"COME ON BRIAN! WE'RE GONNA MISS THE PLANE!" Stewie shouted as he ran.
"COMING!" The white dog panted.
Stewie ran into the line to board the plane and Brian soon caught up.
"You took long" Stewie smiled.
"HEY! im getting old... Im not the dog I used to be!" Brian said.
The line shortened and Brian and Stewie finally boarded the plane.
"Now we are seats 221 and 222..." Brian looked at a peice of paper and looked around.
"Found em'!" Stewie shouted as he walked over to the two seats.
"Ah... good job Kid" Brian smiled and walked over to Stewie.
"I love it when Brian calls me KID" Stewie thought and then climbed onto his seat and Brian sat beside him.
"Right lets get you strapped in..." Brian reached over to Stewie's buckled and buckled him in.
"Thanks Brian" Stewie said sweetly.
"Any time Stewie" Brian smiled.
Brian reached down to his bag and put it on his lap.
"What you doin'?" Stewie looked at Brian.
"Looking for a book... I brought a few things to keep us entertained..." Brian said paw still in his bag.
"Good because the last time I was on a plane... Lois and The Fat Man forgot to bring... ANYTHING but the TV!" Stewie scoffed.

((Cutaway gag))

"Peter you got the luggage!" Lois shouted upstairs.
"YEAH!" Peter shouted.
"Alright meet you in the car!" Lois went outside.
Peter ran downstairs and lifted the TV.
The plugs were pulled out of there sockets.
Peter went to his red car and dumped the TV in the boot.
Peter opened the door and climbed into the car "ALRIGHT LETS GO!".


Brian chuckled "I remember that! I was at home and I couldn't watch anything!".
Stewie smiled "Poor Dog".
Brian then pulled out a small thick book out his bag and at the same time a peice of paper came out too.
"Whats that" Stewie reached for it but Brian quickly took it.
"N...Nothing" Brian stuffed it back in his bag as his cheeks went red.
Then all of a sudden the Plane engines started and they where off.
"Paris here we come!" Brian smiled and looked out the window... his face still red.
Brian knew what the paper was... it was a photo of Stewie...
"Anyway... what you reading Brian?" Stewie asked.
"Oh... Im reading a... I can't tell..." Brian then stopped.
"Why Brian... is it PlayBoy?" Stewie laughed.
"F*** NO! Im not like that..." Brian Said "It's just a book I don't want to share...".
"Alright..." Stewie left it for five minutes and as Brian didn't expect it Stewie grabbed the book out his paws.
"STEWIE" Brian panicked... He didnt want Stewie to see the cover... too late...
"First Steps Of..." Stewie Stopped "... To Be a Homo?".
"F***" Brian cursed under his breath.
"Brian... Are you A Homo?" Stewie had to resist not to smile.
"Nooo..." Brian Lied "It just caught my attension..."
Stewie nodded in disblief "Uh Huh... So why does it say on the front on a sticker... For Brian... and its from your therapist...".
Stewie gave a smirk "Sooo thats why you went to the therapist!" "SHUT UP Stewie don't shout it out loud!" Brian hissed.
"Don't worry I wont tell but who do you Like?" Stewie asked.
Brian began to sweat "What... what do you mean?".
"Now your'e gay you must like a guy" Stewie said "Do you like some one?".
"Uhh Yeahh" Brian hung his head "I do like a guy...".
"Alright... i see your emmbarrased so I will not asked for details" Stewie smiled.
"Thanks Stewie!" Brian perked up.


Brian woke up as the announcer said they where in Paris...
Stewie's head was on Brian's shoulder.
Brian smiled and then shook Stewie "Wake up... we're here!".
"Wh..what? WHAT Paris? WOOHOO!" Stewie jumped from his seat and pulled Brian's hand... but he fell on his face.
"I am heavier than you... you know" Brian laughed.
"Yeah... I know... I was just excited..." Stewie said as he stood up.
Brian grabbed his bag and took Stewie's hand and ran out the plane.
"PARIS!" Brian and Stewie breathed in.
"alright before we do anything lets check into a hotel!" Brian said.
"No need! I covered that to! we have a apartment" Stewie smiled.
"Really great!" Brian said "now how do we get there?".
"We get a cab..." Stewie said as they started walking.


"what the HELL!" Brian shouted "Where the F*** is a cab!".
"Brian... cabs here are black..." Stewie sighed.
"Oh..." Brian felt stupid now.
"AY TAXI!" Stewie shouted and a cab stopped.
"Bonjour" The driver said.
"Bonjour" Brian said as they got into the cab.
"198 John Drive" Stewie said.
"Ah wei" The driver nodded.
Brian chuckled and whispered to Stewie "Forgot to learn French".
Stewie laughed "Yeah...".


"Stewie you got the key?" Brian asked as they reached the apartment door.
"yeah..." Stewie said a he reached into his pocket.
Stewie gave the key to Brian and he opened the door...
"WOW! Is beautiful" Brian said in awe as he stepped in.
"yeah" Stewie said looking at Brian.
"Dibbs on the biggest room..." Brian said.
Stewie sighed "alright you get the biggest room".
"Sweet!" Brian said as he ran to his room

Yay they are in Paris! Sorry its short! Im a bit buzy!