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A couple notes: (a) I have changed from first person to third person narrative for the epilogue. The first half is from Blaine's perspective, the second Kurt's. (b) I just wanted an excuse to write them making out, so this is basically just gratuitous fluff and kissing.

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Blaine was just about to snuff out the candles by his bed when he heard a soft knock on his chamber door.

"You may come in," he called, curiosity coloring his voice.

The door shifted open partway and Kurt slid in, shutting it behind him.

"Kurt," Blaine said, not trying to hide the tenderness in his voice, "what are you doing here? You should be sleeping. And we're not supposed to see each other before the ceremony tomorrow."

Kurt tsked, slinking over to the foot of Blaine's bed. "Such a traditionalist," he teased, crawling onto the large bed and over to where Blaine sat, straddling his lap. Blaine's hands found their way to Kurt's hips. "I thought I would check on my husband-to-be. Make sure he wasn't having any second thoughts the night before our wedding."

"I could never have second thoughts about you," Blaine said, squeezing Kurt's hips gently and then letting his hands travel from the waist of his simple breeches, sliding up and underneath Kurt's nightshirt. Kurt hummed and Blaine savored the delicious vibrations in his torso traveling through his soft, smooth skin and onto Blaine's palms as he rubbed Kurt's back.

"May I kiss you?" he asked, tilting his head up a little. After Kurt had told him about the faerie's curse, Blaine had been horrified that he had ever unwittingly given Kurt an order. When Kurt told him about the kiss his step-brother had forced upon him years ago, making him quite wary of intimacy, Blaine had vowed never to tell Kurt what to do again.

"That's sweet but stilly," Kurt had laughed when Blaine explained his odd way of phrasing things after a few weeks, "the beauty is that now you can tell me what to do all you like, and I don't have to heed your commands unless I want to."

Blaine had since relaxed in everyday conversation, but when it came to sensual matters, he refused to tell Kurt what to do or simply assume he could do whatever he liked.

"Yes, of course," Kurt said, his lids heavy. He tangled his fingers in Blaine's curls as Blaine leaned up and pressed their mouths together.

Their kiss was sweet and chaste at first, but then Kurt let out a little sigh and pressed closer. Encouraged, Blaine traced Kurt's bottom lip with his tongue and quickly licked his way into Kurt's mouth when Kurt's lips granted him access. Blaine moaned softly at the taste of Kurt's mouth, the feeling of their tongues sliding together. He flicked his tongue along the roof of Kurt's mouth, making him shudder. He coaxed Kurt's tongue into his own mouth, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as Kurt eagerly massaged his tongue with his own.

They broke apart with a gasp, and Kurt covered Blaine's face with gentle kisses, his fingers massaging Blaine's scalp. "You are so gorgeous," Blaine rasped, pressing a kiss to Kurt's jaw, "you cannot imagine my desire for you."

"I think I can," Kurt contradicted him, breathless, "for it likely matches the desire I feel for you."

Blaine nipped the soft, tender skin just under Kurt's chin, and then soothed it with a kiss. He trailed Kurt's throat with open-mouthed kisses, worshiping the delicate skin with his lips and tongue. He could feel Kurt's rapid heartbeat under his mouth, could hear him softly say, "Blaine," as his hands slid down to grip the back of Blaine's shirt.

He brought his mouth back up to Kurt's, letting his lips part at Kurt's silent request, and soon their tongues were entangled once more. Their kiss was more urgent now, more heated. Blaine's head swirled with desire as he kneaded the flesh of Kurt's back firmly. His hands slid lower, lower, finally cupping Kurt's bottom and pushing down, grinding their hips together.

They both froze. "We needn't stop," Kurt whispered against Blaine's lips, his eyes closed, "I-I am a little nervous, but I want you, and I love you so." He opened his eyes, and Blaine was staring into dark, brilliant blue.

With no small effort, Blaine moved his hands up to the small of Kurt's back. "I love you, too, but we must restrain ourselves," he said in a strangled voice.

Kurt drew back, pouting playfully. "We've waited for three months together, and for years apart."

Blaine kissed him teasingly. "And we can wait one more night. Or are you so determined to make a dishonest man of me?"

Kurt let out a delicate snort, but shifted to sit beside him on the bed, pulling his legs up, his cheeks flushing. "As if you could ever be dishonest."

Blaine sobered, taking Kurt's hand into his own. He brought Kurt's hand to his mouth and kissed his palm gently. "Father may have passed a law, but many Kyrrians disapprove of our union. If we are to rule over them as kings and set an example for other such unions, I don't wish to give them any ammunition for their skepticism or intolerance. When Mother married Father, they waited until their wedding night. When Grandfather was poised to become Grandmother's royal consort, they waited as well. It is Kyrrian royal tradition, and I want no less for you."

"Well, when you say it like that, I cannot help but agree to saying 'no.' But just for tonight, my love," Kurt added, turning and wrapping an arm around Blaine's chest, nuzzling closer, "tomorrow night…"

"I vow that tomorrow night, no matter how we are intimate, only our love will be present. The kingdom of Kyrria shall have no place in our marriage bed," Blaine promised, tracing an X over his heart. Kurt giggled at him, and they snuggled closer. Blaine closed his eyes and breathed in Kurt's scent. He smelled like freshly baked bread; he had probably been down in the kitchens with Carol earlier.

"I suppose I should retire to my bedchamber," Kurt said grudgingly a few minutes later, yawning, "after all, I wouldn't want to fall asleep in your arms and set the servant's tongues wagging. All the gossip and nothing to show for it!"

"I'll walk you to your chambers," Blaine offered, moving to get off the bed.

"I found my way here; I can find my way back," Kurt assured him with a smile, "but do walk me to your door and kiss me goodnight, if it would please you."

Blaine did just that, holding Kurt close and brushing his lips over Kurt's gently. "It certainly does please me."

Because of the delicacy of their situation, they had decided to hold a private wedding ceremony. It was held in one of the palaces grander gardens. Even though Blaine had far more guests, Kurt was happy to see many familiar smiling faces of his own acquaintance, from Rachel, crying immediately and hanging on Finn's arm, to Brittany dressed in fine silks and holding Santana's hand, to Mercedes, smiling her beautiful smile at him, to Tina and Mike, calm and collected under the shade of an oak tree, to Artie, sitting in a chair with wheels and accompanied by his parents.

Dave and Sir Sandy had not been invited, and though Kurt had sent his mother a letter, he was secretly glad it appeared that it had not reached her in time, because he did not want her turning his marriage to Blaine into a personal triumph of her own.

Blaine's parents walked him down the aisle, littered with soft blue flower petals, and Carol and Kurt followed after, arms linked. Carol kissed Blaine and then Kurt, her cheeks wet with tears. Kurt hugged the Queen and shook the King's hand, and Blaine did the same.

Then it was the two of them, dressed in white and holding hands and Chancellor Figgins prattled on about their official duties as future King and royal consort of Kyrria. And then they were saying their vows. Kurt could not hold back his tears, and he felt Blaine's hands trembling in his own.

"Your eternal bond has been formed; I invite you to…" Chancellor Figgins hesitated, clearing his throat, "seal it with a kiss."

Kurt melted against Blaine, feeling their first kiss all over again.

As members of the crowd either clapped politely or cheered with exuberance, one hooded figure stepped forward. Out of the corner of his eye, Kurt saw several of the Warblers, serving as guards, reach for the hilts of their swords.

The figure pushed the hood of her cloak back, and the faintest scent of flowers filtered through the air.

"Terri," Kurt said nervously, glancing at Blaine meaningfully. Blaine's eyes widened in alarm, "what a…lovely surprise."

Terri rushed forward, her eyes glimmering with tears, her hands clasped to her bosom. "Truly this is the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. And for a love so pure! I have a gift for you…"

"Oh, you are too kind," Blaine protested weakly.

"Really, Terri, it's too much," Kurt added, trying to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach.

"Nonsense!" Terri reached into the depths of her robes, and Kurt and Blaine both winced. Kurt felt Blaine lace their fingers together and squeeze comfortingly. Over Terri's shoulder, Kurt could see Carol glaring at the back of Terri's head.

"Voila!" Terri pulled out a small object, presenting it to them in the palm of her hand. It was a tiny golden box.

"A trick box," she told them with pride, "it remains the same size, but anything you put in it will fit, and only the two of you can open it."

Blaine picked up the box with a hesitant smile.

"Thank you, Terri," Kurt said, relieved, "it is truly a good gift."

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