~Bella's Pov~

As I sat with Jacob and his friends my eyes caught glimpse of a table not to far away. Every one of the students sitting at that table looked like they had jumped right out of the highest fashion magazine.

I turned to Jacob with a curious look. "Who are they," I wondered, my eyes moving back to the table to the bronze haired boy.

He held my gaze for just a second before looking away, faster then I could.

A light blushed spread across my cheeks, but I quickly hid that looking at Jacob.

"Ah, those are the Cullen's," He muttered lowly at me, as if this was the biggest secret of his life.

I raised a brow as all the boys were now tense watching between us.

"Not at all the kind of people you should hang around with," Paul added, throwing the Cullen table a glare.

I didn't understand this.

What was wrong with them that was so bad? They didn't seem to bother anyone; they just sat there, looking beautiful.

"What did they do that's so bad?" I wondered, looking at each of the boys.

Now it was Sam that spoke up. "Just take it from us Bella; they are one family that I suggest you don't associate with,"

I frowned slowly.

Surely they would know better then think I would give up that easily, I would find out what's the Cullen's such terrible people.

I turned a fraction to look back at the bronze haired boy, to see him staring right at me now.

My face warmed as he didn't look away.

His expression held a thoughtful look, it was like he was concentrating on something right on me.

"Just focus on this table full of guys you will be seeing after school today," Seth grinned, with a young sounding laugh.

I laughed weakly, and nodded reluctantly.

"Alright, so you all know were Charlie lives, don't you?" I wondered, getting an idea in my head now.

They all nodded with grins at each other.

"Of course, who doesn't know were the chief of police lives," Paul snickered.

He had a very good point there.

"How about you guys all come over to my house to swim, we can have a little bon fire, and have a little party there," I offered.

Jacob and Paul looked at me with bright eyes.

"What do you want us to bring?" Sam asked as the guys began a round of hi-fives.

"Just bring your stomachs, I'll be cooking," I laughed a bit.

"Thank god, a woman that can cook," Paul smirked.

I blushed at that, but mutters began between them all.

"Are you sure you don't want anything else?" Jacob wondered raising a brow.

"Yeah, even though we are guys doesn't mean we don't know how to throw a party," Quil snickered.

"I could get cookies from home?" Embry offered.

"I can get my hands on some beer from my father's cellar," Paul said with a mischievous smile.

My eyes widened in amusement.

"Bring beer to the chief of police's house for a party… are you sure that's a good idea," I laughed.

Sam and Jacob rolled their eyes at me.

"We drink with Charlie, and Billy all the time, just one bottle though," Jared said in amusement.

"Not me," Seth muttered with a pout.

"Ha that's cause you're still a little baby," Jared snickered messing up Seth's hair.

Seth pushed at his hand, looking a bit pink in the face, and muttered something to Jared that sounded a bit like "not around Bella"

I smiled at that, and laughed watching the boys bicker, and tease each other.

But my thoughts at the moment were some were else as I looked back to the Cullen table.

It had been easy to get the boys in on this party, now how to get the Cullen's to come to so I could find out what this big deal was between the two of them.

I guess I would just have to be creative.

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