I completely forgot tomorrow was my birthday until Sid asked what I wanted to do. Then Ryan quickly said, "I was planning on taking Maddie somewhere tomorrow night. If thats ok with her," he added just a quick. Sid and Ian passed a knowing glance and looked like they were about to laugh. So I shot Sid a quick glare and turned nonchalantly to Ryan and said, "Sure. Sounds like just as much fun as what Sid's bedtimes are." Let me tell you that that got Sid's attention fast. When she saw my teasing face she said, "Watch it Missy!" in an equally teasing tone. A slightly awkward silence filled the table for a minute until Ryan asked what each of us thought of our meals. We all agreed that the meals were utterly delicious and the conversation carried on from there. Good thing it did, I was starting to worry. After the delicious dinner we walked to a gelati store just down the road and that ice cream was the best I have had in my life! Now we are at the hotel and are going to go to sleep so we are fresh for site-seeing tomorrow.