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Rating: Mature

Warnings: Angst, sap, Lemon, violence, nasty Trunks.

Notes: A New Years eve party is in full swing at Capsule Corp. Goten and Trunks sample the punch which gets them drunk. Pan has admired Trunks for some time and when he makes his advances she doesn't resist. What happens destroys her trust and faith. Alone and hurting Pan disappears.

Authors Notes: I have taken a few liberties with the time-line. Pan is older in this in order for the story to work, I'm afraid that under age sex is not something I condone and as such I have tweaked the time lines to make all characters of consenting age. :)

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"Stolen Youth"

Written January 2003 Debs-dragon

Chapter 1

The lights blazed and the music pumped out from within the golden dome. Pan could hear and feel the throb of the beat as it pulsed through the air, the electricity of emotion was everywhere. She hugged herself tightly as she anticipated the evening of fun that lay ahead.

Gohan parked the car and the three occupants climbed out. Videl shivered slightly as the cold of the evening chilled her car warmed body, but it was quickly dismissed as Gohan wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him.

With a wink in Pan's direction he led the way to the open door and inside. They were met by Bulma herself who promptly pulled them into an embrace, kissing each of them she offered warmest wishes for the New Year.

Pan followed behind as Bulma took their coats and then led them through the hallway's and into the grand ballroom of the dome. It wasn't really a ballroom but it was so huge in its size that Pan and her friends had nicknamed it that. Pan gazed around in awe. The place had been transformed into a wonderland. From every available point streamers, balloons and strands of gossamer hung or adorned. The gentle movement of the breeze caught the variety of decorations and made them sway and dance, sending a virtual kaleidoscope of color throughout the room.

Tables and chairs were scattered all around, some vacant and others occupied. A band was playing on a slightly elevated platform at one end of the room while couples danced on the polished wooden floor that took up the main centre of the room. To one side sat long tables filled with a buffet of assorted foods. Pan licked her lips as she took in the many different morsels that filled the tables to overflowing. A little further along stood another couple of tables but these were filled with glasses and bottles. Every type of alcohol was sitting patiently waiting to be devoured by thirsty throats. A couple of large crystal bowls sat at either end, filled to the brim with a rosy colored fluid and numerous items of fruit floating in the tide of liquid.

She felt herself pulled along and looked up from her musings to see what was happening. Her mother's hand was on her arm gently steering her through the mass of people to a table on the far side. She peered ahead and could make out the form of her grandfather sitting there with her grandmother beside him. She smiled to herself. She hadn't seen them for a few weeks as they had gone away for a rare holiday and she had missed them both. Her face broke into a cheeky grin as she watched Goku's face turn in their direction.

"Grandpa!" yelled Pan as she launched herself into his arms and gave him a big hug.

Goku chuckled as he caught his granddaughter and returned the hug. "Hey there kitten. Did you have a good Christmas?"

"It was wonderful grandpa, but would have been better if you and grandma had been there too."

"I'm sorry we missed spending it with you too, but the holiday was really good. Still, we are back now so we can do lots of things together over your summer break." Goku ruffled the young girl's hair.

Pan smiled and then turned to Chi Chi. She gave the woman an equally fierce hug. "I missed you grandma," she said softly.

"We missed you too Pan. My, my... let me look at you." Chi Chi stared at the young dark haired beauty before her. "I swear you have grown more lovely in the time we have been away."

Pan blushed. "Awww... grandma!"

Gohan leant in to give his mother a kiss. "How was the holiday?" he asked.

"Wonderful," Chi Chi replied. "We really needed it."

"At least Goten didn't destroy the house while you were away," smiled Videl as she leaned in to greet her mother-in-law.

"Thank heavens for small mercies," laughed Chi Chi.

"I think it should be more like he was a bit scared of mom's temper," came a voice from behind.

"Goten!" squealed Pan.

Goten smiled as he gave his niece a hug. "Hey bro." Goten shook Gohan's hand and then gave Videl a kiss to the cheek.

"So where have you been hiding?" asked Videl as she sat down.

"No where special," he replied with a wink.

"Up to mischief no doubt," scolded Chi Chi.

"Who me?" Goten clutched his heart and feigned disappointment. "Why mom, you cut me to the core."

The group laughed. Goku and Gohan went off in search of drinks while Videl and Chi Chi caught up on all the news. Goten looked at Pan. "Wanna split?"

Pan smiled, "Sure. I haven't found Marron yet to wish her a Happy New Year."

"Come on then, follow me. They were all hanging out over the far side." Goten stood and Pan followed.

Videl looked at her daughter. "Where are you off to?" she asked.

"Just going to find the rest of the guys and hang out with them," Pan replied.

"Okay then."

"Us oldies not good enough for you?" Goku teased her as he returned with drinks.

"Ummm... "

"I'm only having a go at you Pan. Go.. shoo... have some fun with your friends, you're only young once." Goku gave her a friendly smile.

Pan grinned. "I'll see you all later." She quickly picked up on Goten's form and worked her way through the crowd towards him.

"So, you been hanging out with Trunks then?" Pan asked casually.

"Yeah. It's pretty boring at home while the oldies were away so I spent most of my time over here."

Pan sighed softly.

"How come you didn't come over much?"

"With Bra away there wasn't much point. I've spent a bit of time with Marron, other than that just hanging around home."

"Well Bra will be back tomorrow." Goten couldn't keep the delight from his voice.

Pan chuckled. She was fully aware of her uncle's secret adoration for her best friend. The funny thing was so was Bra, but Goten hadn't figured that one out yet and so the two girls continued to tease and bait him mercilessly. He'd figure it out soon enough, they thought. Pan also had a secret...

She was head over heels for Trunks. Although she had confided to Goten about her obsession she had never made a move to convert it into reality. Trunks was gorgeous. He had matured into a fine young man with a lovely voice, well built body and looks to die for. Every girl in the city swooned over him... and he knew it. Pan didn't want to ruin their friendship, Trunks never having shown any interest in her other than as a friend and part of their group and so she wasn't yet prepared to let him know just how deeply she did feel for him.

Goten had told her that Trunks simply wasn't interested in a relationship with a girl at the moment. They were having too much fun just being themselves and fooling around. There was plenty of time for relationships later, or so Trunks had said when Goten queried him as to why he hadn't taken a girlfriend yet.

Pan would wait though. She was quite content to sit back and let him have his fun. When he was ready to step forth into a relationship she would make sure she was there. Her mind broke from its wanderings and she realized with a start that they had stopped at a table. She peered around at her friends. "Hey all," she stated simply and then sat down.

Goten sat next to Pan and glanced around the table. Trunks was there along with Marron. Steve and Mike from college were also present along with Sue, and Mike's girlfriend Faith. The three girls were soon huddled together exchanging gossip and swapping Christmas tales. The guys all joined up and began their own discussion and planned out what they would get up to in the new year.

Trunks cast an eye over to the girls from time to time and was surprised to find his eyes lingering on Pan a little longer than necessary. He shook himself. What was he thinking? He had lots of girls simply throwing themselves at him, sometimes he took what they offered and other times he simply ignored them. He was following his father's advice... literally.

Vegeta had sat him down just before his twentieth birthday. "Son... You are old enough now to have an idea of what it is you want to gain from life. You have grown into a strong young man and while I would prefer you to continue with your training I understand your need to develop your mental skills as well. Soon it will be time for you to select a mate and settle down, but before that happens you need to get out and play the field." Vegeta had paused and looked thoughtful.

Trunks had an idea of what his father was telling him, after all, his father had roamed the universe, fighting and destroying, bedding many females of different races before deciding finally to take a mate and settle in one spot.

"Play the field, sow your wild oats and enjoy yourself. Learn about all that the female has to offer, explore the many differences between them and you will be a richer wiser man for it. Play the game and your final choice of mate will be much easier."

Trunks had thought a lot about that speech of his father's and on several occasions put it into practice. He wasn't ready to settle just yet, he was busy investigating all the pleasures of the world and its female inhabitants. So why then was he looking at Pan this way?

He frowned slightly. Pan and Marron were part of their group, along with his sister Bra. Not to mention the fact that Pan was Bra's best friend. He sighed. Surely Pan shouldn't be affecting him in this way.? He had more than enough willing girls to share his bed and he only slept with them once before moving on. He knew they adored him and the way he made love, but he only saw them as one thing... a way in which to relieve his hormones. He had promised himself he would confine his activities to those outside their immediate circle, but now that he took the time to see what was under his nose he was shocked.

Pan had matured; gone was the gangliness of adolescence to be replaced with an enchanting creature. Just when did Pan become so alluring? He quickly shelved those thoughts and turned his attention back to his fellows.


Goten went in search of drinks. The punch looked good and so he tried a bit. Finding the tanginess of the fruit added to the kick of the punch he poured himself a large glassful. He filled another and took for Trunks.

The evening wore on and Trunks, along with Goten, drank their fair share of punch, each swallow adding to the warm feeling inside. Pan and Marron switched to soft drinks after having a few glasses of punch and realizing just how much of a punch it packed. Knowing her father, not to mention her grandpa, would be deeply upset with her if she were to get drunk, Pan switched while she still could. Her body felt deliciously light and the alcohol soothed her into a state of pleasant numbness. Her inhibitions gone with the aid of the beverage she found herself enjoying the atmosphere more and her tongue loosened a little enabling her to overcome the usual shyness that made up her persona.

Pan found herself giggling at jokes she would normally have blushed at and revelled in her new found state. While not drunk she was pleasantly tipsy. She kept glancing at Trunks from the corner of her eye and was encouraged when she caught his gaze upon her form from time to time. The feeling of his eyes upon her body heightened her own perception of her feelings for him. She could only hope that that gaze meant one thing; Trunks was interested in what he saw.

Noticing Pan's eyes lingering in his direction, Trunks began to feel a little more encouraged. He wasn't sure just what his body was telling him other than Pan was a creature he needed to discover more of. With the thought of something so lovely and yet forbidden to him, Trunks took the only course of action he knew to quell those desires.

He got drunk.

The party continued in full swing, the dancing became more modern as people relaxed and gave in to the festivities. Laughter ran as free as the wine and the buffet table sighed in relief as its load was lightened. Goten and Trunks had nearly finished the entire bowl of punch between them and were eyeing off the other one when Marron intervened. She gently pointed out to the two demi-saiya jins that they had consumed more than enough for a while and wouldn't it be a good idea if they switched to water or soft drink?

Goten agreed but Trunks was a little harder to convince. With Pan's help Marron managed to persuade the pair to go outside for some fresh air to try to help them sober up a little. While Goten became a rather happy drunk, laughing and giggling, Trunks tended to turn inwards and brood upon his thoughts.

The four wandered out into the gardens of the dome and walked around. The night air was crisp and cold, stars twinkled overhead and the sounds of the party faded into the background. Goten found a bench and sat down, the cooler air having cleared his head a little. Marron sat next to him, silently letting the youth regain his control from the alcohol. Trunks on the other hand was experiencing far more than he was ready to cope with. Pan being so close was sending his brain into overdrive.

Goten decided he had had enough of the evening's cool air and headed back inside, Marron followed. Trunks wanted to stay outside for a while longer so Pan offered to stay as well and make sure he was all right. They sat in companionable silence for a while, Pan dreaming of what it would be like to kiss Trunks and Trunks struggling to define what he was feeling for Pan.

Trunks sighed and ran a hand through his lavender hair. He stood and moved a little way down the path. Pan watched and then followed. Trunks continued to walk along, hoping to clear his head a little. So caught up in his thoughts he tripped over his own feet. Pan, seeing the stumble, was instantly by his side and grabbing his arm steadied the youth.

Before he knew what was happening Trunks found his own arms wrapping around Pan and pulling her close. Her body felt soft and warm, her hair smelt of fresh rain and Trunks buried his head against her shoulder.

Pan returned the embrace. All she was aware of was that Trunks was finally holding her. Sure she had only helped him from ending up flat on his face, but he was the one that had begun to hug her and was still holding her, so in her mind that meant he wanted to. She felt her heart soar, along with her hopes.

Trunks lost himself in the scent and warmth of Pan, the alcohol assisting in sending logical thought out the proverbial window. His lips sought hers and proceeded to kiss her deeply. As he ran his tongue across her lips seeking entrance to her mouth so he felt them part to allow his intrusion. Instantly his tongue swept inside and began to explore.

Pan was in heaven. The fact that Trunks was intoxicated and that maybe this response was only due to that fact failed to penetrate her head. She was only aware of two things. Trunks was holding her and kissing her. She responded to the stimulus by parting her lips to allow him to explore her mouth. Her own tongue darted forward shyly to entangle with his as they stroked and caressed the warmth of each others previously unexplored depths.

Panting slightly they pulled apart. Trunks stared into Pan's glazed eyes, his own mimicking them but with a touch of something else. Pan stared back noting the haze of pleasure that flitted in those depths. When Trunks reached for her lips again she responded eagerly. So caught up in the swirl of emotions she didn't register the hand that was beginning to wander around from her back and make its way leisurely to her chest until she felt the fingers pushing under her bra.

# # #