The Loveless

She saved Ciel Phantomhive one day. Wishing to extend his thanks, he sought her out only to discover that they were more alike than what he thought possible.

Crossover: Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)/InuYasha

Canon Universe (CU) in Kuroshitsuji, Alternative Universe (AU) in InuYasha

Extra Note: This takes place solely in the Manga version of Kuroshitsuji, sometime after the Curry arc.

Warnings: character deaths, original characters, possible ooc-ness of the characters, abuses, extreme violence, foul languages, possible racial slur, foreign cultures and languages, satanic rituals, screwed-up religious contents, possible drug uses, possible blood and gores, and more.

In other words, this story will have some very dark undertones-all of the warnings will not happen right away and few may not happen in the story however but most will still happen sooner or later. So just to be safe, this will be rated Mature.

Disclaimer: I do not anything but the plot and any original characters that I created. This disclaimer also applied to the rest of the later chapters as well.

Chapter One:
Porcelain Doll

Chatters of the human voices filled his ears and a young boy sighed. He was tapping his cane against the ground. He was waiting for his butler to finish investigating inside the building. The gentleman was seeking for clues of a murder and the said murder had occurred a day ago. It had deeply worried the Queen. The young master wasn't allowed to enter with him, due to the fragile condition of the old structure. He was, of course, annoyed but he knew it was for the best.

"How long will he take?!" The well-dressed boy hissed out to himself, not wanting to attract attention to himself in the bustling street. He was impatient. Tapping continued.

He was not paying a slightest of attention to his surroundings and missed the warning yell of the runaway carriage. His mind had fled from reality, too focused on the finding of the murder case and who was the murderer. The boy gasped out when a small hand grabbed a sleeve of his jacket, reality made a hard comeback to the mind. The hand dragged him from the wall he was leaning against and pulled the boy aside within an nearby alley.

The trampling howled on the stone road, a torn rein snapped in the air.

His azure eyes widened at the sight of the carriage, narrowly missing him. It chipped the corner of the building, right where he was earlier lending against. He gaped at the sight of the horses freezing, their hooves skidded on the stones, before a tall male. The gentleman had long hair of a vivid shade of orange, lowly gathered within a thin ribbon. The redheaded had a black attire, making the boy realizing he was a butler. Why, the man wore white, fine gloves and a lean chain of gold within the jacket, its' telltale sign of the pocket watch inside the pocket.

"You really should keep better control of the horses, sir. You almost injured a boy! Consider this a good lesson to learn and keep a better eye on these beasts, hm?" The man smiled ever so kindly at the quivering driver that it almost looked quite intimidating. The redheaded gentleman bowed and walked away from the carriage. The young master realized the suited male was approaching him.

He had half a mind to look over to his side and blinked at the young girl, her doe eyes blinked at him in return. Her luscious long hair was spilling over her small shoulders with a pale-grey lacy bonnet on her head. Her frilly dress was dark-colored and looked as if it was heavy, even under a rather warm weather (despite the coming cold season). She did not seem to be bothered by the heat. Her skin was scarce but from her face and her tiny fingers that poked out from the gloves, they were rather fair for someone such as she.

She appeared very fragile and very easy to break. Truly did she look like a porcelain doll.

"Ah, young sir, you are not hurt anywhere, are you?" The same man asked, his green eyes seemed to sparkled with mischief.


The man laughed, nodding, "Ah, that's very good to know. Missus is very glad to hear that." He smiled and the boy briefly saw the jewelry he wore. Odd of a butler to be wearing that.

The little girl nodded quietly, and her black, green-eyed cat plush toy was tightened to her chest. She curtsied nimbly to him, before turning her back to leave with the man and vanished beyond the gathering crowd.

"Young master, I've heard a commotion! What happened?" The dark-eyed butler hurriedly appeared, rushing toward his master.

The master glimpsed, his face almost disappointed, "…A girl saved me and I didn't even get her name…Let alone to thank her." To be honest, he was very fascinated by the girl. Why? He didn't know, but somehow he understood her to some extend but what? He did not know either.

"…She has a rare Black Valentine SourBitter Cat with her. Remind me to look up the customer list when we return to the manor, Sebastian." The male of thirteen years declared with authority and the butler nodded, "And please tell me you've found out anything of value as well."

"Yes, I did, sir." Sebastian smiled down to the young earl.

"Then let us go."

An old woman yelled out, "Watch out, you fool! Cursed by a devil's child, you have been!"

Ciel stopped in his track and looked to the woman who already disappeared in the departing, murmuring group of the people, "What was that for? She must be lunatic." He reasoned before resuming his walking.

The little girl he met was definitely out of ordinary, it seemed, and as he was a gentleman, he must thank her properly.

And the only way to do that, was to find out who she is.

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