hello, goodbye

don't say goodbye
cause I don't wanna hear those words tonight

- don't say goodbye, skillet

life is just a string of
hellos and goodbyes
sometimes you'll meet who you want to
sometimes you'll meet people you hate
sometimes you'll leave people you love

and you're just a cynical dreamer

they say that Slytherins are emotionless
but they can't see past the prettypainteds u r f a c e
that you work so hard to maintain

because underneath, you're not so different than anyone else
but now it's g o o d b y e

b e a u x b a t o n s
you neverever thought your parents would go this far
but you've gone too far
so now you're going far away

back to the place you were born
(on an anniversary trip)
but it's definitely not your
h o m e

a new country
a new culture
a new place
a new life

you're leaving behind
{culture, friendships, wayoflife, relationships, family, language, school}
and what do you get in return?
a new beginning, a new life
but the one you had was just fine

(and it had scorpius)

you'd worked soso hard to get him
to keep him away from Rose
and will that all go to waste now?

and now you're here
in his strongfragile arms
underneath the streetlights
that shine just for y o u

you've tried to delay it
but time isn't on your side
days, minutes, hours
ticking by on the clock
wasting your time away
until there's n o t h i n g left

but now you're here
and it still doesn't feel like goodbye
you c r y but you feel nothing

("is this goodbye?"

"you're leaving tomorrow. It has to be.")

lips on lips (wet with tears)
eyes on stony eyes

"I suck at feelings."
"Me too."
"…but I'll miss you anyway."

before this it was always
never one without its counterpart
the sun and the moon
water and fire
love and hate
without one, the other
c e a s e s to exist

and now it's separation
different ends of the magnet, dragged apart

she might as well be going to Russia
that's how f a r it seems
because they can't be without each other
and now they're being forced to

silver&green nails fist in silvery blonde hair
crystal tears trail down pale cheeks
leaving their pathway to destruction

because under every prettypainted surface is a body
and under every body is a heart
thumpingbeatingliving for something
every person has the ability to f e e l
(much to her discontent)

she doesn't like the tears
she doesn't like the hollow feeling in her chest
she doesn't like the feeling that this could be it
(long distance relationships are hard to maintain,
especially those that are international)
she doesn't like f e e l i n g

one last kiss
one last goodbye
one last "I love you"
{it's the hardest thing for both of them to say
but they mean it wholeheartedly}

and then her hand slips out of his
[as her heart slips out of her chest
and splattersdies on the cold floor]
bye, bye, Scorpius-and- Dominique
hello, h e a r t b r e a k

and as she goes
her eyes meet his one last time
and she sees the captivating
that's fillingconsuming them both inside

(but she walks off anyway
and waits until the tears stop falling
she's just seventeen now so she can Apparate
but she can't do so with a s h a k i n g body)

it's o v e r, Dominique
might as well just give it up
you're not going to be the same ever again
no more cynical dreamer
no more only Weasley Slytherin
no more beautiful blonde Veela
[the school's probably crawling with part-Veelas]

{this is the end of everything she knows}

life is just a string of
hellos and goodbyes
some goodbyes lead to many more hellos
some goodbyes are easy and done with quickly
many goodbyes are harder than most others
{but this goodbye is the h a r d e s t of them all}

maybe he'll go marry Rose
maybe you'll marry some French boy
but you'll always be Scorpius and Dominique


A/N: just had to get it out.

For everyone I'm leaving behind and everything I love here. =)

And for my friends who support me anyway.