5D'S Ramen: the bit after chapter 17

Chapter 3: Where it ends… but permanently this time

It had been one month since Akiza unleashed her anger at Keitolin and some of the gang had decided to move out of the restaurant to places nearby two weeks ago. That meant that only Crow and Ghost lived in 5D'S Ramen now, but everyone else came by every day; not just for work, the restaurant was like a rendezvous place for the whole gang.

Right now everyone except Ghost and Yutaka were in the living room. Akiza and Yusei had planned their wedding and it was to happen in one month, with Jack and Carly's happening two months after that. Crow and Ghost however, hadn't even got round to thinking about it, since they had to take care of the shop. So, Crow was now being interrogated by Carly and Akiza.

"So you haven't thought about it?" Akiza asked.

"Nope," Crow replied.

"Not even a little bit?" Carly asked.


"Why?" Akiza asked, pressing Crow for a proper answer.

"Hey, stop asking me all these questions, why don't you go and ask Ghost?"

"Because she's in the kitchen making pancakes," said Carly.

In the kitchen

Ghost poured more of the pancake mix into the frying pan. She was currently cooking two pancakes at once and raised the frying pan in her right hand slightly and flipped the pancake right into the air. Without even bothering to look, she held the frying pan up in the air to catch the pancake, but was surprised when she didn't feel it hit the base of the pan. Wondering what had happened to the pancake; she looked up and saw another frying pan being held above hers by her uncle.

Yutaka smirked mischievously at his niece.

Ghost raised an eyebrow.

Yutaka half-smiled at her.

The silver haired Signer hit the bottom of his frying pan, causing the pancake to fly into the air.

The two Ninja then had a heated battle… over a pancake…

"And you shouldn't go in there when she's cooking," said Jack.

"This coming from the man that never acknowledges that rule," said Yusei. He looked over to the door that lead downstairs to the kitchen, "You would think she would be done by now, wouldn't you?"

They all sat there for a moment and then dashed off to the kitchen, where they were greeted with the sight of; two Ninja, having the fiercest and most epic of all battles. Their dodges were expertly carried out and elegant. They fought majestically and quickly… at least that's what it would have looked like if they weren't armed with a wooden spoon and a ladle to use as weapons against each other as they had an epic Ninja battle… over a pancake…

Everyone watched them with wide eyes.

"What the hell?" Crow said.

"Okay, I've heard that Ninja train in odd ways," Yusei started, "But fighting over who's going to cook a pancake? That's just ridiculous."

Ghost tripped and landed on the floor. She had dropped her ladle, but still had her frying pan, which had the pancake in it. But she was now at the mercy of Yutaka, who was pointing his wooden spoon at her nose. "Surrender the pancake," he ordered in a serious tone.

"Never," she replied, in an equally serious tone.

"This would make a great action movie, if they weren't fighting over a flipping pancake," said Jack.

"Then I shall send you to oblivion" Yutaka said fiercely, before Ghost tripped him up, flipped the pancake and put the frying pan back on the stove. "VICTORY!" she yelled childishly.

"NOOOOOO!" Yutaka shouted, overdramatically.

Then the two Ninja noticed everyone else and there was silence for a while, until Ghost could think of only one word to sum up the situation, "Hi" she said, before bursting out in fits of laughter.

"You know, you two would be great for fight scenes in action movies," said Yusei.

"But I prefer it here, where I can cook and hit Jack with a ladle," Ghost explained.

"Wait, you actually enjoy hitting me?" Jack exclaimed.



They went on for hours, until they only had a small amount of time before service and Leo and Luna arrived. They quickly got changed and watched the customers banging on the front door of the restaurant in a very angry manner.

Yusei looked at all of them, "You ready to start?"

Everyone nodded.

"Okay…" Yusei began.

"Let's do this thing!" Everyone exclaimed.

A very short and crappy round up to a crappy story, but I must admit, this was my first story and I had a lot of fun writing it. I swear to you all, that 5D'S Ramen is now finished forever. Thank you again to everyone who has read this and reviewed, I don't know where I would be without you. Now, that's all but remember, even if you don't get this, which almost all of you won't;

Keep it stylish.

Oh and for my own amusement, here's a special scene as a gift:

"Silver" Keitolin spat.

"Leave her alone," said Crow.


Akiza walked up to her and smacked her round the face.

"OWNED" Ghost yelled.

XD sorry, couldn't resist.

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