off her surprisingly lacey pink panties and dipping into the slick folds of her flesh.

"Ah!" she cried, moving her legs down to trap his hand. He gripped on leg tightly and spread it away, pushing his finger in deeper and curling it upwards. She shuddered, unable to breathe as he rubbed at the rough patch inside her. "Oh! Oh!" Her lips shaped the word erotically, and he couldn't bring himself to look away from the wanton picture she presented.

It suddenly occurred to him that they were still in the classroom, and that their peers were still there. A brief glance around assured him that everyone had already passed out, and those who hadn't drunken themselves to sleep had already gone back to their rooms. Lady Luck seemed to be smiling down at them tonight.

"Do you have any idea how gorgeous you look?" he asked her rhetorically as he added another finger. She bit her lip as he stretched her further, trying to prepare her for him as best as he could. Tsubasa wanted to bite her lip for her, and so he did, sucking and nibbling at her bottom lip. But although she did her best to reciprocate, he could tell Mikan was uncomfortable with two fingers inside her, so he shifted his hand so that he could rub his thumb into the bundle of nerves above her hot core.

For a moment, she seemed startled. Her eyes widened and her lips parted to say, "What—?" And then, with a strangled, "Oh, Kami-sama!" she came around his intrusive fingers, shaking and shrieking against his lips. If not for their location and the sleeping bodies around them, Tsubasa would have gladly let her scream her bliss to the heavens.

As it was, she was sex personified as she writhed into him and spilled her juices on his hand, allowing him to easily slip a third finger into her. He groaned at the sensation of her gripping his fingers, and fought back the urge to undo his pants and shove himself into her the way he wanted to.

"Oh, yes," she panted, still moving with his persistent rhythm. "Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes—!"

Tsubasa shoved his tongue gracelessly past her lips, further stifling the noises she was making. He didn't regret the decision even when she sucked on him hard and dragged her nails down the side of his neck, making him go cross-eyed at the burst of pleasure-pain he felt. It was unfortunately rather short-lived when she pushed him off abruptly, dislodging his fingers from her.

She shook almost violently as she moved away from him, her own fingers moving to press against her incredibly slick flesh. "Oh! Oh!" she murmured quietly, rubbing herself gently. It was one of the sexiest sights he knew he'd ever see, and he couldn't help but obey his body's demands to be sated any longer.

Freeing himself from his belt and pants, Tsubasa pulled his little kōhai to him and moved her hands away, replacing it with his thick member. Mikan moaned as he pushed in carefully, and he could only hold his breath as she enveloped him in her tight heat little by little, until she jerked away in what he knew was pain. He froze, a cold chill settling over him as he realized just what he was doing.

He was no novice when it came to sex, and he'd had his fair share of virgins in the past. And with them, he'd had standards, focused on showing them an experience they would never forget. So was he really going to take his drunk kōhai's virginity in the corner of a classroom filled with their unconscious friends?

"Tsubasa-senpai," Mikan whispered, that naked lust and passion shining in her eyes as she slowly got over the discomfort she felt.

Yes, he answered, resuming his activities. Yes, he really was going to do all that, and more.

Yes, definitely more.

"Mikan-chan," he said softly, planting a kiss on her exposed collarbone before capturing her lips with his and easing her up to him again, his hips pushing down at the same time.

There was no barrier that stopped him from sheathing himself fully inside her, but he knew he was her first. It was in the way her body arched away from him, feeling the pain of being filled for the first time. It was in the way her eyes widened before squeezing shut, tears escaping her and falling down her cheeks.

It was in the way his heart clenched regretfully because of the pain he knew she felt.

But oh! what a tight fit they were. Mikan's passage coiled around him firmly, the aftershocks of her previous orgasm still notably present as she squeezed his length to the beat of her heart. This—this—was beautiful.



Yes, that's it. Life-changing.

"I'm sorry," he told her, then began to pull and push into her, carefully coaxing her into dancing that ancient dance with him.

Slowly, gradually, she adapted to the pain and moved with him, pressing her knees to his arms to offer herself fully to him. The kiss they shared was scorching now, their individual fires joining together to consume them both, chasing away the shadows that he relied on to empower him. Mikan clutched and tightened further around him, and in turn, he pressed closer and held her securely—a silent promise to keep her safe and catch her when she fell.

And when she fell, he caught her—body, mind and soul—as she shattered into pieces in his arms.

He came quietly, unable to make a sound as his world fell apart around him. He released deep inside her, and for a terrifying moment, he found himself hoping he could bind her to him forever by siring a child with her.

What a selfish man he was.

What a selfish hope to have.

Tsubasa looked down at her and couldn't help but think he'd knocked her off her godly pedestal as he watched her quivering on the floor, a mess of her previous self. Even so, she looked ethereal, as if the shadows that gave him power could not touch the light that still shone from inside her.

"Tsubasa-senpai?" He hummed, twirling her hair in his fingers once more. "Is it always like that?"

A hot flash of possessiveness shot through him, and he was glad he could answer honestly. "No," he replied. "That was the first time I'd felt that way."


And so it was there—in the shadows of that corner—that Tsubasa became her first. He was the man who introduced her to the carnal pleasures only the flesh could bring.

But, to his chagrin, he wasn't the only one to do so.

Author's Note

Yay! Finally, my smut-block has been lifted! And yeah, it's weird that it happened with Gakuen Alice, but I'll take my blessings where I get them. Thanks Muse! I've missed you!

And just to clarify, for those flamers who think I'm a pedophile who preys on little girls (ew, not that demented, thanks!), Tsubasa is going on 20 here, making Mikan 16. 'Cause, you know, in the manga, Tsubasa is 14 when Mikan is 10... So yeah.

Oh-kay! I think that's it. :D

Lovely to have you read my work! Arigatō-gozaimasu!

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