So, just letting you know that 'The Paradox Girl' is moving!

Ha ha, you thought this was a new chapter, didn't you? Ha ha ha. Sorry, that was mean.

Anyway, psychopathic tendencies aside, I've decided to start a 'new' story, carrying on from this one. And I shall call it… 'Good Wizards In Fairy Tales'. Scoot on over to my profile and it shall be lurking somewhere beneath my ugly mug.

Things it shall include:

1) Doctor/River adventures and mishaps

2) River's pregnancy and complications ensuing

3) Perhaps snippets of Merry's childhood

4) ANYTHING YOU BLOODY ASK FOR, because I'm nice like that and if you suggest something I am more than willing to give it a shot. I know I may seem like I eat people, but I don't. That's just my mane of hair.

So feel free to email me or comment on this chapter with ideas or general hate.

But thank you for being so patient with me, I really appreciate it and I love you all! Writing is helping me through a difficult time and it's nice that other people are able to enjoy the fruits of my psychological pain. Murky bucket, chaps.