Chapter 1: The Meeting
Amu Hinamori's POV
It was a normal day as I strolled into lunch that fateful moment in the third grade. I, Amu Hinamori, was the last person in line at lunch. Meaning only one thing, I lost my lunch seat! So finally, when I had acquired my lunch I examined the opening seats:
1.) The nerd table (like I was gonna sit there)
2.) The boys' table (pft I couldn't sit there)
3.) and finally the girls' table (maybe?)
I examined my options and decided to sit at the girls table :| Yeah, my first week of school was going sooo well!

Ikuto's POV
I was enjoying my lunch with my best friend, Yoru, when a girl with pink hair and honey colored eyes sat in front of me. She seemed like the quiet cool type and boy, did her face show it. She didn't smile at all nor did she only seemed interested in her lunch to be gone and this lunch period to be over. I heard the girls around me whisper about her.
"Hey! That's Amu Hinamori! She's the famous girl my cousin told me about! I didn't know she had lunch here I thought she had 5th period lunch with the other cool kids 0.0" A girl with brunette hair said.
"I heard she beat up the whole 7th grade soccer team." A blonde commented.
"Impossible! There's no way she did that she looks so average!" The burnette said.
They bickered like that for ten minutes, but you'd have to be stupid not to see that this girl was a big deal. I smirked to myself and continued to listen to the gossip.

Amu's POV
I sat in front of a boy with midnight blue hair and deep ocean blue eyes. He seemed nice, but I bet he's a flirt since he was sitting at the girls' table. This boy glanced at me now and again; it was starting to bother me! For one thing I hated sitting at the girls table because they always gossiped about me, now two, I got a boy staring at me like I was important or he wanted to say something.
"Oi! If u want to say something, say it now instead of staring at me like an idiot!" I said annoyed. "And you girls.." I said the word girls with disgust."Stop gossiping about me I'm not deaf, I CAN hear you."
They all looked at me with awe like I said something life changing. Was the whole school this way? Was I the only sensible one here?

Ikuto's POV
I looked at the pinkette referred to as Amu Hinamori. She seemed very mature for her age and she clearly looked pissed off. the girls seemed too scared to say anything to her so I decided I would.
"Hi, I'm Ikuto Tsukiyomi, nice to meet you!" I said calmly.
She didn't seem interested in what I wanted to say, "I'm Amu Hinamori, if you haven't heard already."
"Why do you always seem like you have no interest in everything, so I don't know what's the word..."I pondered for a moment.
"Indifferent is the word you're looking for." Amu said in a superior tone.
Someone's a little too full of themselves!
"Yeah that." I said in a monotone.
Then, I couldn't help myself, I was so mad that this girl was acting like we were all idiots! I grabbed my milk and poured it over her head. I realized what I just did and my face turned bright red. Amu definately was pissed off now.

Amu's POV
That little idiot poured milk on my head and he was going to regret it. No one was moving, no one said a word. Good! They shouldn't be saying anything when I'm in this state. I was glad I was fast enough because I jumped on top of the lunch table and slapped Ikuto right across the face! That little idiot deserved it!
Ikuto rubbed his cheek and looked down. I could tell he was embaressed and I bet he thinking some nasty words right now. I just watched him make the same mistakes again. He threw a fit and we started to bicker. The principal came and scolded us. Then he told us to wait outside. I stomped out and stayed as far away from Ikuto as possible.

Ikuto's POV
Amu was strong, her slap actually HURT! That was actually impressive back there and I was really regretting making her mad. She must hate me right now, I laughed at that thought. She'd be an idiot not to.
"Sorry" I said earnestly.
"Uh huh, sure you are, you're just hoping I don't slap you again." Amu said.
"Really I mean it, but you're right I am hoping you wont slap me again." I said.
Amu seemed to care less and less about what I had to say. I saw her finger a necklace that said "Love", I could barely see the word since she was so far away from me. "How old are you?" I asked.
"9" She said.
"Im ten." I stated.
"So you're in fourth grade?" She asked me.
"Yes." I answered.
"Thats cool." She said calmly. Did I hear a hint of disappointment?

Amu's POV
School was over and I wanted to get home as soon as possible. As I got out, I saw Ikuto talking to a group of girls. What a surprise! He spotted me as I crossed the street purposely avoiding going his way. Running over to me, he waved to what seemed to be his fan girls. I guess Ikuto is popular here.
Smiling at me, he handed me a chocolate bar. It was my favorite kind, Milky way, I glared at him," Is this some kind of trap?"
"Nope. Treaty candy I guess." Ikuto shrugged.
"Ok then. Well I'm gonna go now. So see ya whenever!" I said clearly showing him I didn't want to be near him.
"Then let me walk you home it's the least I could do!" He insisted.
"No thanks!" I said and started walking.
"Seems we're going the same way." Ikuto said.
Then a blonde girl came in. She was amazingly pretty and she glued herself to Ikuto. I took this little chance to walk away or more like briskly jog.

(1 week later) ^.^ I found out Ikuto lived in the neighborhood next to mine, but I made an effort to be friend with him since I had to walk with him everyday, unless of course, the blonde came. I hated trying to be nice to him and he clearly caught that because he put his arm around me and started saying friendly things.
"I'm so happy we're friends now!" Ikuto said tauntingly.
"Uh...yeah." I said steadily. I really wanted to break that arm of his :| "So I was thinking we should sit together at lunch, buddy." Ikuto suggested.
"Umm..I rather sit by myself thanks." I said nervously.
"What kind of friend would I be if I let you sit alone?" Ikuto smiled.
Doki! Doki!
What was that? Why did my heart suddenly beat faster...this is confusing...Ikuto?

Months had passed and I became best friends with Ikuto he was in the sixth grade now and I was in 5th. Today was graduation and I was hoping Ikuto would attend, but of course he had school during the ceremony. Still a little bit of me wished he skipped. I needed my best friend here. To be honest Ikuto was my only friend. No one wanted to talk to me after I slapped ikuto in the third grade. I laughed at that memory. The day I met him.
It was my turn to get my mini diploma and I walked up to the podium. I looked at the audience and right there in the corner of the room I saw Ikuto smiling at me. He was here! But why? He had school today! Must I always talk sense into that boy? All in all I was really happy he was here, right when I needed him. After the ceremony, I got to talk to Ikuto alone.
"What are you doing here? Don't you have school?" I asked smiling.
"Now what kind of best friend would I be if I didn't attend your graduation?" Ikuto laughed.
"I'd understand! You have school! Aren't you going to get into trouble?" I half shouted.
"I only get in trouble if I get caught. But aren't you happy I came?" Ikuto asked.
I blushed a little and smiled looking at the ground, "Of course I am."
He patted my head and smiled too.
"Oh and I have a little graduation present for you."He said.
"Huh?"I asked confused.
"Its a necklace. I remembered that you lost your other one, so I hope its ok that I'm replacing it."Ikuto said.
I studied the necklace he gave me. It was half a heart my half said "LO". The letters were studded with little pink diamonds and in the corner of the heart was a blue cross. "Where's the other half?" I asked stupidly.
"Right here." Ikuto said smiling pointing to the necklace around his neck. I should have known that :3 I laughed and hugged Ikuto tight. I never wanted to forget this moment...