Part 22 – pigeon

The sun was out. The Biel family was gone. We went back to their stupid house and got rid of that stupid black smoke and even found their stupid dog. Everything was fine.

The big man sat at the table writing something in that book of his. Dean left with the dirty clothes. I knew he'd come back with them clean, and some grocery bags I could climb into when he came through the door. I already had breakfast. Dry food. I had a taste for it, so I ate it all.

I stretched out on Dean's bed and cleaned my fur. First I licked my right paw, then I cleaned my face with it. I stuck my left hind leg up in the air and licked it, then I licked between all my toes. My claws needed trimming. I never liked it when Dean clipped my claws. He never hurt me, but they're my claws, damn it. I can do them myself.


My ears went up and I froze. I stopped with my leg up in mid-air.

That wasn't the Dad's voice. Wasn't Dean's either.

I stayed still as a stone for another minute, and then I felt funny inside my skin. Jumpy. Nervous.

mine now, mine always…

I laid my ears back. I didn't like that voice. He sounded like he was laughing at me.

The Dad didn't even look up when I jumped off the bed. I didn't walk, I ran over to him and jumped up on the table. Usually I lie down on that book of his, but this time I didn't. I stood on the book just as he scribbled in it. I planted both paws down there so he couldn't turn the page, stretched out my neck up at him and yowled. Something wasn't right and I didn't know what it was.

The big man blinked at me. Then the corners of his eyes crinkled up. I didn't want him to look at me all soft like that, I wanted him to tell me what was wrong.

"What's got you all riled up, princess?" He reached out and tried to skritch me behind my ears, and I jerked away. I grunted at him. I didn't want that.

little one…

I'd heard that voice before. I couldn't remember where.

"Fine. Be like that." I turned away and the Dad went back to his book. I jumped down to the floor again and sniffed around the edges of the room. My fur stood up on end, and my eyes got really big. My stumpy little tail twitched back and forth. I wanted to pop my claws and really rip into something, but I didn't know what.

The more I paced back and forth the more nervous I got.

Dean wasn't here. He wasn't here, and I needed him to be.

he's mine, the voice said. My Sword…

Everything was good, wasn't it? We came back and told that stupid family everything was okay. I was glad they were gone. Stupid humans and their stupid house and their really stupid dog.

I kept prowling around the room. I jumped up and ran across both beds, then I ran across the table. The big man glared at me when I nearly knocked over his coffee cup. He sat there for a moment, looking around the room. He stared at the salt lines and those little metal thingies he'd hung in the windows. Protection, he called it.

I ran into the bathroom and Dean wasn't there. I leaped into the tub. One of my rubber mice was in there, but I didn't play tub hockey with it. I jumped out again.


The door opened and Dean walked in with bags in his hands.

I eowed really loud, arched my back up high and rubbed against his legs, around and around. I marked him. He's mine, not yours. Mine Mine Mine-

"Okay. Wait a minute," he laughed. "I'm glad to see you too."

After I use him…

He's mine, I growled back at the voice. Mine… I kept pushing up against him, and Dean frowned. He looked at his Dad, and the big man frowned back at him. "She's been like that all day."

I kept talking and at one point I got up on my hind legs and looked at him. "Let me put this stuff down, all right?" He put the bags on the table, then leaned down and picked me up. I stretched out my neck and sniffed him, right between the eyes.

He still smelled like mine, but I could smell something else. Something with wings.

After I use him, I won't leave him a slobbering wreck, little one, the voice said back.

I wanted to bite the voice, but I couldn't. MINE MINE MINE MINE-

I started shaking, and Dean felt it. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

I eowed at him, I grunted and I chirped. Dean and his Dad listened, but they couldn't understand me. They checked the salt lines and the protection again. Nothing was broken.

I spent the rest of the day following Dean around. I sat in his lap when he cleaned all his sharp, pointy metal stuff. I sat on the bed next to him when we watched tv and I put my right paw on him the whole time. I even tried to follow him into the room with the water. He didn't let me.

"Uh, Cuje, I think I can go to the bathroom by myself, okay?"

I sat by the door until he came back out.

I didn't eat. I didn't feel like it, even when Dean put some juicy beef bits into my bowl. I heard the big man say something about taking me to the V-E-T.

He spelled it, but I know what that means.

We watched a movie but I wasn't really looking at the box. When the Dad turned the lights out I didn't move away from Dean. I curled up beside him and he put his arm around me.

After a while I closed my eyes and dreamed. There was a lot of yelling…

"Dean? Talk to me, son!"

And a lot of hurt…

"…d-dun't…don't come in here…Dad…"

I saw Dean surrounded by black smoke. He breathed it in and his eyes turned black. Then his eyes turned bright gold and the smoke screamed.

I woke up.

Dean and his Dad were still asleep, but we weren't alone. He sat on the edge of the bed, and my humans didn't wake up.

He was a funny looking little man. He had brown hair and a sharp chin and a sharp nose. I saw shadows in the air behind him, two dark fluttery things that looked like bird wings.

I never saw one before, not in the flesh, but I knew what he was. You call them angels. My tribe calls them pigeons.

I backed up right next to Dean when the pigeon tried to pet my head. I popped my claws and batted at him. I missed, and that made him grin. I didn't like that. Didn't like the way he looked at the big man and especially Dean.

"Feisty little critter, aren't ya?"

I flattened my whiskers out, snarled at him, and he laughed.

"It's you and me now, okay?" he said out loud. "I just had to come see what my big bro's up to. My name's Gabriel, little girl, and I want you to tell me what happened in that Biel house."


A/N: Yes, angels have come to visit. No, Nana, Castiel's not in this fic. Not now, not ever. Just so you know.