A Walk Down Memory Lane

Sesshy's Mistress

Summary: She was the last person he expected to see, but that didn't mean he wasn't grateful for the opportunity …

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Team Seven was currently headed towards the Hokage's office. They had just recently finished a mission and were on their way to make their report. If luck was on their side, they just may find themselves with another mission, one at least worth completing. If Naruto had his way, their mission would be something of great importance. A million different theories raced through his head, making his excitement grow.

Sasuke, the ever calm and reserved one of their group, watched his blonde haired teammate with a look of disdain. Naruto's never ceasing energy was rather annoying. Since becoming a proper ninja and starting their missions, Naruto was prone to complain if said mission wasn't up to par with his standards. For Naruto, if there wasn't a 99% chance that you were going to die, it wasn't a proper mission.

As for the teams pink haired member, Sakura, she was just as annoying at times. When she wasn't fawning over him endlessly, she was arguing with Naruto. Sasuke was literally at his wits end, and he didn't know how much more of it he could take. One would assume that given his abilities and standing in the rank of his peers that he would have been placed on a better team. If not at least that, then at least he deserved to be assigned to a half-way decent Jonin captain instead of Kakashi.

Speaking of Kakashi, Sasuke's eyes moved to gaze behind him. Kakashi, as per the norm, was following just slightly behind his team. Instead of watching where he was going, however, his attention was solely focused on an orange book. Without having to even glance at the cover, all three teammates of Team Seven could name the book that he was reading; it was a rather popular, though highly lecherous, book called Icha Icha Paradise.

It didn't take long for the group of four to make their way to the Hokage's Tower and up the stairs to Hokage's office. They were surprised to find that two high ranking Anbu members were stationed outside the office of the Hokage instead of two high rank Jonin officials. Kakashi's one visible eye lifted and took in the sight but then quickly returned to his book.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura shared a look before stopping to stand in front of the two highly skilled ninja. If such precautions were being taken to guard the Hokage, they were more than likely going to be denied access to see him. Surprisingly, however, one of the Anbu members turned their head to access their group. After several seconds, his attention returned to its prior place and Kakashi ushered the three young ninjas forward.

The three reluctantly entered through the doorway and into the Hokage's office. Upon entering, the first thing that they took notice of was the only other person present in the room besides the Hokage himself. The persons back was facing them, but even from behind, it was obvious that it was of the female persuasion. A slim upper torso curved in to create a narrow waist and then spread out over a wide girth that made up her curvaceous hips and buttocks. Lean legs were easily seen and, for one pervy ninja, appreciated as her outfit was rather short and revealing. But the most captivating thing about this person was her outrageously long and thick blonde hair. It was styled in a part which held two buns on either side of her head. From each bun a tendril of long hair fell free, twisting with the ribbons which held the buns in place. At their entrance, the figure turned her head to the side slightly and threw a curious look over her shoulder. Blue eyes fell upon each of them and stopped when they landed on Kakashi.

"Ah, here they are," The Hokage spoke from in front of the woman. "Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura!" The Hokage stood from his seat and walked around his desk to stand next to the woman as she turned to fully face the group. "And, finally –"

"Kakashi-kun!" The woman exclaimed in happily. Her heart shaped face was set in an expression of happiness and excitement. Her deep blue eyes almost sparkled as a smile nearly split her face in half from ear to ear.

"Usagi-san," Kakashi actually removed his gaze from his book and settled his single eye stare on the figure next to the Hokage. His eye, however, did not stay on her face for long. Instead, it ran from her head to the length of her body, taking in her outfit and other attributes.

"Chan," The woman corrected with a shake of her finger. "How many times do I have to tell you to call me Usagi-chan. Calling me Usagi-san makes me feel so…so…old." Her face settled into a pout as she regarded the Jonin. "No offense, Hokage-san!" Usagi quickly added while giving the Hokage a bow of respect.

"None taken," He waved off the apology and turned his attention back to Team Seven, mainly Kakashi. "Usagi Tsukino is currently enjoying a vacation from her duties as a Jonin. She was kind enough to make Kanoha one of her stops. During her stay, I would like for you and your team to ensure that her visit is a pleasant one –"

"WHAT?" Naruto demanded as realization finally dawned upon him. "We have to babysit her?"

"Naruto," Kakashi slid his book into his vest pocket and then used his now free hand to hit Naruto over the head. The poor, blonde hair boy fell to the floor from the force of the hit. "You are in the presence of the Hokage and a visiting pri-"

"Actually," Usagi interrupted Kakashi when she suddenly appeared next to him. Sakura and Sasuke jumped in surprise. They had not even noticed her movements! "I wouldn't call it babysit. Though I am on a vacation, I'm visiting as an ambassador to Konoha from my own village."

"An Ambassador?" Naruto mumbled while he recovered from the harsh blow delt to him. A large and rather sore bump had already started to grow on his head; it very much looked like some sort of deformity, especially when it began to throb in synch with his heart beat.

"Yep," Usagi nodded her head and sent a care-free smile his way. Naruto merely blinked in confusion.

"What's that?" He deadpanned.

"Naruto!" Sakura sighed. "An ambassador is the highest ranking diplomat who represents a nation, or in this case, village!"

"Wow!" Now it was Naruto's eyes that sparkled. "So you're pretty important, eh?" He questioned with admiration. Usagi nodded her head as a blush crossed her cheeks. She was never one for so much attention, but given her lineage… "What is it you do?" Naruto questioned in earnest.

"Well," Usagi took a deep breath. "An Ambassador's job includes being a representative of the state in which he or she is from in order to negotiate and disseminate information so to keep peace and establish relationships with other states." Her voice went from care-free to very serious as she spoke of her duties as an Ambassador. To Naruto, it sounded much like Sakura when she fell into lecture mode. "It basically means that I visit with other neighboring villages and countries in order to keep our friendship strong."

"That sounds cool," Naruto exclaimed. "Maybe this won't be such a bad mission after all." From behind him, Sasuke and Sakura sighed in irritation. It was just like Naruto to unknowingly insult someone of high rank. One of these days he was going to be the end of Konoha!

"Well thanks," Usagi chuckled. "Glad to know I'm not as boring as you originally thought." She lifted a hand towards his head. When her fingers grazed the lump on his head, Naruto felt a tingle shoot through his entire body. The pain that he had been experiencing waned away. He was about to comment on it, but the girl suddenly began to ruffle his already messy hair.

"Excuse me," Sakura stepped forward. "I don't mean to be rude, but who are you and what village are you from?"

"Her name is Usagi Tsukino, and she does not hail from one of the villages that you are aware of, Sakura," Kakashi spoke while locking eyes with the Hokage who had returned to his seat to watch the group.

"That's right," Serenity winked. "I'm from Japan, originally that is."

"Japan?" Sasuke questioned. "What business would someone from Japan have with our village?"

"Well…" Usagi bit her lower lip nervously.

"Her full name," The Hokage spoke suddenly. "Is Serenity Usagi Tsukino, Daughter of Empress Serenity II, Princess of Japan." Silence befell the three young ninja's as they stared in awe at the girl, even Sasuke.

"Now why did you have to go and say that?" Usagi pouted.

"She doesn't look like any princess that I've seen before," Naruto whispered to Sakura and Sasuke while pointing to her attire. Indeed, instead of being garbed in a fine silk kimono of many layers, she wore a silver kimono of a very short length. It was of the traditional Japanese style, the length and design were inappropriate for royalty. There was only one layer to the kimono and the top portion clung tightly to skin while lower portion, which stopped mid thigh, was loose and allowed to flow if a wind should arise. The collar of the kimono was not as tightly closed as the traditional ones. Instead, it was opened far to reveal a good bit of cleavage. The sleeves were not attached to the kimono. They were clasped around her bicep and billowed out in a bell shape. Stockings of a light pink color ran up her thighs and her small feet were slid into a pair of silver, flat shoes. A pink obi was wrapped tightly around her trim waist and tied into a large bow at her back. An anklet of bells was wrapped around her right foot and a matching bracelet around her left wrist. Her headband rested over her right bicep and in the center was an upturned crescent moon. The other bicep was accompanied by a small weapons pouch. Finally, around her neck hung a long chain. At the end of the chain was the same symbol which graced her headband; it was a fine piece of jewelry made from a very clear crystal.

"That's the point, actually," Usagi sighed as she overheard Naruto.

"Why would you want to hide your identity?" Sakura questioned curiously. "Any girl would love to be in your shoes."

"Oh yes," Usagi rolled her eyes to the heavens. "I simply adore having everyone bow down to me, treat me as if I will break, and set me on some high pedestal that they think they could never reach. I simply adore all of it," Her tone was heavy with sarcasm. "Not to mention the fact that I have to put up with all those snot-nosed, spoiled brats that call themselves princes and expect me to swoon over their every breath."

"Your mother is still trying to find you a betrothed?" The Hokage questioned in mirth.

"Quite," Her tone was clipped and full of annoyance. "I'm running out of tactics to use to scare them off! I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this." Her face set into a pout.

"So, you came here to hide until the newest one grows bored and gives up?" Kakashi questioned.

"I'm not hiding!" Usagi snapped. "I'm on vacation, there's a difference."

"During the duration of her stay, I expect you and your team to assist her with anything she may need," The Hokage's gaze caught Kakashi's and the two nodded to one another. Kakashi knew exactly what this mission truly entailed.

Keep her out of trouble…



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