I am so excited to be going to Italy. I can't believe I am going to the Country of Love. Oh wait. Sid just said that was France. Oh maybe I just got love on the brain. Lets just say Ryan and I might have been having some intimate conversations lately. I am glad he is coming with us. Oh. And Ian (Sid made me write that (wait! She was reading over my shoulder!Oooops)). I wish Sid would stop bumping me! Oh, right, she was trying to get me to turn around. Why? MAYBE BECAUSE RYAN IS STARING AT ME. Ok so maybe I like it but whatever. Sid is going over to report on the food, the ancient sites and the uprising of crime in Italy. I am coming as Sid's assistant and Ian and Ryan are extra baggage. We are landing in Milan. After a few days we should be heading off to Venice (if all goes to plan (it usually doesn't)) and Pisa. Then onto Rome, Naples and Sicily. This is going to be so cool. Ryan said to say the food in Italy is the best! (Wait. Far Out! HE has been reading over my shoulder as well). I am going to put this away before the flight attendant tells me to write that this airline is the best. I thought I might add that Sid, Ryan AND IAN all groaned when I wrote that. Well, they can find someone else as their form of entertainment!