Agents and Inspectors

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Spoilers: All Episodes of In Plain Sight and Fringe.

A/N: This was written before now knowing Mary's baby was in fact her ex-husband's. I explain a lot in the fic as we go...this switches on occasion, between the show. One part will be In Plain Sight POV and the next Fringe POV.'s got a lot of Fringeness to it.

Mary Shannon looked at her boss as she and her partner sat in his office, Stan was gracefully telling them to do a first in the history of WitSec...hand over a witness to another governmental branch.

"Now hold on a moment, you seriously are going to stand there and let some ass from the FBI, from some strange division we've never heard off, just take our witness? Stan let me put it to you straight. I didn't bust my ass off with Gerald Marker for six months just to have some hotshot FBI ass walk in and drag him off."

Stan looked at Marshall, "would you calm her down?"

"I would have to agree with Mary on this one, it seems strange that Congress itself has ordered us to hand over Gerald to an unknown division...for all we know, the guy's worst fears are true and they are going to experiment on him."

"Oh don't start that shit up again, the guy is psychotic...what man experiments on children when they are three trying to send them to another universe? No don't answer that because the answer will be longer than the National Anthem."

Stan put up a hand, "actually if you had listened, these agents are going to be helping you replace Mr. Marker not try to take him. Apparently he has a few gifts that he needs to enter a clinic for...they found out about his activities due to his gifts and then trying to find out more about him found out he's with us. At this moment we are to help them place Marker in New York under another identity. All I know is that their lead agent is some kind of gifted individual too...or so the agent in charge said...he said that she'd be able to calm Marker down long enough to transport him."

"The guy hates airplanes more than Mary hates girl weekends...I doubt you'd get the guy on a plane even if you had tranquilizers and a few threats to hang above his heads." Marshall pointed to himself, "after all...he seems to anticipate our every move before we do it...perceptive guy, the minute we get him near the airport he'll freak."

"Which isn't pretty Stan, remember the last time he freaks...all we did was pass by the airport, we just drove by and what do you know...the guy grabs Marshall's gun and starts waving it around saying to turn around." Mary sighed, "so the lead agent is a that's something I can handle."

Stan chuckled, "she's the best the FBI has according to Congress, her head of division and the FBI director himself..."

"And by the best you mean?" Marshall chuckled, "oh this is going to be like two tigers taking on territory."

"You know what, if you want a catfight...I'll give you one. There are these male cats outside my house that are constantly fighting...I'll throw you in the middle."

Stan handed out a file, "Agent Olivia Dunham...that's her file, most of it is blacked out due to sensitive classified information but the rest can tell you a story. Also here is her partner." He handed Marshall a file, "a civilian consultant named Peter Bishop, they are inseparable or so I'm told."

Mary nodded, "most likely sleeping together..."

"Was that a personal reference?" Marshall looked at her and Mary moved the file, gesturing to the bulge at her middle.

"I didn't get this way by God's immaculate and me plus a bad case plus a terrible witness plus drunk equals kid. So help me if this kid turns out to be a walking encyclopedia like you I will kill myself and leave it with you."

Stan waved his hand between them, "keep the personal issues out of my office, as for Bishop and Dunham, don't jump to conclusions. For all we know they could just read each other well."

"I have a fifty on them, no make that I have you two painting the nursery if I'm right."

"I'm going to have to out that bet, as I kind of already did so." Marshall looked at her, "while you were with Brandi at the OB this morning. Your mother and Peter helped...I went with a lilac, its supposed to be tranquil for the baby and its a girl so it fits."

Mary eyed him, "why don't you just pop out the kid too why you're at it."

"I'm just trying to help support the fact that you work long hours and you are carrying my child."

"You know this is your fault," she pointed the file at him, "after suggested drinks and ordered another round...the next thing I am aware of is waking up in your bed and woohoo I found out six weeks later you knocked me up. This is all on you buddy, not me."

"I clearly remember you asking me to buy your drinks."

Stan tried to put up his hands but Mary interrupted, "buy me drinks yes, get a bun in the oven was not part of the deal."

Marshall sighed, "very well dear, I accept the blame."

"I told you not to call me dear in public." She folded her arms, "besides, I tend to like that better when you're all hot and bothered...kind of sexy."

"Whoa, stop right there!" Stan put a hand up, "I do not want to hear about your...extracurricular activities for lack of better words. It's bad enough having to explain to everyone how you're pregnant..."

Mary smiled, "oh you don't know how I got pregnant...let Marshall explain."

"See Stan it takes two people and they..."

"Get out, get out now before I shoot you both myself."

They left in laughter and Stan groaned, he'd have to ask how Agent Broyles handled his two if they were in fact together. He'd ask once he saw the two in action, perhaps they were just the type of partners that acted like twins...inseparable...that was a good thought.

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