Time together

When the door bell rang, Hego assumed it was one of his brothers who couldn't be bothered to use the ID-plate as usual. Annoyed he switched the speaker on.
"Activate your power and the door will open. How hard can it be?"
There was a moment of silence before Electronique's voice responded.
"Just open the door, Hego." Then, as if with an afterthought: "Please?"
When he heard it was Electronique Hego hurried down to the door to meet her.
"Hey, welcome! I wasn't expecting you." He began.
"Good. I wanted to surprise you."
Hego looked at her. Her posture and tone of voice told him something was not right.
"Electronique? What's wrong?" He asked as they walked through the corridors to Hego's part of Go Tower.
"I ran into that Captain Coconut guy and..."
She didn't get much further when Hego's booming voice interrupted her.
"What did that fiend to to you? Did he hurt you? Why, I'll..."
Hego didn't get to reveal what he was going to do to Captain Coconut. Now it was Electronique's turn to interrupt.
"What? If I didn't know you better I'd think you insulted me on purpose!"
"Insult you? But I just..."
"Do you really think that a guy dressed like a nut would be a threat to me? Really, Hego?"
"I was just worried about you!"
Electronique sighed.
"And I appreciate that, I really do. But that's what I was trying to tell you, I took care of him."
Hego gasped and held one finger to his head, mimicking a gun.
"Took 'care' of?"
"No. Not this time. I just shut his suit down and poured my milkshake down his vision port. Then the cops came and picked him up."
Hego looked relieved.
"All's well that ends well, right?"
"But people saw me do it!"
"What's the harm in that? It's not like you did something bad, right? Since you're here and not on your way back to prison I assume everyone was fine with what you did, even the police."
Electronique nodded but looked uncomfortable.
"That's the problem. They were fine with it. People even cheered me, can you believe that?"
"Sure I can. They cheer for Team Go all the time." Hego smiled proudly.
"But that's Team Go, not Electronique."
"I don't understand why you let it bother you so much. I wish I could say something to help you but I don't know what."
Electronique looked up at Hego. She bit her lower lip and for a brief moment her voice trembled. "Remember the Reverse Polarizer? The Attitudinator?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Do you remember what it felt like to be...affected by it?"
"Oh yes." Hego shuddered. "Wouldn't want that to happen again. Creepy."
"It felt like that all over again."
"But this must've been different? I mean you did something good and..."
"It is not different, it's not. I didn't do it to be good. I did it for me. It was about me all the time and people still treated me like a hero!"
Hego nodded quietly. Although he couldn't understand what was wrong about being cheered as a hero he could relate to how it felt to do things contrary to one's nature.
"Why don't we sit down?" He gently ushered Electronique to the couch. "You're letting this get to you enough to get me worried."
They sat down, side by side. There was an awkward silence for a few moments.
"Are you OK?" Hego asked after a while.
Electronique nodded.
"I'm sorry." She said and she meant it.
That caught Hego by surprise.
"You're...sorry? For what?"
"For coming here and get all upset and I'm sorry for using the Attitudinator on you and your family."
"Now I know you're upset. The Electronique I know never apologized about anything."
He'd meant it as a small joke but the wound-up Electronique didn't take it as such. She got up and glared at him.
"If you don't like it then maybe you shouldn't have made me fall in love with you in the first place!"
A fraction of a second later the realised she was being unfair to him. Embarrassed, she turned her back to him.
Behind her Hego sat quiet for a moment and then she heard the faint rustle of cloth as he got to his feet.
Electronique felt his hands on her arms as he stood behind her. Hego's breath was warm on her neck and ear as he leaned down and softly said:
"I won't apologize for that. You did the same to me."
She slowly turned to face him.
"I did?"
Hego smiled and nodded.
"Yes you did."
Once again an there was a silence that threatened to become awkward. Both waited for the other to do or say something.
"I've wanted to do this for a long time now." Hego finally said and kissed her.
At first Electronique was too surprised to react but that soon changed. She put her arms around Hego's neck and pulled him closer.
The kiss grew more passionate and Electronique pushed Hego back, towards the couch. He responded eagerly, his desire flaring up as strong as hers. Then his knee got hooked on the arm rest of the couch and he promptly fell over, pulling Electronique with him.
Fortunately Electronique landed on top of Hego but the entire situation was very undignified and the passionate mood evaporated.
Hego looked at Electronique and she looked back at him then they both began to laugh.
Once they had managed to stop laughing they spent a moment, Electronique on top of Hego, looking at each other.
"Are those your hands?" She asked.
"Yes. Is this your butt?" Hego replied.
The exchange caused another bout of laughter and it was only after some time that they got off the floor and straightened their clothes.
"Yes, well...I guess I made a fool out of myself there." Hego said with a sheepish grin.
"Us. We made fools of us." Electronique corrected him. "Neither of us are alone any more, remember?"
Her smile when she looked at him made Hego decide that all those years of fighting Electronique had been worth it all, for leading up to this moment.
"So...what now?" With the previous passionate mood dissipated Hego didn't know how to react. Neither was Electronique by the looks of it.
"How about we sort of start over again from when I just got here?" She suggested. "Without me being upset, I mean."
"Sounds like a plan! How about something to eat? Are you hungry?" Hego offered.
"I thought you'd never ask. I've only had breakfast and half a milkshake. The rest was wasted on Coconut-loser-guy."
Hego lead the way, showing Electronique the private sections of Go Tower.
"Here's the kitchen. State of the art, if I may say so myself. Just don't go turn the blender into a weapon, ha ha!"
"Actually I had a notebook on stuff like that when I was a kid."
"Yeah. Other girls wrote diaries. I had my secret notebooks on how to weaponize everything from egg beaters to vacuum cleaners." Electronique chuckled at the memories. "Of course these days I mostly work by inspired creativity alone."
"Inspired destructivity you mean. So where are those notebooks now?"
"Oh, I lost them years ago. They're probably recycled by now. It's not like anyone would want to read a girl's scribbles even if they were still around."
Together they made a light lunch while chatting about all manner of things. Both knew there were still some things that needed to be addressed but they both avoided the topics for now.

Afternoon became evening and evening slowly began to turn into night.
Hego and Electronique were back in the couch again, his arm around her as she leaned close to him, resting her head on his broad chest.
"Fourteen months."
"We have fourteen months before your parole expires, right?"
"Then what?"
"You mean, will we have to be enemies again?"
"Yes, I hope we won't have to be."
Electronique bent her neck in an awkward angle to look up at Hego.
"That would mean that you would have to give up being good or I would have to give up being evil. Do you really think that will happen?"
Hego shook his head sadly.
"No, I guess I don't."
Electronique smiled gently.
"Besides, it's the good Hego I'm in love with."
"So you don't mind me being good?" Hego's smile returned.
"I wouldn't want you any other way. And besides, would you want me any different from the way I am? Honestly?"
Hego didn't have to think long before he replied.
"No, I wouldn't. I love the Electronique I've gotten to know over the years."
Electronique rolled over and looked up at him as she walked her fingers up his chest.
"Ooh! So the hero of Go City loves bad girls, hmm?"
"No. I love a bad girl. There is a difference."
Electronique laughed, got up and straddled across Hego's legs.
On an impulse he put his hand son her hips. She didn't object.
"Remember back at Paul Bunyan's? When I told you about why I liked being a villain?"
"About matching wits against the heroes and plans and stuff? Yeah, I remember that."
Electronique nodded and pulled her goggles off, looking Hego in the eyes.
"Do you really think I'd come to the lair of my nemesis without a plan?"
Hego blinked. That warm tension between them was back.
"What's your plan then, lovely arch foe of mine?"
"It's simple, really. I came up with it on my way to Go City." She reached up and pushed one strap of her dress off the shoulder.
"I plan to stay for the night." She pushed the other strap off. The dress sank down around her hips.
Hego raised his hands and began working the clasp of her bra as Electronique's fingers hurriedly began to unbutton his shirt.
"Oh no." Hego said with a smile as he raised himself to meet Electronique's kiss. "I failed to foil your plan."

Mego arrived at Go Tower fairly late in the morning to pick up his laundry. He didn't consider it unfair to leave the work to his older brother. After all he did study hard and he had little time for domestic tasks. He was pleasantly surprised when he got to the kitchen and noted that two coffee mugs were already in place on a tray.
Someone obscured by the large door to the fridge was rummaging through the refrigerator.
"Hey, you actually thought about making breakfast for me too!" Mego called out to whom he assumed to be his brother.
He picked a mug up and was about to fill it with coffee from the pot when a blue-grey hand snatched it from his grip.
"Not for you."
The voice, the goggles and colour of her skin were dead give-aways.
"Electronique!" Mego jumped back and assumed a martial stance as the villainess disregarded him and poured coffee into both mugs.
The expected fight did not happen as Electronique placed the mugs on the tray along with some other breakfast articles and walked off towards Hego's bedroom.
Most of the fight left Mego when he realized that Electronique wore his brother's shirt and very little else.
Mego was left standing mouth wide open and it was only after a while his brain began to assemble coherent thoughts again.
Although he was self-centred and full of himself, Mego actually cared deeply about his brothers (and his sister, even though they had parted on less than friendly terms). If his family's arch nemesis was in Go Tower, Mego reasoned, she must have done something to Hego.
He took a few deep breaths, braced himself and stalked over to Hego's bedroom door and pulled it open. Mego assumed hos best dramatic pose and loudly demanded:
"What have you done to my brother, you fiend?"
There was an embarrassing silence.
Hego and Electronique were sitting together, having breakfast in bed, barely dressed. They both looked at Mego who finally realised what the proverbial sitch was.
Electronique was the first to speak.
"I haven't done anything that is your business." Her voice was as snarky and cold as ever.
Before Wego could come up with a witty reply, Hego spoke up.
"Mego, don't you know how to knock?"
"I..uh... yeah, I do." Mego was utterly bewildered by now and having Hego reprimand him was too much. "I think I'll...I'll go and make some breakfast for me too, OK? Uh...bye?"
Mego closed the door and wandered back to the kitchen on shaky legs.
Behind the closed door Hego held back a hearty laugh with great difficulty. After all, it wasn't heroic to make fun of his brother's discomfort. Electronique had no such compunctions and only stopped laughing when she noticed Hego's disapproving frown.
She lifted her goggles to wipe tears of laughter from her eyes.
"I won't apologize for laughing because I'm not the least sorry." She kissed Hego. "But because I know how important family is to you, I will try to behave."
"That's all I ask of you."
They finished the breakfast in the comfortable silence of adults in love.
"Let me get the dishes. I think I need to have a talk with Mego anyway." Hego said when they were done.
Electronique stretched and nodded.
"Do you mind if I use your shower?"
"Not at all. Maybe I'll join you next time." Hego winked.
"I was hoping you'd say that."

When Electronique emerged, dressed and freshly showered, Hego had just finished explaining the situation to Mego. The purple-skinned Go-brother had his arms crossed and was obviously in a sulking mood. Hego took that as a good sign. He knew Mego wasn't in too bad a condition if he could find the energy to sulk.
"Will he be all right?" Electronique asked.
"Yeah, he's grumpy again."
"Give your girlfriend a ride ashore?" Electronique held out her arm for him.
"Girlfriend? I like the sound of that." He hooked his arm in her and walked her down to the little dock.
The Go Boat quickly brought hero and villainess to the mainland.
"So...now that you're my boyfriend, how about you come to my place next week?"
"I'd love to. Friday afternoon?"
"Perfect. And don't worry, I have a shower too."
Hego couldn't see it through her goggles but he could imagine her winking behind the dark glass.
They embraced and spent a while kissing each other good bye.
Eventually they had to separate and did so with obvious reluctance.
"Fourteen months." Hego said.
"Fourteen months for us." Electronique gave him one last kiss and walked down the pier.
Hego was about to get back into the Go Boat when he heard the woman he'd fallen for call his name.
"Hego?" Electronique's smile was warm and held promise for their future, come what may.
Hego was confused.
"Thanks for what?"
His arch foe blew him a kiss.
"Thanks for being my enemy."

The End.