A/N: :V SEQUEL! Ok I know I've disappeared off the face of the earth for several days but I'm back with the sequeel! So this is a Sequel to A New Bwiginning...don't read it unless you've read the 1st one otherwise it won't make any sense..:) Takes place towards the end of Harry and Sev's first summer together..NO SLASH!

A New School Year

Chapter 1

Severus sighed. He was thinking about everything that had happened that summer: taking Harry under his wing, Voldemort returning to power, and losing his cover as spy. It felt as if the summer had come and gone in a matter of seconds. It was getting close to the end of summer and Harry's birthday. Harry's birthday! How could I forget? He gasped with a start. He absolutely could not believe he'd nearly forgotten! But what will I get him? he wondered. Then, suddenly, an idea struck him. Yes, yes that'd be perfect!


Harry usually dreaded his birthdays. The Dursleys hadn't given him much. Well, there was that pair of socks last year. Harry amended. Suprisingly enough, it had been a new pair. He knew, or rather, he hoped, that Severus would not forget his birthday But, if he didn't forget, Harry wondered what Severus would get him. Hopefully it wouldn't be something big or expensive. I'd just die if he did that! Harry thought to himself.

At that moment Harry looked toward the window and saw the owls. One was a large, scruffy looking brown one.

"'lo, Errol," he said, smiling as he petted Ron's owl on the top of its head.

The second owl was quite a bit more proper. It held its head high and stuck out its leg. Harry couldn't help but smirk.

"I bet you're Hermione's owl," he said, taking both letters and starting with Ron's.

Dear Harry,

Happy early birthday! I hope you're doing well. So, Hermione and I had this great idea! We were wondering if you wanted to meet up on Diagon Alley on your birthday? We could all get our books and everything and maybe get some icecream.

Hope we can make it work,


Harry smiled. He figured Severus wouldn't mind but he knew he'd have to ask. He opened Hermione's letter next.

Hi Harry,

Ron will probably say that the whole getting together on your birthday thing was our idea. It was actually just my idea. I hope you're doing well and having a great summer break. Let us know if you can do it.

Best wishes,



"Yes, Harry I think that'd work just fine," Severus smiled. "Is it just Ron and Hermione or are there going to be others?"
"Probably Fred and George and I think Percy's gonna be there too," Harry replied.

And me! I hope.. Sirius barked.

"Merlin's beard! Snuffles, you scared me," Harry said, petting Sirius on the top of his head. "I'm guessing you wanna come with me, hmm?" Harry chuckled, and Sirius wagged his tail in agreement. "Fine, I'll drag you along," Harry joked.

OY! I'm cool! Sirius barked, but as usual Harry couldn't understand him.

"I believe I've said this plenty times, but you're strange," Harry said to his dog, "You know that? You're very strange.

A/N: So...what do you think Sev is gonna get Harry?