A/N: Okay, this is nana's fault. She read the Kong chapter of Man's Best Friend and she wanted to know what Cujo thought of the hunts she went on. My muse started thinking, which is never a good thing.

Timeline: Sometime after Sam Winchester left to go to Stanford, during the time Dean and John hunted as a team.

Summary: Scenes from the hunting life, as told by John and Dean Winchester's cat, Cujo. Chapters vary in length, sometimes drabbles or ficlets. This story's complete. Will be posted once a week.

Part 1 – there goes the neighborhood

I hid in this vacant building next to the place the humans stay. I think you two leggers call it a motel, am I right?

Some halfwit left this big stuffed couch on the roof. It was covered with plastic, which was good when it rained. When I found it I dug a hole underneath the cushions with my claws. Made a pretty nice hidey-hole. I dug another hole in the side of the couch, down near the bottom. It pays to have a back door. And besides, no way I was going to sleep out in the open.

I was asleep in there when I heard this Bast awful rumbling sound. I slunk out of the couch, eased on over to the edge of the roof. When I stuck my head up and looked down this big black car rolled onto the parking lot next door.

Two human males got out. The kid was broad-shouldered, with light hair and eyes. The other one was older, just as solid, with dark and light hair. I could tell by the way they moved they weren't your usual hairless apes. Most humans don't pay attention to what's around them. These two did. They moved really smooth, too. They were family. The boy was the older one's son.

Four of the locals lounging around the front of the motel straightened up and gave these two what you humans laughingly call the evil eye. Didn't bother them any. The local clowns stared, and these two stared right back. Hard.

I can't stand the locals around here. They've sic'ed their damn dogs on me more than once.

The older one walked towards the office. The young one stayed with the car.

The neighborhood humans stepped aside as the man walked up. After he went inside they stared at the kid and the car. He leaned against it and he never took his eyes off them. From the way he looked and moved I'm guessing he wouldn't have had any problem with them. At all. I wasn't surprised at that. We cats know real predators when we see them.

After a moment the four humans walked down the street in the opposite direction and kept right on going. The kid watched them go and they never looked back.

This neighborhood's gotten bad. It was quiet the first three months. Not any more. I heard more of these loud sounds at night. Banging noises. Humans crying and screaming too. Even the young kids in this place got meaner. One day three of them threw bricks and rocks at me. A few days after that this one kid kept calling me, thought I was dumb enough to walk right up to him. Guess he thought I couldn't see that homemade spear hidden behind his back.

Here kitty kitty my ass.

Before I could depend on some of the elder humans to put out a saucer of milk. Not any more. They're afraid to open their doors and I really can't blame them. Last time I ate was a couple of days ago, when I snagged a pigeon that drowned in the concrete pond next door at the motel. Damn thing tasted nasty, but I ate it most of it anyway. It was that or nothing, and I'm skinny enough as it is.

It was time to go. I knew that. I could have taken off on my own, waited until dark and just walked or run off, but I didn't. This time around I just wanted some human company. I wanted to be around the right kind of human, the kind that wouldn't give me to a dog as a chew toy. Has that almost happen once or twice.

I targeted the kid first, even though he was a little rough around the edges. I watched them as they went into their room down the row. The boy walked like he owned the place, but I liked the look in his eyes whenever he looked at his Dad and that big old black car.

Huh. Maybe he really was a soft touch underneath that leather. I figured maybe I had a chance, then.


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