As the Wind Turns
(or The Many Lovers of Sakura Mikan)

Chapter 7:
Tsubasa Andō
(the boyfriend)

Tsubasa entered his room for the first time in one month and four days just as Mikan pulled her bra off, and he paused because wow, he had incredible timing. Mikan draped her bra over the back of his chair and turned, freezing when she saw him at the doorway.

A wide smile spread across her face. "Tsubasa-sama!" she cried, running into his arms. He was definitely going to remember that scene—Mikan's pretty breasts bouncing happily as she darted into his arms—forever.

"Mikan-sama," he sighed, holding her to him tightly. "I missed you."

"I went crazy without you here," she told him, and he laughed at the picture that brought to mind.

Mikan harassing people and driving them equally crazy? Yeah, that sounded just like her.

"How is the Academy still standing?" he teased, and she pushed him away with a huff. "Kidding!" he said quickly, pulling her back to him gently. Mikan gazed up at him with those big brown eyes and he couldn't resist anymore, leaning down to kiss her deeply.

She moaned, kissing back eagerly, and it's not long until she's pushing his shirt off of him and he has her pressed onto the bed, marking her skin with the hickeys that had faded in his month-long absence.

Suddenly, Mikan somehow found enough purchase to roll them over, and Tsubasa was immediately puzzled as to why he hadn't put her on top of him in the first place. She looked glorious above him, her hair falling sexily around her shoulders, slightly hiding the fantastic globes perched proudly on her chest. The only thing that ruined the image was her yellow high school skirt, keeping his eyes from feasting on the flesh he'd yet to uncover.

"Tsubasa-sama," Mikan purred, scratching her nails lightly over his abdomen, making him shudder in anticipation.

Tsubasa had never been so turned on in his life with just his name and a smoldering look.

"You feel so good," she continued, grinding down on the erection straining against his pants. Tsubasa groaned and fought to keep his eyes open, wanting to remember every detail of this outrageously erotic encounter. Mikan began to rotate her hips, making the image of her all the more real and surreal at the same time.

Kami-sama, he'd missed her so fucking much.

"Mikan-sama," he sighed, trailing his fingers up her legs. "Mikan, you look damn sexy in that skirt, but I'll bet you look better without it."

"No," she declared, still rubbing herself lewdly against him. Leaning down, she nipped at his lip roughly and murmured, "I'll keep the skirt on, Tsubasa-sensei."

Kami-sama. Hell yes. And never mind his complaint about the uniform—her calling him sensei with it on just made all sorts of kinky student-teacher sex games flare up in his mind.

"I can't decide whether you're being naughty or nice," he admitted, unable to decide for himself. Both possibilities had endless...possibilities.

"Oh, I'm very, very nice," Mikan replied with an uncharacteristic smirk that reminded him uncannily of Hyuuga-kun. She was definitely spending way too much time with the fire-caster. Suddenly, she slapped his jean-covered thigh, the stinging sensation making him give her his full attention. "I'm also very, very naughty."

Mikan rocked—both literally and figuratively speaking. Tsubasa had to seize her tightly by the waist and move her off of him, because the sudden change in rhythm had him instantly on the verge of coming in his pants like a thirteen-year-old boy who'd just discovered the wonders of masturbation.



"Problem?" Mikan teased, her voice husky and low.

"Yes," Tsubasa answered honestly, panting in shock and excitement. "My pants are still on."

"Then take them off."

"Best idea I've heard all day."

Tsubasa made quick work of his belt and zipper, and with Mikan's help, the pants had come off, along with his black boxer-briefs. Mikan cooed as she looked at his weeping cock, and shocked him once again when she suddenly leaned over to suck at the head of him. His balls tightened immediately, and for a moment, Tsubasa was tempted to give in and erupt inside her hot mouth, maybe come all over her face and mark her as his, even if it was only them who would see.

But apparently, Mikan had plans for him. She squeezed at the base of his cock, preventing him from coming at all, and pulled her pretty lips away from his aching tool. And then, cruelly, she licked him from base to tip, tickling the slit where a bit of precum had managed to escape.

Tsubasa had honestly never seen, heard or felt anything like it before and he had to bite his lip to keep from begging like…well, like Mikan when she was about to have a really fantastic orgasm.

Finally, when he had calmed down some, Mikan released her tight hold on him and stood on the bed, her hands slipping under her skirt and reappearing with a pair of white cotton panties. After experiencing the most erotic moment of his life, it surprised him a little to see the innocent underwear slipping down her legs, reminding him that no matter how good at sex Mikan was proving to be, she was still a sixteen-year-old girl. He was also a little surprised that he didn't feel any sort of negativity at this reminder.

After all, if anyone could appreciate a young, nubile girl, it was Andō Tsubasa.

Mikan tossed the panties carelessly over the edge of the bed and squatted down before him, allowing him to see her pink pussy pull slightly apart, as if opening up for his inspection. Her lovely sex looked as scrumptious as her lovely breasts, and with that indecently lovely view, he couldn't find any reason why he shouldn't push her down and spread her thighs wide in order to get a better look. Mikan gasped at his sudden action, but then she started wriggling, trying to find a more comfortable position while he eye-fucked her pussy.

"Do I pass your inspection, sensei?" she asked once she had settled.

"Not yet, Sakura-san," Tsubasa said, moving his fingers to part her even further. Her hips jerked up to him, and he slapped her thigh, the same way she had done to him earlier. "Don't move." Her body shook for a moment, belaying her excitement, before she obeyed and remained still.

Tsubasa took dipped a finger lightly inside her, tracing the muscle he could see. Her passage clenched once, making her clit jump as well. Tsubasa did it again, and again, until Mikan's body quivered with the need to come. Relishing her reaction, he firmly pushed the finger into her, groaning as she began to clench rhythmically around the single digit, her shriek of pleasure echoing around his room.

Thank Kami-sama that his room was sound-proof and two floors below the normal dorms. Turns out he'd been smart when he requested a different room than the one initially assigned to him. His little Mikan was a screamer.

Bending down, he suckled at her clit, making her thrash harder against him. His tongue traced kanjis onto the bundle of nerves above the hot pussy clamping down on his finger, keeping the orgasms coming, pun fully intended. The sounds she made were music to his ears, and he didn't let up until she asked him to stop in a hoarse, slurring voice.

Male pride rushed through him as he straightened up and seared the image of her in his head. Just like that First Night, Mikan looked well-pleased and boneless, her entire body flush with adrenaline and endorphins. My very own sex goddess, he thought with no small wonder as Mikan opened her eyes too peer shyly up at him.

It was amusing how devilish she could be one moment and innocent in the next breath. Tsubasa knew he'd be eternally fascinated by her seemingly incorruptible purity, and considering the fact that he'd been wringing orgasms from her at every possible moment since that First Night, he was pretty sure he'd corrupted her innocent mind as deeply as he could. And yet the pure light she carried inside her refused to be put out.

Tsubasa could only admire her for that.

"Tsubasa-sama?" she panted, giving him her curious, what-are-you-waiting-for-ravage-me-now-please look.

"That's Tsubasa-sensei to you," he reminded her, and the shy Mikan gave way to the seductress who'd had him on the brink of climax in one move.

"Sorry," she replied, not sounding sorry at all.

Falling back on the bed, Tsubasa watched with dark eyes as she got the hint and slid onto him smoothly, her skirt hiding his cock with her pussy. The tip of him was already brushing against her, and he knew all it would take was one push to finally be inside her. But he wanted to see what his little student would do now that he was clearly relinquishing control to her.

There was no hint of shyness in her as she moved down, arranging herself so that her hot, wet slit slid easily around the length of him. Tsubasa momentarily pictured a hotdog in a bun before she started rocking back and forth, drawing an amazed gasp from him at the odd sensation. It was like sex without being inside her.

Why was it that it was he who learned something new?

"Oh, Tsubasa-sensei," she moaned, resting her hands on his belly to give her purchase to speed up her movements. Tsubasa pressed his head into the pillows and arched his back, thrusting in time to her rhythm. "Hai! Hai, just like that, Tsubasa-sama, please, don't stop," she told him urgently, looking down at him with unseeing eyes.

She was close already. He could feel her pussy kissing the length of him as she slicked over him and it was a different and familiar feeling at the same time. Tsubasa could come like this, could choose to embrace the sensations and spurt all over his stomach. Fuck, he could make Mikan lick it off him—he knew she would.

He heard her whimpering and felt her shortening her actions, and Tsubasa decided he'd rather release inside that beautifully tight cunt of hers. He gripped her hips and turned them around on the bed, making Mikan clutch her nails deeply into his shoulders and scream as he forced himself into her sopping wet entrance. He did it just in time too—Mikan started clenching around him, writhing against him as she attempted to prolong her orgasm. Tsubasa assisted her, spreading her legs wide and pumping his hips in a steady motion. It was when she started to calm down that he sped up, and Mikan's eyes shot open in wonder as he built her back up again.

"Kami—" He cut her off, pressing his lips to hers and plundering her mouth with his tongue. She persisted in her attempt to speak, her words of "Hai, Tsubasa-sama, please, I'm so close," muffled as he kept fucking her mouth in the same movement as he fucked her pussy.

Mikan wailed as she came again, and this time, Tsubasa gladly followed her over the edge. He buried himself deep inside her and kept himself there as he released, that stupid, selfish wish of impregnating her taking over him again. He wishes it every time he comes inside her, and isn't that just fucked up?

"Oh, Tsubasa-sama," she sighed, relaxing into the bed. Tsubasa doesn't move, feeling that irresistible need to stay still—to hold onto her for as long as he could hold her—grip him urgently. "I missed you."

He was pleased by that admission. "I missed you too," he admitted. "When I wasn't thinking about the mission, I was thinking about you."

Mikan smiled up at him, but there was something in her eyes that tainted the sweetness of it. "I couldn't—" she paused. "I couldn't stop worrying about you."

A heavy feeling settled over him, because he's quite sure that's not what she had been about to say. And he didn't know what was worse—the idea that she wasn't worried about him, or that she'd just lied to his face.

Because Mikan was a terrible liar, and Tsubasa already knew all her tells.

Author's Note

This is the last chapter of ATWT. The story focused on Mikan's lovers, not her love story with Tsubasa. Sorry if this left you hanging, but I have no intentions of adding anymore chapters to this story. I think it's good where it ended-open to your own imagination. :)

Hope you liked the fic! Reviews feed my ego! Lol :)