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He needs to talk to her. He takes the tulip in his hand and heads to the auditorium. He doesn't know if it's the tether working or if it's because he knows her that well.

Therefore, he's not surprised to find her there. He's surprised that she's not alone, though. And his heart stops when he sees Jesse St. Jerkface lean down and kiss her. Everything around him seems to vanish and the ground might as well swallow him whole. He doesn't care. She's leaving with the worst person in the world. Worse: she's moving on. And, as always, he's too late.

The tulip falls from his hand and he doesn't even notice, stepping on it.

He sees her every day. He passes by her in the hallways at every moment, each one more painful than the other. The tether is not only connecting them both, but also tightening around his heart, agonizingly.

To, somehow, ease the pain, he finds himself in the auditorium again. He doesn't quite know why he's there, though. That was always her place, not his.

The tulip is still there, smashed on the floor – everything sucks at McKinley, even the janitors – and it only brings more painful memories.

He sits at the edge of the stage, his legs dangling, when he hears steps behind him. He quickly wipes a tear off his face and, even though he hasn't seen who it is, his heart thumps so loudly, the other person might hear.

It's her. Of course it's her. It's always been her and it will always be her.

She sits next to him and, after a moment of silence, she speaks, ever so softly.

"I heard about you and Quinn. I'm sorry."

He looks her in the eye and he loses himself in those brown chocolate pools. Finally, he only shrugs.

"Are you and Jesse together," he asks not sure if he wants to know the answer. She averts her gaze to her hands that are resting on her lap.

"No," she mumbles, "not yet."

He's not sure how to react to this. He feels like he's being stabbed, but on the other hand there's still hope for them. There are so many feelings – all at the same time – that he doesn't know how to express.

"I guess you really do forgive your first love anything." His voice cracks and he doesn't bother hiding it. He's just gonna come clean, right then and there. "Rach…"

She grabs his hand and squeezes it. "I think I might have a chance to be happy, Finn." His heart only breaks a little more.

"We can be happy together," he states, hopeful. She's only sitting there, quiet, pretending he hasn't said anything.

"Rachel, just look me in the eye and tell me it's all over between us. Tell me there's no future for us. I'll never bother you again," he pauses, taking a good look at her face. She's still staring at her hands. "Just look at me and tell me you feel nothing."

She turns to face him and, for a moment, he's afraid that she has moved on for real. She opens her mouth but no words come out.

"Can we just stop pretending?"

She stares at him, her eyes wide, clearly struggling to find the right words. Instead, she jumps off the stage.

"I can't do this right now." She turns around and leaves, but this time he's not willing to give up so easily and runs after her.

"One date," he says. "It's all I'm asking for. When we get to New York, I'll take you out on a date, deal?"

He sees the corners of her lips moving upwards, even though she wants to hide it. "Okay."

She turns around again and heads to the exit. He takes the chance before it's too late again.

"Rach," he calls, "will you ever forgive me?"

She faces him, a tiny smile on her face.

"You forgive your first love anything, Finn."

He watches as she leaves the auditorium, a hopeful smile plastered on his face. That might have been just the answer he needed.

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