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title: antipathy
summary: TP. They called him a genius for a reason. — Malo.






Malo hated everything.

That was the start and end of all his problems; he hated everything. There was nothing in all the world that amused him. There was nothing that he didn't already know, nothing he hadn't learned, seen, felt.

He was only six years old, and already, he was sick of the world.

Kakariko was bigger than Ordon.

Had Malo been capable of it, he would have liked the red-bronze town. There was a sense of movement in Kakariko that Ordon had never been able to achieve, a sense of breathing and possibility that his little hometown had not had.

Kakariko was empty, in a way, but Malo was determined to change that.

He was going to bring Kakariko back to life if it killed him.

For someone that hated everything, it was an arduous task. Malo balanced the shop in Kakariko and the shop in Castle town and his father and his brother in a well-practiced fashion that no six-year-old had any right to be able to handle.

(They called him a genius for a reason.)

And so he began.

He bought up all the empty properties—dirt cheap and a good investment.

Malo built Kakariko from the ground up; promotions and proclamations and festivals. The Gorons helped because Link asked them to; Malo had always been distantly fond of Link if only for his use value.

Link inspired people.

Which was good for when Malo couldn't achieve something on his own.

And sometimes Malo thought that perhaps Link remained only out of some misguided sense of duty, but at the same time, it must have been different then that. Malo knew that he stayed for the Princess—but even that made little sense.

Link had no ties to anything.

Neither did Malo, really.

The difference was that Malo was not a child. Malo would stitch the world back together after the scare with the monsters and the sadness and the drought. He would pay in blood and sweat and tears to make things available for the general populous.

Malo could not be a hero.

He was too small. Too young. Lungs were too weak.

Malo would never be Link.

And frankly, he never wanted to be. Link was constantly in demand. Link was constantly pulled in every direction—the Princess', the court's, Ilia's, and, ah, of course, the rest of the world's.

But Malo would not stand for the rest of the world.

(Because the problem was that Malo hated everything.

It wasn't really a problem, however; it was simply the truth. Malo hated everything.)

Because he knew.

He was literally a child. A baby.

For all intents and purposes, that is how the Hylians in the business world would view him—they would see a child playing an adult's game. And on top of that, he was, in their eyes, a child from the country. The country. Ordon.

What could such a child know?

Nothing, they would think. Nothing.

And so he would put his armour on—armour built with words and price-tags and business smarts that a child his age had no business having. Malo would show them all that genius was relative.

Kakariko was his starting point, but the world (disgusting and boring as it was) had so many possibilities.

And Malo intended to explore them all.

After all.

They called him a genius for a reason.






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