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Naruto opened his bright blue eyes. He looked at the alarm clock as his fan simply swirled around. He said out loud to no one in particular, "I guess today is the day, I guess. I have a mission that I must complete."

He got up and took a shower for about thirty minutes. Naruto got out and went to his closet. He saw his dark red almost crimson jacket. He touched the thread and felt the fine silk and power. He did a silent prayer and put the jacket on. It was time for Naruto to go for his test.


Naruto noticed he was the earliest one there. The sun was not even up yet. He sat up in the highest tree and started to read his book. This book was not an ordinary book. This book was on the combination of seals and elements and how they work. It wasn't an easy subject that your blow on by with. This was hard stuff to understand. Naruto understood how the hand signs worked.

The hand sign Rabbit gives a jutsu speed. Tiger is the activating sign for fire. The uses of hand signs and chakra have Naruto wanting to learn more. He wanted to be able to create his own jutsu.

Unfortunately, someone came to his inner circle. He looked down from the tree to see Sakura there. To be honest with himself, he knew exactly what was going to happen if she found him. He noticed that she wasn't going to help them on this test. Her pink hair was a clear give a way. It didn't help she had a pink and bright red dress on. He looked closer to see she didn't even have a weapons pouch. He sighed as he knew this was going to be a big problem especially since she acts like she had this shit in the bag.

He thought to himself, 'I hope to Kami something changes her. Unfortunately it won't come fast enough. Oh well I got to save her from herself, just not right now.' So he just simply kept reading his book in silence.

An hour later, he saw the last loyal Uchiha make it to the training grounds. Naruto didn't trust the Uchiha. He has this aura that screams power hungry. He heard different people talk about the Uchiha stealing their jutsus. Naruto didn't know if that was true or not. He was going to make sure that Sasuke doesn't.

He sighed as he flicked the next page of his book. He knew that his sensei would be late so he pulled out a ration bar and ate it. He felt the trees bristle as his sensei had made it. He was surprised as Kakashi never came this early. He sighed as he closed his book. He just waited for the right moment.


Kakashi looked at his two members of his team. He said, "Sakura and Sasuke, do you know where Naruto is?"

Sakura replied, "Where is that baka? What is he trying to do, make me and Sasuke-kun fail? Ooh, when I see him, I'll show what it means to be late."

Sasuke on the other hand was not only brooding. He thought to himself, 'Where is the Dobe at? Doesn't he know that if I fail then I can't learn how to beat Itachi? I will not fail because of you or anyone.'

Kakashi felt the wind pick up. Although he looked aloof from the outside, in the inside was a totally different. He thought, 'That wind is chakra laced. It looks like the person in the tree is finally coming out. This guy can be a problem in the future. For now I'll wait till he makes a move.'

Sakura said, "Kakashi-sensei, where is this wind coming from?" She was feeling the wind take her away. Suddenly the wind stopped. Right in its place was the blond. Sakura was so surprised by the sudden appearance of Naruto, she screamed. Kakashi saw that Naruto was right next to Sakura.

His eyes went wide as he didn't even see or felt Naruto's presence near. This scared him immensely but he had to keep that to himself. He said, "Naruto you are late for our test. Care to explain hmm?"

Naruto's eyes flickered from gold to bright blue. He said in a polite tone, "Kakashi-sensei, I was here before everyone. I was simply in the tree waiting for you to come."

Kakashi's lone eye went wide. 'He was the one in the tree. That's impossible! I didn't even feel him come. What is Naruto up to? I am going to have to watch him.'

The other two were extremely shocked since they did not even know Naruto was even there. Sakura thought Naruto was lying. Sasuke on the other hand was wondering how strong Naruto really was. He shrugged it off as Naruto was the Dobe after all. He couldn't be that strong. Can he?

Kakashi pulled out an alarm clock. He said, "Well Team 7, your test will begin shortly. Your test is to snatch these two bells out off of my belt."

Sakura asked, "Umm Kakashi-sensei, why are there only two bells."

Kakashi gave her an eye smile. He said, "Very good Sakura. There are only two bells because only two can pass the test. Also you only have an hour to get them. Before I forget, you must come at me with the intent to kill."

Naruto said in a relax voice, "Are you sure Kakashi-sensei? What if you get hurt?"

Kakashi gave him an eye smile and said, "Well Naruto-kun, if I get hurt then you did a very good job."

That put a smile on Naruto's face. It wasn't the same kind of foxy smiles Naruto is known for. No this was a predator one. This one was one that Kakashi would regret later. Kakashi did an eye smile and said, "Begin!"

Sasuke and Sakura decided to hide in the bushes. Naruto on the other hand sat on the ground in lotus position. He closed his eyes and said, "Kakashi-sensei, I would advise you to take me seriously."

Kakashi reached into his pocket and pulled out...his orange book. Kakashi thought Naruto would have had a tick mark on his forehead. Instead Naruto had a smile on his face. He pulled out his out a book from his pocket. It was the exact same book as Kakashi.

He opened the book and said, "Hmm poor Kakashi, this book has Jiraiya's signature on it. It says to my favorite fan Kakashi, Jiraiya of the Sannin. Which one did you get?"

Kakashi's eyes went wide as his book became smoke. As the smoke came, Kakashi was kicked in the face and pushed him back. Naruto closed the book as Kakashi looked at him with shock. He smirked and said, "I told you to take me seriously. As your fit punishment, I will destroy your precious book with my newly created jutsu. "

He threw the book up and did the hand signs: Dog, Rabbit, Monkey, and Bird. He then said, "Fuuton: Marui Rezaenban no Jutsu (Wind Style: Razor Circular Disk)!" His right hand started to become a transparent circle. When the book fell Naruto did a few flicks of his wrist. The book hit the ground in pieces and flew in the wind. Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke could not believe their eyes.

Naruto smirked and said, "Kakashi, now can you be serious. I want to fight." Naruto then rushed Kakashi. He pulled at his kunai and tried to strike Kakashi. Kakashi got out of his stupor and saw red and it wasn't Naruto's jacket. He swiftly dodged Naruto's strike and countered with and elbow to the head. Naruto dropped down and did a leg sweep. Kakashi jumped only to see three kunai's coming at him. He dodged them only to see they were henged kunais. The three Kage Bushin unhenged themselves and attack Kakashi in the air.

The first on did a side kick to Kakashi's head but missed. This caused Kakashi to swipe at it with one of his own kunais. This proved to be futile as the other one punched him in the back. Then the other one kicked him in the jaw. This sent him into a tree.

He landed with an 'oof' sound. He was thinking, 'Fuck, that kick hurt. Who is this kid? He is supposed to be the Dead Last. Whoever said that, I'm going to find them and kick their ass. He did some great combinations with the Kage Bushin and the henge with great speed. He even created his own jutsu. I might have to take him seriously. He might be the only kid I know that can-'

His thought process changed as he felt the tree he was on get hit. He looked down and saw Naruto charged up his created jutsu. He thought, 'Shit, gotta get out of the tree before it falls.' He jumped out of the tree only to see a Bushin coming out of the tree with him. He did a spin in the air with his kunai and made it burst. He landed on his feet on the ground.

He said, "I must say Naruto, you're skill are very impressive. Yet you rely on your Kage Bushin too much. It's getting cliché. Don't you think?"

Naruto had a smirk on his face. He said, "I agree whole- heartedly. I think that it's like a chain holding me down. Well I guess I got to chain that."

Kakashi recognized something was wrong when he said chained instead of change. Next thing he knew, Naruto did the hand sign, Rat. He said, "Hijutsu: Kusari Yori Tentou, (Secret Art: The Chains from Heaven)!"

Soon Kakashi felt chains came up from the ground. The chains grabbed Kakashi's arms. He started to struggle as he couldn't move. Soon his legs were being chained. He soon started to sink to the ground.


His eyes must be deceiving him. He could not believe the Dobe was beating their sensei. Naruto was not even close to a jonin level but his abilities were showing otherwise. His demeanor was calm and relax. This wasn't Naruto. This couldn't be. Right now he should be hanging from the same tree Kakashi was in.

He wanted to see how his Jonin-sensei was going to do. Did he even want him as his sensei?


Naruto heard a cackling sound coming from the ground. He quickly jumped up as he saw electricity come out from the ground destroying the training ground. He land on a piece of slab of earth. He saw Kakashi pull himself out of the ground. Kakashi was panting as he said, "Naruto, I so hate you right now. You destroyed one of my prized possessions. Then had the audacity to drown me in chains. I only survived because I did a lightning jutsu to break it. Well you wanted me to be serious, and then I'll show you serious."

He did the hand signs: Ox, Monkey, Rabbit, Rat, and thirty or so more hand signs and said, "Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu (Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu)! He blew out and something came out. Suddenly a huge water dragon came out. Its yellow eyes was looking at only one person; his target.

Naruto cursed out loud. He did the familiar three hand signs. His hand became white again. He said to Kakashi as the ferocious water dragon came at him, "Kakashi-sensei, it's time to see whose attack is stronger. Fuuton: Marui Rezaenban no Jutsu!"

Naruto put his left hand on his right wrist. He prepared himself for the water jutsu. He noticed that there was lightning in the jutsu. It must have been a part of the plan when he got out of the ground with that lightning attack. He prepared until he felt the dragon was close enough. When it was close enough, Naruto thrusted his circular razor disk at it. When the two attacks combined a white light appeared.

Soon the water exploded everywhere. The water hit Sasuke and Sakura. Kakashi closed his eyes to shield himself from the water. When he opened his eyes he saw Naruto in his power stance. When he looked closer he saw Naruto was not wet. In fact he was the driest thing there.

He didn't look happy at all. He said in a growl, "I don't like getting wet."


The pink hair girl couldn't believe it. The baka was winning in a fight against her sensei. She was feeling her knees buckle. The sheer power of Naruto was amazing. She didn't know what she would be able to do. If Naruto is this strong then that means her chance to making the team is growing increasingly slim. She knew she couldn't beat her Sasuke-kun. So her only hope is for Naruto ultimately fail and she and Sasuke get the bells.

She just didn't know how she could mover with her being paralyzed.


Naruto and Kakashi faced off. Kakashi thought, 'Damn, this kid is absolutely amazing. He is definitely better than the Uchiha. I don't know if I should even use it. I mean I can't use the Sharingan because I don't want to waste all my energy. However how he is battling against me I might have to. I know I sure as hell can't use the Chidori as it is used to kill but if I don't I might as well be dead. His skills remind me of Itachi and that is scary.

This is a whole new ball game. He only has a few moments left. I think that I could last that long because if I don't well, I'm in big shit trouble.'

Kakashi said, "Naruto, you are extremely impressive. Unfortunately you only have a few minutes left. Do you think that you could last that long? Hmm?"

Naruto had a frown on his face. He said, "You know Kakashi-sensei, personally I find it rather odd that you do not have out by now. You need to stop pulling punches as it doesn't benefit either of us. I don't learn anything by you holding back. To be honest, I've actually waited for you to use that deadly move but it seems you are too much of a pussy to use it. Don't worry though I'll make you use it even if it means I have to show some things."

With a burst of speed he did the hand sign, bird and said, "Fuuton: Fuuryudan no Jutsu (Wind Style Wind Dragon Bullet Technique)" Behind Naruto the wind started to pick up. Soon the wind started to take the shape of a dragon. The dragon shook the trees as it was larger than Kakashi's water dragon.

Kakashi was shock at Naruto's wind dragon bullet. He knew if he moved out of the way Sasuke and Sakura would get hurt. 'Was this his plan all along? He would summon this thing and put his possible teammates in danger just to face the Chidori and Sharingan? He is absolutely crazy. But it worked. It's like he had a plan all along. He made sure they were paralyzed and forced my hand. He is really good with his emotions also. I guess I got to save the other two.'

He created two Kage Bushin. He said to his doppelgangers, "Ok, guys you got to be quick. Put them someplace safe and dispel. I'll deal with Naruto personally." The two clones nodded and went to do their job. Kakashi lifted his Hi-ate up and revealed his Sharingan.

The wind dragon went through the whole training grounds. Kakashi was able to get away from most of the damage. He was not unscathed however. He had deep gashes as the side attacks were powerful enough to hit everything. As he panted he noticed Naruto's power was on another level.

Naruto smirked and said, "So you finally let it out of its cage. I must admit it looks cool. However that's not why I wanted you to activate it. The reason is I want to face the infamous Chidori fully. You know and I know that technique isn't effective unless you have it out to change direction if need be. Now I can see just how powerful it really is. So let's go one more round. After all it's only me and you. My disk attack at its best verses your attack. Winner is the better person you got nothing to lose."

Kakashi thought about it. Naruto was in control for now. So he said, "Ok Naruto this is the final attack. Prepare yourself as you will face thee move that has hurt many people." He did the hand signs: Ox, Rabbit, and Monkey. Soon his left arm started to form lightning around it. His hand became blue with yellow coming out of it. Naruto smirked and did his hand signs. His hands became white.

Naruto said, "Finally I can see who is more powerful. Ready, get set, GO!" With that the two fighters charged each other. Both cocked back as the two elemental power houses grew. Time seemed to have slowed for the two. The wind grew stronger the longer Naruto held it back. The lightning chirped louder the closer Naruto was to it. Sasuke and Sakura's eyes went wide as they were in the tree about to watch the collision of two strong elemental attacks. They heard Naruto and Kakashi cry out, "Fuuton: Marui Rezaenban no Jutsu! Chidori! "

The two attacks collided with each other. A deep white light covered the training ground. A large BOOM covered Konoha. The powers so strong that it sent Naruto and Kakashi back. Kakashi hit a tree while Naruto was able to stand. Kakashi got up although his body was hurting in so many places. He heard the bell go off. He smiled and said, "Well Naruto as much fun as that was, you unfortunately forgot you incentive to get the bells. You don't pass."

Naruto then did something unexpected. He laughed. He was literally crying as he said, "Kakashi-sensei, I might not always look focus but I always get the job done." He then reached into his pocket and pulled out the two bells. Kakashi's eyes went wide. He looked down to see two bells on his belt.

Naruto decide d to explain, "Because you were in the middle of battle you did notice the clones doing the switcheroo. So much for teamwork huh? Oh and before I go I have a present for you not taking me seriously. I'll see you in the hospital." As soon as Naruto disappeared, Kakashi saw the bell change into Naruto's Kage Bushin.

Before he could do anything, The Bushin stabbed him in the kidney with a kunai. Kakashi cried out in pain. The bushin had a bright innocent smile on his face. He said to the ailing Kakashi, "Be careful what you wish. You might just get it."

The Bushin looked at the two spectators. He did a slight bow to them. Before he dispersed he heard Sasuke ask, "Dobe, where did you learn those techniques?"

The bushin smiled and said, "You should take sensei to the hospital. Also don't worry about it." H dispersed into a poof of smoke.


Sarutobi has a small goatee and short spiked hair, both being dark grey almost silver. He also has lines running vertically under each eye. He has some liver spots on his head and hands. Right now he is wearing his Hokage robes. Sarutobi sat in his seat in the center.

The Sandaime Hokage waited for all eleven of the Jonin-senseis to come. The most notable were Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi to come in. He said, "Ok, Jonin-senseis please tell who passed and who failed.

"Team 1 Failed"

"Team 2 Failed"

"Team 3 Failed Miserably"

"Team 4 didn't even try"

"Team 5 almost killed themselves So they Failed"

"Team 6 wasn't worth the time. They Failed"

Sarutobi was waiting for Kakashi. He said, "Kakashi, where are you?" Just then one of the ANBU came in. he was extremely fidgety as he was get Kakashi's killing intent. Sarutobi's hard gaze gave him the message of speak or you won't have a voice.

The poor ANBU said in a squeak, "Hokage sama, Kakashi-sama could not make the meeting."

Sarutobi tapped his fingers on the desk and said, "Please explain, why Kakashi would not be here. It better be a real good explanation."

The ANBU finally got his voice back and said, "Hokage-sama, the reason h isn't here is because he is in the hospital. He received a ruptured kidney by his student Naruto Uzumaki. His other students brought him in. He also has different lacerations and injuries. He sent me to give you the message that they all passed because of Naruto. He also said that he didn't want Naruto to do anything with the team as he wasn't able to test them as it took the whole time to fight Naruto. The fight was off the charts. I have it on video for ten bucks. It's a once in a life time opportunity to see Sharingan Kakashi get beat by an academy student."

The Jonin-senseis almost went into panic mode. Sarutobi silenced them. He said, "Tenzo-san, give me the tape. I want to see what happened PERSONALLY.


Naruto was lying down on his bed. He waited for someone or something. He kept reading his book. He looked at his wrist that he taped. The move was powerful yes but the after effects were sickening. He took out his book and started to read. His mind however was on the battle. H knew Kakashi held out on him but still. He needed to get stronger.

Soon he felt the wind move his curtain. He closed his book along with his eyes. He sighed as he said, "It is about time, Fenikkusu-sama and Karasu-sama"7

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