Chibi romano and pervert spain.

WARNINGS AND SHIZZZZ: Yaoi. Hard yaoi. Also, kind of shota. Though not really. Because I kind of envisioned Romano as being about 15-16 when this happened. Whatever, man.

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He wrung the hem of his nightshirt; face that vibrant tomato red I loved.

"Come on then." I rolled onto my tummy and propped myself up on my elbows, trying not to grin to widely. "What's wrong?"

"I, um…" his curly bobbed a little, as he switched his weight from one foot to the other, he was avoiding my eye quite pointedly.

"Roma…" I pulled back the feather comforter and wrapped my arms around the pillow. "It's okay. Really."

I could see him, hesitating for a moment, before deciding and shuffling forward.

"Help me up then, bastard."

Still grinning like a dumbass, I shook my head.

"You're big enough now, don't you think?"

His waist was indeed level with the edge of the bed. The thin pale pink cotton of his shirt flattered it, slender and deliciously youthful. I could make out his belly button through the cloth, and if I looked hard enough the darker triangle of soft, unsullied auburn curls blooming between his legs.

Scowling he hitched himself up and made himself comfortable, as far away from me as possible. I peeked at him, trying to catch a glimpse up his top, drinking in the supple whiteness of his skin, the sleek curves of long, silky legs.

"Don't!" he caught me looking and pulled the blanket over him hurriedly. "Don't look at me!"

"Why? There's nothing wrong with you." I tucked the blanket up under his chin and smoothed it down. He scowled furiously, and I sighed.

"Roma, don't worry. It happens to everyone."

"It's gross." He snuggled down into the blankets, curling into a little ball and gazing at me with reluctant misery. "I feel gross."

"You're not gross. You're growing up." I edged closer, but he noticed because he shuffled away further, until he was right on the edge.

"Don't come near me."

"Why not? It doesn't matter how big you get. You will always be my little Lovino."

He buried his face in the pillow and shook his head in denial. I reached out and scratched his head affectionately, which tensed his shoulders but didn't earn a violent reaction.

"Roma, its okay…"

"Isn't, bastard, what do you know?"

"Well, Lovi, you might not believe this but I was a kid once too… everything that happened to you now, happened to me as well."

This seemed to get his attention. He turned his head sideways and narrowed his eyes. Even his face was changing, I noticed. His puppy fat disappearing, revealing a smooth jaw and pretty cheekbones. His cute little nose was just as straight and small as it had been. But it was his eyes I noticed the most difference in. the shape, much more almond and long lashed, the colour, a little less grassy and flecked with gold. Yet still they glittered with innocence and purity unmatched. I liked them and I liked him. I liked him a lot.

God bless España, Italia and puberty.

"You're right, I don't."

"It's true!" I shifted onto my side and pulled my pillow back under me. "I was. And it did. And do you know why I asked you to sleep here with me tonight?"

He shrugged and nuzzled the pillow, those eyes still fixed on my face. "'cause you're a weirdo."

"No. well," I paused for a second. I wasn't that weird, was I? noooo… "no, I'm not at all. But I just wanted to have a little talk."

"A talk?" he edged a little further away, if he went any more he would fall off the bed. "About what?"

"Well, about what's happening of course. I guess, now that I'm taking care of you, its my job to tell you about the facts of life and things."

His blank expression. I was undecided as to whether or not it was encouraging. I carried on, regardless.

"We can start with the basics. You do know why these… changes are happening, yeah?"

He shook his head and fisted the blankets. I cocked my eyebrow and the realisation of how big a job I faced actually struck me. On top of that, this was Roma. My cute little Roma. Who had always been so bashful, and disliked being touched, and would never ever share my bed no matter how many times I offered.

Oh god… I shifted my legs, my lower abdomen warming, and tried again to get a little closer.

"Um, okay. Well… you didn't expect to be a little kid forever, right? These changes are so that you can be an adult."

"Like you or that jerk France?"

"Yeah. Well," I frowned. "Not like France. Trust me that is not something you want to aspire to."

His hand twitched and his nose nuzzled the pillow a little more. I couldn't be sure, but I think that comment almost just about nearly made him smile a little.

"Anyway," I ruffled my hair and carried on. "A little while ago, you started on a journey into manhood, because… erm… well," gosh this was hard! "… Do you know where babies come from?"

He shook his head again and I sighed.

"Well, when two people love each other very much, they decide to have a special kind of hug…"


Romano looked at me in horror, jaw loose, face white as the sheets on my bed.

"He- he puts his… THING in…"

I nodded and he blinked in disbelief.

"But that's so gross! Bastard, you are SICK! That's SICK!" he sat up and screwed up his face. "That's worse than sick! You're a MONSTER!"


"Don't touch me bastard!" he shrieked. I couldn't have picked a more awkward time for his voice to crack. He soared a few octaves, before realising what had happened and clapping his hand firmly over his mouth.

"Oh my god!" tears welled in his eyes and he began shaking. "Oh god. Oh god. Oh god…"

"Roma calm down, its okay." I sat up, trying not to laugh. Who would have known that I would get THIS reaction?

"No it's not okay! That is the most messed up thing I have ever heard!"

"I know it sounds weird, but-"
"But nothing! I would never, ever do that! It's disgusting! Tell my body I don't want that, and I want to go back to being ME again!"

I looked at his chest, heaving in panic, nipples dark and lifting the cloth of his nightshirt ever so slightly.

"Roma, I cant tell your body anything, it happens to everyone…"

"I don't like it!"

"I know." carefully, so as not to startle him, I slipped my hand out from under the blanket and reached for his face. "But you have no choice."

"I hate it!"

"If I could do anything, you know I would." My fingers brushed his cheek. He was either to upset to care, or giving me this small grace in acknowledgement of that truth. "But I can't. You are just going to have to deal with it."

"I won't do it!" he protested firmly. "I don't mind kissing girls but that's disgusting. I won't."

I laughed; the boy had never kissed so much as his own hand in his life. "Well, you don't have to if you don't want to. But…" I dropped my fingers from his cheek to his chest. He jumped, but didn't seem to find anything unusual with that. "You will be missing out."

He snorted.

"On being a sicko, yeah."

"nope." I pushed him back a little and taking the hint, most likely unintentionally but still, he let himself flop backward onto the bed a little more relaxed now the initial shock had worn off. "It feels nice."

At this, his little snort turned into a loud humourless bark I had never heard before.


"It does." My fingers rubbed his nipple gently through his shirt; he still didn't seem to notice my touch. "It feels really, really good. Why else do you think adults do it?"
He pulled a face. "Next I guess you'll be telling me you've…" he frowned a squirmed a little, knocking my hand away. "What are you doing, bastard, that feels weird."

"Does it?" I looked at him in mock surprise and shuffled over closer. "Does it really?"

"Yes." He looked at me strangely, and folded his arms firmly across his chest. "Anyway, are we going to go to sleep or what?"

"Yes, yes." I waved my hand impatiently. "But first, I think we should check this out yeah?" I shook one of his wrists carefully, trying to feign concern. "That's so odd. It shouldn't have felt weird…"

"… Really?" a ghost of confusion and worry flickered over his features.

I shook my head. "Nope. Well, anyway, before we sleep, what was it you were asking before?"

Perfect confusion tactic right there.

I could see the thoughts flickering in his expression, trying to recall the question, trying to figure out whatever had the 'weird' feeling in my touch meant, wondering if he should just go back to his own bed.

He dropped his arms and furrowed his brow in thought.

"Uh… I don't…"

"Can't remember?"

"No! I can. It was… have you ever done it?"

"What, had sex? Of course!" I grinned and placed my hand casually back on his chest. "How else would I know how it felt."

A strange shiver of disgust ran through him, he stared at me as though I may just be infected by something particularly nasty and unusual. I pretended not to have any clue, and resumed my petting, trying to tease his pert pink nips to hard little buds.

"you're dis- disgusting Spain what are you doing I told you that feels strange!" a fierce blush exploded on his cheeks, he sized my wrist and pulled it off his chest. "I don't like it!"

"Well, I don't know why." I forced my lips straight, my face into as serious of an expression as I could.

"Maybe its because you are touching it!"

"Maybe… or maybe there's something wrong with you." I shrugged and waggled my fingers on the hand he held. "I mean, I'm not a doctor but-"

"There's nothing wrong with me!" he dropped my hand and turned his back to me. "You're just being weird, like always."

"hm." I bit my lip, tracing the curve of his waist as depicted by the comforter over him. "If you're sure…"
"I'm sure! I'm going to sleep now, bastard."

"Okay, okay." I snuggled up to him so my chest pressed against his back. "But I think you would be more comfortable if you come back here, into the middle of the bed, yeah?"

His waist was just as gentle and trim as it had looked, I slipped my arms around it and he squeaked, struggling a little as I pulled him back from the edge of the bed and into the middle. I caged him in, wrapping one arm around his chest and twining one of my legs with his.


"Bastard what are you doing?"

"Trying to make you more comfortable." I nuzzled his ear and delighted in the reaction, a sharp inhalation of breath and another attempt to escape. "If you sleep so close to the edge you will get cold, of fall off in the night."

"No I wont bastard let me go!"

"You will." I let my lips brush the side of his neck as I spoke, he gasped. "Just relax, okay? And enjoy it."

"Enjoy what? Stop it, Antonio what are you doing?" my hand was toying with his nipple again, pulling it softly. It was stiff and pointed, showing up dark on his pale chest. He tried to move but I held him tightly, the heal of my playful hand pressing against his torso.

"Touching your nipple." I was over the game of dumb now. Relieved, I allowed myself to get hard, and when he felt it press against his thigh he yelped.

"Bastard! What is that? Stop it, STOP IT!"

"You'll see." I moved my hand and he exhaled in relief, but not for long. Soon, my tongue was there instead, pressing to the rough cloth covering him, teasing a little, sucking ever so gently. He arched his back and clawed angrily at my shoulders, shouting things about stopping, and feeling weird. I had no intention of stopping, but never the less I ceased my suckling momentarily to raise my head and regard him.

I'd never seen such a face of beautiful distress.

Confusion and pleasure were plastered all over his features, slapped there messily by my actions. Anger too lurked behind his eyes, because somehow I was making him feel damn good and he couldn't control it. Oh, my sweet little tomato…

"What's wrong? Am I hurting you?"

"No! It feels awful, stop!"

"It does?" I rubbed a little more and he muffled the whimper from deep in his chest. "Really?"

He nodded forcibly, lips pressed together into an irate line. I flicked my tongue out and licked him again. The wet fabric was now completely transparent.

"I don't believe you." the hand I had teased him with before dipped under the covers, roaming over a flat belly and stopping just below his tummy button. "It feels good, doesn't it?"

Another shake of his head, I gave another little suck and this time he couldn't hold in the small moan. A hand flew up; he covered his mouth, eyes horrified.

"Tell the truth, Roma. It feels good, right?"

Hesitantly, looking like he would have happily died, he nodded.

"I knew it." I let myself smile brightly, drumming my fingers on his stomach. "In that case, just relax, okay. After all, you deserve to feel really nice, right? There's nothing wrong with making you feel that."


"Hm? I can stop, if you want…"

He winced, my hand slid slowly lower. Lower. To the bottom of his shirt. I touched his skin, ever so softly, ghosting my fingertips over the silky flesh.

"a-are you sure."

"Yes…" I breathed and leaned in, kissing his puffy pink lips. "Just relax… I told you, if sex didn't feel good no-one would do it."

Romano froze, inhaling sharply. I felt the draw of muscles tensing beneath my hand, the explosion of anger in his chest.


I sat up and tipped my head to the side.


"What do you mean?"

"Well, I thought I was being quite obvious." My hand on his leg snuck under his shirt, tracing lightly up the inside of his thigh. "But, I want to have sex with you."

His eyes grew to huge proportions, shock all over his everything.

"You WHAT?"

"Have sex. We can have sex."

"b-but you said… you!- You said that the man… and the woman… and DON'T TOUCH ME LIKE THAT!" he screamed and jerked his body when my hand closed around his little more than soft but not hard enough to be semi-erect cock. I pinned his shoulders down and sighed.

"Roma, relax…"

"No! I will not relax! I don't understand bastard I hate you I hate you I hate you ihateyouihateyouIHATEYOU!"

"Then hate me. Hate me." I buried my face in his neck, breathing in the scent of his skin. Rich with hormones and the earthy scent of Italy, of olives and dust and wine. Delicious and poignant and stronger than I had ever smelt. He reeked of it. He reeked of puberty and sex. "But as your caregiver it's my job to teach you all you ought to know." I ran my tongue up his neck and gave his dick a gentle pull. "You need to know this."

"Bastard! Stop!"



I paused, not quite believing what I was hearing. Had he just said… this young man who had never been polite once in his life. Had he just…

"Please stop Antonio! You're scaring me!"

I propped myself up, one arm still bracketing him in, and looked down on his face.

"Is it really that bad?" I nudged his check with my nose, trembling a little. The sudden manners had shaken me. "Does it feel awful?" another soft pull, he moaned and clawed at my arm.

"Come on Roma, if it feels bad, tell me. And if you can honestly tell me, I will stop, okay?" my tongue traced the curve of his left ear, I nibbled gently on his lobe and sucked carefully on the skin just at the base. He made an indistinct noise, licking my lips I raised myself up and tossed hair out of my eyes.

"Look at me, and tell me you don't like it."

He couldn't say he didn't, right? He was half hard now, and I could feel the dull ache of arousal grinding into my lower spine.

Unfocused green eyes met mine; I began administering deliberate, delicate pumps, and watched the tremble of pink lips when they parted into a breathy gasp. His hands moved from my arms to his sides, the bridge of his nose and cheeks were redder than any tomato I've ever seen in my life.

"A-Antonio… stop."

"Don't you like it?" I pressed my forehead to his, trying to drill into his eyes, he squeezed them shut and keened softly. I noticed the beads of sweat along his upper-lip and cheeks. "If you don't like it, all you have to do is say, 'I don't like it'. Okay? And I swear I will stop. I promise."

I swiped my thumb over the tip of his dick and nibbled his lip cautiously.

"Did you hear that?" I whispered, to make sure. He nodded and tossed his head to the side, teeth gritted tight, body rigid and oddly angled. A strange gurgle, I paused my rubbing to push his shirt up further. My ears were pricked, waiting for that stop, waiting for him to say enough.

It never came.

Kissing my way up the side of his face, I pulled the tip of his curl into my mouth and moved so I was on top of him, the front of my underwear wet with pre-cum and moistening his stomach. God his body felt so good! So small and delicate. Like glass.

"Romano…" I murmured his name and coiled his curl around my tongue, he lay there and shook, squeaking a little as I adjusted myself and settled between his legs. "Are you okay?"

He shook his head; I noticed the anxious tears trickling down his face. I wiped them up with the tip of my finger.

"It's okay, Lovi. Look, I'm the same." My hand hurried between us, freeing my erection from my underwear. I gave it a sift tug and felt a small tremor of bliss up my spine. "I want to feel good too, okay? We can feel good together."

Carefully, I nudged his legs wider apart, and he let me. He let me take his erection again, (it was not slick and wet yet, but it soon would be,) and squeeze it in my hand next to mine.

Even his wood felt good, young and springy. Carefully, biting my lip, I began to stroke the both of us, slowly at first, pushing my hips ever so gently forward and backward in time.

He was a fast learner, because even though he lay there whining like a miserable puppy, he found a sharp humping rhythm too. Up, down, up, down. His breath was becoming irregular, his body shaking like a leaf.

"It's good, isn't it Lovi." I stopped, before I came, and he whined long and low, hips still fucking the air. I pressed them ruthlessly down onto the bed and kissed his lips.

He kissed me back. If you could say he opened his moth and lat me through was kissing me back. Let's face it, for Romano it really was.

"Are you ready to have sex now Lovino?" I asked, catching my breath when I resurfaced from the kiss. He groaned and opened his eyes.

"W-hat? Didn't we… didn't we j-just…"

I shook my head and kissed his throat. "Lovi you haven't seen anything yet." And drawing a deep breath I down below the covers, between his legs.

The scent of his was even more powerful down here, rich and mind fogging. Dizzy with lust, hot burning lust for the young barely adult body beneath me, I slathered kisses all over his stomach and hips, taking his whole dick into my mouth at once. He shouted something indistinct, but I had already moved. I couldn't be bothered with that; I just wanted to be inside him.

"Open wider." I demanded, and he obliged. I buried my face as far between those thighs as I could and began licking and sucking the place he would receive me, teasing it open with my tongue.

Well, what a reaction. As if crying reluctant Lovi wasn't a challenge enough… horny needy Lovi was much worse.

Yelling again, his hands flew down to my head, his hips lifted and he practically forced my head into him. His cries of 'no!" had become desperate pleas for 'more!" and I wanted to give him more. By god yes, yes, yes.

I dragged my tongue in around him, he loosened easily. I had had a lot of practice with this, after all, and I knew some tricks. His back arched, mouth spewing Italian and unholy swears. Deciding I had wet him enough, I moved my face and kissed swiftly back up his chest.

"Why did you stop, bastard?" My greeting, breathless and pink cheeked. I grinned.

"Now, we are going to have sex." I pressed my hips forward so my length teased the freshly prepared spot on his body. "Sound good to you?"

"I don't care! You're a bastard and oh god…" his body jerked as I nudged the tip of my dick inside him. Just a little. I waited, watching his face morph; he broke into a cold sweat and shivered violently.

"What's wrong now?" I let myself smile, delighting in the light throb the press of his body sent pulsing through my crotch. Heavy, heaving breaths, he tossed his head and writhed miserably. His hips lifted, a desperate whine.

"Make up your mind! Make up your mind you BASTARD!"

"What? Do you want ne inside you? Yeah? Do you want me to press my dick inside you and make you feel incredible?"

"You're sick!"

"You want it."

"Youre so sick!"

"If you don't want it, I will move."

"No!" he threw his arms around my neck and clutched me desperately. "Don't you DARE! If you move away now I swear to god I will KILL you."

"So you do want it.?" I rubbed his hip lazily and traced his lower lip with my tongue. "If you want it, say yes."


"Do you or don't you?" I pressed a little more, he groaned.

"Please Antonio…"

"I'm not going to do anything unless you really want it. You need to tell me…."

"Okay! Okay Antonio, do it!"

I huffed happily and kissed him roughly. "Awesome. Okay, this might hurt a little at first so relax."

"What? No, you never said-FUCK!"

he screamed, I winced when he tensed so much I couldn't ease in more than half way. It hurt quite a lot, actually.

"Romano relax."


"I know!" Distress made its way into my voice, I felt myself pleading when he squeezed me so tight I thought I would break. "Please, relax! You're hurting me too, please, please, please relax!"

"I can't! It HURTS!"

"Lovino please just-"

"Bastard!" huge fat tears tracked anew down his cheeks, I tried not to rip out of him and shove him and his disobedient body away.

"Roma! RELAX!" desperate to ease my pain as well as his, I guess, I sealed my lips around his and pulled him into a frantic, wet kiss. One hand cradled his head; I seized his curl and pulled it hungrily.

It worked.

Screams of pain eased to mingled agony and pleasure, I hoped his young body could take it, the violent swing form one to the other, and sighed in relief when he relaxed just enough to sheathe myself entirely. He was no longer hard, and regretfully I felt wetness between our hips, I wondered for a moment how the hell I would explain the flood of blood to him. I would need new sheets too. It didn't feel like much but still it really was his fault, right?

"Roma, its okay, I'm inside you now."

"It still hurts!" he sobbed, face buried in my neck, tears wetting my skin. "It feels awful, I hate it…"

"Shhhhh… it's okay." I regulated my breathing, feeling him loosen still further as he adjusted to me. He was hot, inside. Sweat prickled the back of my neck. "It's okay, the worst is over now."

He sobbed miserably and dug his nails into my back.

"I hate you."

"I know." I ignored the guilt and combed his hair softly. "I'm going to move now, okay, and it might hurt a little."

"No! No more Antonio please…"

"Shhh… here, just wait and bear with me."

I drew myself out a little, not feeling pleasure so much as a dull pinching, and slipped back in again. He cried and sunk his teeth into the curve of my neck. I tried again, this time a faint glow of warmth pooled at the base of my erection. I grunted and searched for his lips, finding them and kissing him with as much love as I could. His mouth was cold and tasted different. Deciding to take a moment to get him aroused again, I flopped against him and kissed a little deeper, trying to tempt his tongue to react.

No success.

Again with his curl. Of all the things I had tried so far, this worked the best. Lightly my fingers caressed his waist, my tongue tried to tempt him stiff by sucking and pulling on the one lock of hair.

I shivered when his insides began fluttering.

At first, it was subtle. A gentle pull on my erection, released again and barely noticeable. Excited, I drew his whole curl into my mouth and he huffed, head rolling back.

"Are you okay?" I murmured. He gave no response but delightfully, his little cock was hardening again against my stomach.

It must have sated him in some way, because he nodded weakly, I kissed his lips again, the salty taste of tears on my tongue. Gently, impatient, I withdrew and thrust into him once again.

This time, it felt good.

Not amazing, but good.

No complaints, I tried again and this time it felt really good. Wet and warm and not to tight. The gentle tightening and laxing massaged me gently; I walked my fingers down his chest and wrapped my hand around his renewed erection. It was a little wet with thick blood, but not too much. I pumped softly and thrust again.

This time, his body felt positively amazing. I moaned and wasted no time doing it again.

"God Romano… you feel incredible all around me… fuck…"

"I-It still hurts!"

"I know, but just wait a moment, I'm trying to make it better, okay? Trust me."

Another thrust, he squeezed me just right and I had to force myself not to come. The back of my neck prickled, the seizing between my thighs was delicious. Sheathed inside, I rotated my hips and searched, looking for it inside of him.

My head brushed a new part deep within his body, nudging it gently. He jumped and arched roughly against me.

"It's good there, is it?" I mumbled, slipping out so I could push back in and find that spot. "Is that your good spot, right there?"

He nodded and sloppily kissed my check. The action moved me terrifically, I momentarily forgot about my pleasure, freezing for a second, meeting his eyes.

Hazel green, teary, filled with hurt and pleasure that is almost too good to be true. But… no anger. No anger at all anymore.

I positively bathed his face in kisses.

Every single square inch of his skin, I kissed, everywhere I could reach I pressed under my lips and licked and nibbled and sucked, my hand working frantically pumping his cock and my lips whispering gibberish into his ear. It was driving me wild, this virginal little body arching into my hand and slowly, but unmistakeably, rolling his hips. He was rolling his hips on mine, lifting them, sucking me inside. pre-cum beaded at the top of his dick and judging by the soft noises he was making, he felt good. No pain, anymore, just pleasure.

I jumped and began thrusting the way I had wanted to straight off. Hard, but not too hard, fast, but not too fast. He met my thrusts without complaint. And my skin tingled, my breath caught,

"Roma… oh god, Roma… " I struggled to get the words out, "we're having sex now, yeah?"

"Mmm…" he made a low heady noise, shoving his hips up roughly and throwing a leg around my lower back.

"It feels good right?" I slammed into him and the head of the bed whacked the wall. I must have hit his good spot, because it sent him spasming under me, chest pressing against mine, one hand grabbing the back of my head and forcing me into a kiss. This time, he owned the kiss, taking me by surprise.

"Yes." He whispered against my mouth. "Yes it feels really good now."

I smiled and gave in to the feeling of him, all around me. embracing me, massaging me, stroking me. I aimed for his good spot when I could, hitting it occasionally, sliding in and out of him with ease. I stopped stroking his erection eventually, holding his hips instead and rocking them against mine. And the noises he made arrowed directly down my spine to my dick. And he made a lot of noise. Turns out, he was a screamer.

"Antonio!" he gasped, jerking his body up and sandwiching against me, chest to chest, penis rubbed between us. "Antonio it feels so good!"

"I told you." I grinned and slammed again, the bed-head rattled, he threw his head back and swore. "I told you it felt incredible."

"More, Antonio… it feels… fuck. Oh fuck" he clawed me desperately, hair tossed around, hips loosing rhythm.

"Shh…" my lips resumed their kissing, stroking and nursing as much of him as I could reach. His skin was hot. "Shh… it's okay…"

"I-I … strange…. Oh. Oh god. Oh god Antonio…"

"Mmm…. Fuck Lovi." His insides were squeezing again, not so much it hurt this time, not at all. Undulating muscles, pulling me, trying to milk me.

"Ah!" he pushed up against me with more strength than he had shown me yet, body curved inhumanly, shuddering and screaming incoherent words. The feel of his come spattering my stomach, the sound of his fists orgasm thrilled right through me, ripping me up and sending me spiralling and breaking and flying into release. I pushed into him one last time, before crumpling and writhing and moaning blissfully. If I'd though about it, I wouldn't have gushed inside him but it had slipped my mind. He didn't seem to care.

Panting, shivering, we lay there joined, sweat and semen sticking the sheets to our skin. The scent of sex lingered. His irregular breathing softened. I rolled off him and drew him to my chest.

"What just happened?" he asked weakly, not moving. His voice was flat, shocked, numb.

"We had sex, and you had an orgasm."

"A what?"

"Orgasm." I kissed his hair. "When it begins to feel really good, you have an orgasm and this happens." I ran my fingers through the puddle of cum on our stomachs and raised them above the blankets so he could see. "This is what makes the babies inside the woman."

He blinked, looking utterly shocked, at the sticky white goo on my fingers.


"It's called cum." I dabbed it on the tip of his nose, and expression of shocked disgust flickered over his fingers but I licked it off again swiftly. "And that feeling you just had, of all your body clenching, was your muscles releasing and shooting this stuff everywhere."

I couldn't decide if he looked more repulsed at hearing that or hearing the origin of child.

"Why did only I…"

"You didn't. I did too." I grinned and dropped my hand beneath the blankets again, my finger slipping easily inside him and earning a soft squeak. "Look, you made me have an orgasm as well."

My cum was stained pale pink from the blood, he frowned at the colour and reached curiously for it. "Why is it pink?"

"Um, well, sometimes when people have sex for the first time, they break. Which is why it hurt so much." I peaked under the sheets. There wasn't as much blood as I thought, but still. "But it wont feel that bad if you do it again. I promise."

"Wait, so that… blood…" he blinked, cheeks on which the blush had previously been fading returning to full red. I nodded.


"Bastard!" he fisted his hands and hammered my chest. "Putting your dick inside me and breaking me up! You're sick!"

"But it felt good. Look, you came a lot." I rubbed the milky liquid into his skin and he wiggled around unhappily.

"… So?"

"So if I'm sick, you are too." I smiled and licked his cheek. "How about this then, next time, you can put this inside me." I touched his dick lightly. "And you can fill me up with come over and over again."

His eyes widened in shock.

"Wait, I just realised… you put that stuff inside me!"

"Of course."

Okay, this look was definitely the most horrified one I had earned so far.

"Bastard why would you do that!" tears welled anew in his eyes. "I don't want to have to have a baby!"


Okay MP fans, don't get excite. Romano isn't knocked up and this story isn't ment to imply that he is. personally, im not a fan of MPreg, but you know. if you are, that's cool. But, um, just a warning that if I decide to write a second chapter where romano tops spain, there will not be a little bambino running around their ankles. And if there was, it wouldn't be from either. So don't put this on notifications if you decide that a baby spamano is what you want to see. You will be disappoint.