Sarah was running as fast as she can run . She was running for her life and for survive . But also she was running because she was wishing seen her sister again or for last time if her sister was alive . But man who was chasing her was thinking differance that she was thinking . He was thinking that all people who enter his home need die because all people are evil and all people need to die like his mother was always telling .

Laurie , Jake and Crazy Ralph son appear in camper cabin and they soon saw death body of Sandra and Dan . Laurie start scream seening them dead . Sandra was her best friend from hight school and now she was dead . But soon Laurie remember that her sister Sarah was togheter with Sandra and now she was missing and soon she star look in Crazy Ralph son really scary and start ask him just one question , simple question to her but not for him.

,,Where is Sarah , where is my little sister ? ,,

,,I don't know . ,, Crazy Ralph son answer knowing that Laurie don't want her this answer .

,,Maybe he killed her , my little sisters is already dead . ,, And that moment Laurie start cry . Jake look in her really sad and have her hug.

,,Laurie we find her , we find Sarah and you don't need worry about nothing do you understand me. ,, Jake say to Laurie and Laurie nobs like she was understanding . But in really Laurie was thinking differ that Jake . She was thinking that they never find her sister because she is dead and that they will by killed by Jason one by one.

Sarah still was running from killer but now she was tired very much from long running . Sarah stop running and start thinking what she need to do . Because if she run more and more she can faint and killer can find her fainted and kill her without thinking twice about that . And soon she saw few trees . She start walk under those trees and sit there silent . She was thinking maybe under this trees , killer not find her and she can by save just for now . But soon she hear that killer was walking next to those trees where she was hidding . Sarah now was really scary and she don't know what to do , she know that she need wait for what killer gone do now if he gone find her or not . But soon she hear that killer start walk in differ direction from those threes . And now Sarah feel save for now . But she soon remember that killer just walk in direction where are her sister and friends . Sarah start feel really scary for them and she that start feel that she need to do something to protect them if they are still alive , but she don't know what she was going to do .

Christine was in camper cabin alone , she was sitting on bed . It was like 15 minutes when Dan was gone to walk after they sex . She was very worry for Dan because after they appear in this camp Monica , Seth and Ryan was missing and now Dan was not returning from walking . And that moment Christine in her minds start tell her maybe it was time to gone to find others and make sure that they are alive . Christine that stand from bed and start walk to door outside . She open doors and walk outside . But that somebody run to her and stab with machete through her head . Christine start feel that she was going dead and that somebody pull machete from her head and she fell on ground dead .