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A Chance Encounter

Splash! I cut off my air as I dove into the water, carrying two dead humans on my back. They were homeless, as per usual. I placed them under a rock the way I had been taught, almost a year ago.

When I surfaced again, I had been under for nearly two minutes, but I hadn't breathed. Now I took a deep breath, sniffing the air to make sure no one was near. Satisfied that my underwater feat hadn't been seen, I climbed fully out of the ocean and fled through the drowsy, pre-dawn town. I was on the city outskirts and into the woods in less than a minute. I had to clear out before the sun began to shine overhead. But I had a mind to watch the sunrise in a tree, implanting it forever in my infallible memory before I left the coast.

I followed my scent back into the woods, where I'd found a tree that gave me a clear view of the horizon. Before climbing it, though, I took my pack off my shoulders for my ritual. Every time I finished feeding in a town, I'd mark the town off a map I kept in my pack. I called it a ritual because, of course, it was completely unnecessary. I remembered the name and sight of every city I'd been in with perfect clarity. I didn't need a map. I didn't even need a pack. I didn't need to carry around food or clothes; I never got hungry or needed to shower. If my clothes got worn out or ruined somehow, I could lift some from a local store without leaving any trace. I didn't need to carry anything around.

I supposed I was still just grasping at anything that'd give me a sense of normalcy, decency even. Stupid human habits.

As I opened my pack, still mulling over my own idiocy, the wind shifted slightly, and I inhaled instinctively.

And I caught it.

My muscles tensed as my breath took in the familiar-but-not-familiar smell. I smelled it on myself every day, but this was different. It was… not me. It could only be another one. I threw up my shield. It always surrounded me, a protective aura, but I now extended it away from myself, surely leaving anyone in a ten-foot radius gasping in revulsion. The scent was fresh, brand-new, but I couldn't feel anyone. My eyes swept the scenery when I saw it.

Lurking half-hidden behind a tree, he stepped out into the light just as my eyes locked on him. I could see him. I could smell him. There was no question that he was real, that he was a vampire. But I couldn't feel him. I intensified my shield, directing it right at him. But he stood still, never hinting that my gift was affecting him in any way. This was wrong. If I couldn't repulse an enemy, then I was dead. I never learned to fight; I kept everyone away from me with my mysterious power. And now it wasn't working. I whirled in the tiniest fraction of a second. Maybe, just maybe, I could outrun this vampire before he killed me. For what other reason would he seek me out, wait under my tree, except to dispose of me?

"Wait," he called.

Why would I? I yelled back in my mind.

"Because I'm not a danger to you! Please, wait! Fred!"

Gee, I wonder who this other vampire could be! BIG mystery!

So now you get to tell me how stupid and boring I am, or just click off my story in disgust!

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