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"I'm telling you Blaine: Cup cakes are the best invention. Ever"

Blaine nodded, stifling his laughter as Kurt devoured a cupcake with bright orange frosting. Who would have thought that Kurt Hummel, voice of a song bird and fashion expert, would have a sweet tooth. It took all of Blaine's will power to not burst out into laughter and tweak Kurt's rosy cheeks as he was just too adorable!

The cup cake was half eaten, white teeth chopping it messily. Had the situation not been so comical, Blaine would have feared that Kurt would notice the crumbs on his elegant red waist coat and pin striped black and grey trousers and have thrown a diva style rant. Curiously there was no trace of that frosting on the fabric, it being the thing that would stain clothes the most.

And then Blaine realised that Kurt's tongue was more talented than he thought.


"I'm serious Blaine!" Kurt exclaimed, temporarily distracted by Blaine's contorted expression.

"All right Kurt, chill" Blaine spluttered. However he knew, just knew, it was a losing battle in an epic war. For some of that orange frosting had stuck to Kurt's nose without his knowing.

Blaine lost it.

In peals of laughter he attempted to point out the blob of frosting but Kurt's confused expression only worsened the situation.

"What's are you laughing at Blaine? Is it my hair? I knew I shouldn't have tried that Herbal essence's shampoo! I swear it's made my hair look limp and greasier-" Blaine interrupted him, calming down enough to be able to string a sentence together.

"No no no. It's not your hair Kurt. It's great as always I swear. It's the frosting. You've got some on your nose."

Kurt blushed, mortified, and he scrambled for a mirror. However Blaine stilled him with a hand on his arm, a mischievous glint twinkling in his eyes. "Here, let me." His fingers stroked Kurt's face before he leaned in to kiss Kurt's nose, right where the offending blob of frosting was. Just to see if that delightful blush would last longer, he flicked his tongue out and licked the rest of the frosting off before pulling away.

Kurt's face was glowing now. But with embarrassment or pleasure that remained unknown.

"You taste nice." He grinned wickedly. Kurt stammered and blushed and Blaine grinned at him fondly. "And you're easy to tease."

Kurt gave him and indignant look. Before Blaine realised it, Kurt had scooped a large blob of frosting from the cupcake that was miraculously still in his hand and had smeared it across Blaine's upper lip. Blaine now had a ginger moustache. Throw in a pair of pink sunglasses on those wide puppy dog eyes and Blaine looked ready to feast upon.

"See? I did tell you they were the best invention ever." Kurt smirked before crushing his lips on Blaine's.