I can't believe I haven't posted this! This is Puppy!Blaine and Kitty!Kurt one shot and I wrote it in a fit of madness and tumblr craze! They're just so cute.


"Blaine cut it out."

"… Play with me?"

"I said no."

"Play with me? Please?"

"No, Blaine."

"Pleeeeeease? Play with me. Play with me. Play with-"

"I said NO! And don't you dare use those eyes of yours!"

Blaine's ears twitched as he tried (and failed because it was now anatomically impossible at this point) to widen his eyes in the most adorable 'puppy dog look' ever to grace a puppy. Chocolate would melt, enraged bees would calm and make honey from it and Blaine would be adopted by every family in the world from this one look. Unfortunately for the hyperactive puppy, Kurt the kitten was immune from numerous attempts in the past.


"Blaine so help me if you scare off my lunch I'll eat you!" Kurt snapped, his tail swiping angrily at the puppy. Too used to care, Blaine jumped the tail and moved closer to the kitten.

"… I would like that very much." He whispered before licking Kurt.

He nearly missed the claws. Blaine swore that Kurt paid too much attention to those wickedly sharp daggers but he didn't mind most of the time because he never knew a cat with a shinier and more beautiful fur than Kurt did. If Kurt wasn't so against Blaine messing up the sleek and unbelievably soft hair, he would gladly nuzzle and lick every inch of the cat. He had fallen a sleep on that fur too many times to count.

Kurt remained impassive to Blaine's ogling. He knew Blaine thought he looked good and damn did he not know he looked good. But he was hungry and one look into those eyes (enlarged or not) and all coherent thought might as well spread it's wings and fly out the window along with the pigeon.

But that bird was just too delicious looking to ignore so he crouched down and prowled, limbs flexed, muscles bunched. He was the predator. There was no time to play nice kitty. It was just him and the bird. Him, the bird. The bird had to go. New York could handle having one less birdy.

Kurt the Tiger ruled these streets.

The Pigeon was cooing, innocent and so ignorant. It was almost within Kurt's reach… until a ball of fur pounced at it and it flew away.

"BLAINE!" Kurt howled.

"I caught the pigeon! I caught the pigeon! I won won won won! I so ROCK!" Blaine exclaimed excitedly, laughing at Kurt's furious splutters. He bounced up to the cat.

"Forget the pigeon! You're playing with me now!" he grinned cheekily and proceeded to tackle the kitten whilst Kurt was unguarded. They fell to the ground together, Kurt hissing and struggling under the wriggling puppy.

Kurt was trapped, Blaine's paws on either side of his head and hind quarters. His eyes caught Blaine's and he suddenly felt guilty when he saw the doubt and the sadness in those cinnamon eyes. His ears were dropping and the tail hung limp. He was the picture of dejection.

"You don't… want to play with me?" he whimpered.

Kurt meowed, unable to take it. He quickly leaned up and licked Blaine's button nose. Blaine shook his head instinctively from the action but his tail had begun to wag erratically again.

"Why do I put up with you?" Kurt pouted. A rhetorical question but one Blaine answered anyway.

"Because you love me. Just like I love you."

Kurt grinned and suddenly Blaine was pushed over and on his back.

"I guess that's true." he replied teasingly. Blaine barked happily and then attacked Kurt's face with his tongue.

"Blaine watch the fur! The Fur!"