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The primary world will be fushigi yuugi, it may not seem that way for a while, but believe me, it will be. Ouran is the other anime because, its also another significant world but its not limited to those two because, once again, this story has 5 anime in it. The story wont be in the fushigi yuugi universe for a while, but will build up to it, and once it does, it'll pretty much stay there for the majority of the story, so be patient please, THANX! Also, this is a story with OC's, so if u really hate those soooo much then turn back now, but please read my story before you knock it. Comments are appreciated, enjoy!


A few notes: "Italicized writing in quotation marks means that some type of attack, spell, song, etc is going on."

Italicized writing without quotes is Aki's thoughts (or the thoughts of whoever POV it is).

Italicized and bold writing shows a memory that is going on at the same time the present event is happening

Non-Italicized bold writing within consecutive italicized & bold writing are Aki's thoughts in that memory


Yes, there is some modernized writing to make it seem like a real teenager is telling the story and we all know that teens do not all speak properly.

Yes there are quite a few anime in this story and if you are waiting for a particular one to show up, then you have to wait until the story progresses.

Last thing, yes, I know I started with a particular anime that is not one of the ones categorized, its like that for a reason that will be explained as the story goes on. SO PLEASE DONT ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT THAT

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~*Season 1: Prologue*~

I could feel my heart squeeze painfully in my chest. I could barely breathe—it hurt too much. My tears vigorously ran down my sensitive cheeks onto the ground below me, drowning all hopes I had at ever being happy. Why did this happen? How could he allow this to happen to me? This had to be some sort of sadistic joke—an illusion! My eyes had to have been fooling me—it wouldn't have been the first time that the universe made me see something that wasn't there.

But I saw it...

No matter how much I tried to make excuses in my troubled mind, I just couldn't lie to myself enough to make everything that happened alright.

It would never be alright.

Never again.

Was this some kind of sick joke that he—no—they had planned for me? I thought the pain was all over when I arrived here. Turns out that my journey had been for nothing, I should have given up a long time ago. Now, I'm here all alone crying my eyes out after being betrayed by my best friend—the one I loved. Utterly. Brutally. Betrayed.

I tried to get up and get a hold of myself, to show the universe and the Darkness inside of me that I wouldn't submit just because my heart was broken, but my body wouldn't move. All I could think of is how I had come so far, how much pain I had gone through up to this point, and how I almost got my wish. But now…I don't know anything anymore…

I give up…

From the Beginning~

"Ugh. I just can't stand it."


My best friend Saru and I were sitting at the overly crowded food court at the mall. Problem was, it was being invaded by a bunch of mocking, nauseating, lovey-dovey couples.

"Dammit, don't we get enough of this in school? Whatever happened to no PDA? Or common courtesy?" I complained. It was hard to tell whether or not the universe, my worst enemy, was just mocking me. No matter where I went, it was almost like every single happy couple was mocking me with their gushy happiness. There was no way in the world some miscellaneous faces could possibly know about the pain I had to endure my whole life, so my previous thoughts probably just sounded incredibly paranoid. Nonetheless, I wasn't oblivious to how much just seeing them made me want to sneer.

Saru giggled as she looked around—obviously something like this didn't bother someone like her. "I don't know, Aki. I think it's sweet. People deserve to be happy." Not that I was opposed to them being happy or anything, I was sourer of the fact that I might never be able to achieve their level of bliss. She looked back at me. "Besides, no one really even follows that whole PDA rule." Understatement. With all of that rule breaking going on, I was only slightly surprised that school administrators hadn't been handing out detention slips as if they were free lollipops. Even they knew that they couldn't control the chaos that was teenage hormones.

I leaned on the table and buried my face in my arms. Well they should. I don't wanna see any of this crap. It's bad enough that I don't have a boyfriend, now these guys have to rub it in my face. I sighed. Yeah, I know, it sounds a bit petty and cliché to be complaining about not being in a relationship, but I just couldn't help it! Looking back on the many crappy years of my existence, I was allowed some type of happiness dammit!

"You know, jealousy isn't very cute." She added while tucking one of her perfect brunette curls behind her ear. A group of mildly attractive guys walked by as I started to say something to her. She flashed them a flawless smile and they all gave her that look—you know, the one that guys give girls they think are attractive—and gave me absolutely nothing. I narrowed my eyes at them. Jerks, at least pretend to be interested. So what if I'm not the most exciting looking or outgoing or overly optimistic like my cute, peppy friend Saru Michiyo here. Guys were always looking her way with her model slim figure, long brunette curls, easy gray eyes, light tan, fashion sense, her in-the-know-uality, and of course, that overly optimistic and positive personality. I, on the other hand, get barely any glances. I may not be supermodel pretty, but I don't think I'm that plain looking. I have shorter than shoulder length, thick, dark brown almost black hair (with bangs that covered my eyes often), fair skin, crimson eyes (yes, I know that's freaky—I've heard it all before), and I dress comfortably (although I'm not opposed to dressing like a teen model, I simply don't have the money to buy the clothes). I mean, I like me, sometimes... But guys don't...well to be honest, most people don't.

Don't I just sound like the happiest person ever?

Giving an even bigger sigh, I could feel Saru staring at me. "I'm not jealous, just…fed up." Saying that I was jealous would have given the universe the sort of satisfaction that I didn't exactly feel like supplying it. Call it denial if you want, but I'll just leave as is.

"With what?" Like you don't know. Sometimes that innocent act she played tended to really get on my nerves.

"You know perfectly 'what'."

"Is this because you don't have a boyfriend?" She asked with a slight annoyed tone in her voice.

"Whatever," I mumbled bitterly.

"You know, instead of making a move, you went through all of middle school, high school, and knowing you, elementary school sulking over the fact that you're not in a relationship. You either need to get over it or finally do something about it," Without trying to sound like a total bitch, she quickly added, "You are an attractive girl Aki, I'm sure you can find someone. After all, this is our senior year, you can't be sulking on senior year."

I lifted my head and scowled. "I am not sulking, and don't pretend like I'm actually a visually appealing specimen to the opposite gender like you are. You have guys practically crawling at your feet," I scooted my chair back and stood up. "And don't have me sounding like I'm some desperate person who has absolutely nothing better to do than look for a significant other." I am not the only lonely one in the world. What I am feeling is perfectly understandable, no matter how much it depresses me.

Saru frantically began to get up too. "No, Aki, that's not what I—"

"Saruwatari! What's up?" The voice of Kyoko Fujiwara unfortunately came from behind us and I groaned. Turning around scornfully I faced my ex-best friend and her boyfriend, Yosuke Hyuuga or as I like to call him, my ex-crush.

"Of course she ignores me," I mumbled, looking away the instant Yosuke looks in my direction. "It's not like I'm standing here or anything."

Saru gives me a quick look then flashes them a friendly smile. "Hiya!"

"So, Saru, wanna hang with me and Yosuke? Adam is coming too if you're interested. We are gonna see a movie." She said pretending to look at Saru but really at me. Don't be a bitch Kyoko.

"I'm pretty sure it's the one you've wanted to see for a while. Then we are heading to the lake for a bonfire," he shrugged, "just 'cause."

Saru shook her head. "No it's okay, I'm good here. But maybe later—"

I quickly grabbed her arm and began to pull her away, with a little struggle but considering her petite size, wasn't an obstacle. A few steps later, Kyoko intercepted us.

"We were talking to her," She said sternly.

I glared at her. "Yeah? Well, you're done talking and we're leaving." I do not want to deal with you right now.

She looked from Saru to me. Then suddenly her eyes went wide for a second after realizing her surroundings. She smirked, "Ah, I see. You're sulking." Dammit I am not! "Why don't you just get over yourself already. There are more people more unfortunate than you."

I growled. "Lay off Kyoko. You don't know me anymore." I glanced at Yosuke and I felt my face heat up. He did not need to hear this conversation.

"I know enough. You haven't really changed."

I let go of Saru and stepped up to the obnoxious five-inches-taller-than-me, bob-haired, bright, green-eyed blond who was just askin' for me to show her my fist the hard way. "Look, you got the guy so step off and leave me to my life, since you are no longer apart of it. And I. Don't. Sulk."

"Please, you used to cry so often that all of our classmates had to rent boats just to get to class." I clenched my fists and stepped closer. What she had said was an overstatement. As if I'd allow people to see me cry like that—it was a pathetic thought. However, she was more aware than others of how upset I was...both her and Saru were.

"Shut up." People began to stop what they were doing, and thanks to natural curiosity, began to crowd around us. Jeez, I hate making scenes.

"Aki…Kyoko, now isn't the time…" Saru said quietly.

"Yeah, this isn't cool guys." Yosuke chimed in.

"What's the matter Aki? Aren't you gonna freeze up just like you used to do when Yosuke talked to you?" My face began to heat up again. At this point, though, I couldn't tell if it was from embarrassment or anger. Before I could speak, she continued. "You know, you'll never find anyone." My eyes went wide. "You will always be searching and staying in the corner away from people all because you can't seem to help yourself. You always feel sorry for yourself and have others take pity. Guys don't like that and you are perfectly aware, yet you still insist on being on the outside away from the guys. Good luck actually catching one. Like you could at this point anyway."

I stood there, frozen, in totally embarrassment as people suddenly started talking amongst themselves.

"How pathetic…"

"…that long?"

"Is there something wrong with her?"

"…must be true, she's not arguing…"

"Self-pity? What a turn-off." A person could hear things like this all of their lives, and no matter how hard they made their outer exterior, it would always hurt. I'd never let them think that they had the power to make me break down and cry. I was the one with the power to makethem all suffer. And if I weren't in a personal war to attempt control at that darker side of me, then I would have shown them my wrath.

Also, unfortunately, I was a slightly better person than that. Damn.

My blond nemesis switched her attention back to our seemingly diplomatic friend. "Saru, what do you think of all this?"

The girl shifted uncomfortably in her spot, "I don't know."

"Hasn't Aki given us self boy trouble since we were younger? Couldn't we have been doing something that we wanted?" Kyoko insisted.

Saru's eyes trailed off to the side to avoid my accusing eyes that screamed disbelief. "Well…yeah. I guess." I gave her a pained look. "I'm sorry Aki, but, this has been going on for a while. And we've done all we could and…we're tired. We have our own…problems and stuff y'know?"

I relaxed a little, unclenched my fists and lowered my head. For a few seconds, I didn't say anything. Then I looked up at them as well as the crowd and forced a confident smile, showing that I was not going to let them see how much they were actually getting to me. You know, Saru, Kyoko, I could make a scene. I could do a bunch of stuff I may regret later, but then feel better after realizing that you bitches deserved everything you had comin' for you. But since I am the bigger person, you know the good friend who helped you guys through your problems over the years without complaints, as well as the person who has what's left of very little patience, I am gonna walk away...I started to back up as I spoke up, sending such a glare with almost enough intensity to cut right through them. "You know, what? Go on and have fun with your boyfriends and girlfriends and such and I hope you all have the best time possible. But I won't be there. You know why? 'Cause according to you jerks, I'll be off sulking like I always seem to be doing."

"Aki—" I started to sprint as fast as I could to the exit of the mall, not stopping at what Saru wanted to say to me. I seemed to be unintentionally running past everything: couples, feelings of love, true friends having fun. It always seems like these things are always passing me and I never get the chance to experience them myself. It was never fair...and I knew that and sometimes, I tried to sit and just accept it. But because of a fleeting dream from so long ago, and words belonging to a voice I could no longer identify, a part of me wanted to believe that the rotten deal I had been dealt wasn't meant to be permanent.

Was I wrong to think that? Or was I just fooling myself and giving into a fantasy?

Running outside and just kept going towards the setting sun, ignoring any other sound or piece of scenery, I had no real reason to stop no matter how tired I was getting. I was tired of everything. Seeing as how no one was around to judge my weakness, I allowed tears to stream down my face and past me as I ran. I hate that this dark cloud is consuming my life! There was one thing I could more or less count on...and now even that was taken away. I really wasn't all that surprised. After all, this consistency of my life was only hanging by a small thread...it was only a matter of time. All I'm doing is sinking deeper and deeper in misery and taking others with me. I want it to stop.

Breathless, I threw my head back as I ran and shouted, "You hear that universe? There has to be something out there for me—some way to escape all this. And just find one person—just one who can...I don't know..." I steadily began to slow down, up until a complete stop as I breathed heavily, staring at the ground, watching as my sweat and tears dripped all the way down. My body swayed a bit and although I was still, the world seemed to spin accompanying he headache I had acquired from my sprint. What was it exactly that I wanted? I mean...it wasn't that I didn't want things better for myself, I did. But...my rational mind was blocking my inner desires. It shouldn't have been so difficult for me to fathom what I truly wanted—or rather, what I deserved... Instead of thinking about it, I allowed the words to just slip past my lips in a whisper. "Someone out there... real love that can dispell this curse...And, where I belong...'cause this, where I am can't be it—and I don't care what it takes." I brought the volume of my voice up once more, shouting to no one in particular. "I don't care what I have to do or where I have to go. Just let me find it!" Did it even exist? If not, then at least...I needed someone to tell me not to get my hopes up and wishing for an impossibility.

Just then, a bright red light flashed in front of me and engulfed my whole body. After my eyes adjusted to the brightness, I slowly opened them and in front of me was a floating, small, wrinkled old woman wearing some type of ancient robes. All I could do was stare.

"So you want to find true love huh?" How does she know?

I nodded slowly, still unsure of what to make of the whole situation.

"Speak child!"


"No matter what the cost?" She asked.

I slowly nodded again, my brain still unable to process everything that was happening. "Yes." What am I doing?

"And you are prepared to live with that?"

Without hesitation, "No doubt!" What's going on?

She turned around. "Well then, shall we get started?" She floated even further into theblinding scarlet light. I started to walk after her, still shocked about what was going on. What was going on? I had absolutely no idea. I was perhaps going crazy because I was following a complete stranger into a suspicious light. But…I didn't care. As long as my wish was granted, I really didn't care.

I just hope I don't regret it.

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