Hi, I am so sorry it has been so long but my ideas had run dry. But its here now.

I have recently wrote a Harry Potter story if anyone wants to have a look xx

"Wakey Wakey Campers, the sun's been up for hours," Anna falsely cheerful voice called across the bullpen. As two hands had sped across the white face in the darkness Anna had headed home but her friends had remained chained to their desk in their private pain. "Timmy will be here in half an hour so lets get our game faces on huh? He doesn't need this." Anna gestured around her in clear contempt. "The laptops arrived about ten minutes ago, should I send them to Abby?"

Gibbs shakes himself from the stupor in to which he had fallen, stands and paces for a few seconds. "Right," he mutters half to himself than the watching room, "Tony, Ziva." Two heads snap up in attention. "The laptops to Abby now then Campfire," Both faces echo inter confusion but hurry to obey. Three laptops each balanced carefully on their arms they rush to the lift glad to move and forget the previous night.

Gibbs stares around him in longing until Caribbean sea eyes rested on the coffee Anna held out to him. Taking a long draught he waited as Anna rooted around in an oversized handbag at last pulling a folder from the hidden depths. She flicked through it quickly for handing Gibbs a well-thumbed drawing.

"Gibbs, meet number six, our killer."

"You have a drawing of him?"

"Yeah, don't you ever listen? Ducky told you I was good at my job. I know everything about him and can bet a fair amount of money on what he looks like that but I don't know his name."

"Physcologists can draw people they have never met?" The disbelief in Gibbs' voice is evident.

"Spend six years in someone's head you can predict their lotto numbers," Anna's laugh is cold. "God, I wanna catch this Bastard."

A silent transmission passed between the two and an understanding is reached. Gibbs may lead this investigation in name but until he's caught Anna is promoted to shadow boss.

"Don't let the power go to your head huh?" It is the closest thing Anna had heard of Gibbs joking and smiles softly in relief. She raises her coffee cup in a cheers motion and jokingly toasts "Here's to hoping our resident computer nerds crack that virus." Two near empty cup clink gently together.

Maybe that will lead them on.