Yes, everyone, instead of giving my other stories a long-overdue update, I'm starting a completely new one. But this one has nothing to do with the typical crazy anime or Silent Hill stories that I've written, as the category and genre has already suggested. Yes, I'm writing a romantic comedy story about the most awesome Civil War movie ever, Glory. I have created two totally new OCs just for the purpose of this story, and please, if the characters are OOC, just tell me so I can fix it. Also, because I couldn't post the whole summary (I already know before posting that it's gonna be too long XD), due to it being too long, I'm putting it right HERE:

Ebony and Ivory, twin sisters and best friends, are asked by a mysterious boy named Caleb to participate in a 'harmless' experiment. they 'accept', and their lives are turned upside-down when they are hurled back in time, all the way to the Civil War era. They then learn that Caleb is actually from the year 3017, and is supposed to find two willing participants to change history. Well, in this case, semi-willing. Enter, the dashing Robert Shaw and the flirtatious Cabot Forbes, along with the 54th Massachusetts regiment! What happens when they fall in love with a certain two aforementioned Union soldiers? Will they stick together like always, or will they take sides and be torn apart? Will they succeed and change history for the better, or can they even succeed in surviving?

Suspenseful, eh? Also, there's a whopping five genres, not just two; Romance, Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction, and Adventure. So, yeah. That's about it. Well, without further adu, let the madness begin!

The Unexpected Experiment

Ebony POV

I'm sitting in US History class, bored out of my mind, staring out the window. As far as I'm concerned, history can go f-k itself in a barn. How Ivory can actually enjoy this crap, I will never know. Personally, I prefer Science, which Ivory hates. It's like a never ending war between us. Speaking of wars, we're studying Civil War. Still. It's nearing the end of first quarter, and we started on the first day of school. I'm now ready to shoot myself.

Oh, how rude of me, not to introduce myself. Could you tell I was being sarcastic? Anyway, I'm Ebony. Ebony Brooke. My sister is Ivory Brooke. Wassup?

My teacher, Mrs. Flaaner, is once again going on and on and on about how amazing Robert Shaw is. Ugh, does she ever shut up? Honestly, the woman probably fantasizes about him behind her husband's back.

Now, don't get me wrong; I've got nothing against the guy, and he actually seems pretty cool, but, seriously, after hearing about how amazing and brave he is, over, and over, and over, day, after day, after day, I've kind of gotten sick of it. Of course, it's not like I paid much attention after the first few days; all I really hear now is white noise. But I like hearing different white noise from time to time, not the same damn thing over and over again.

"Ebony Brooke! Are you paying attention?" I sighed. Shit.

"Yes, Mrs. Flaaner," I said in a droning voice.

"Then, would you mind telling me what I was just talking about?" I smirked; this was an easy one. After all, what does she talk about every single day?

"Robert Shaw," I replied without hesitation.

She raised an eyebrow and said, "Alright then, if you were really paying attention, then you should be able to tell me how old he was when he died, correct?" I froze; we went over that? Shit, piss, f-k! Of course, it's just my luck she'd start going over new facts once I stopped paying attention! I scanned my book frantically, looking for the answer.

"Well, miss Brooke? We're waiting," she said smugly. I didn't even have to look up to know that she was smirking. I heard my classmates snickering at me. Tards.

"He was," I started, finding the line where the information was listed, "twenty-five." I said it before it really registered with me, and when it did, I stared at the page, wondering if I'd read it wrong. I went over the line again, once, twice, three times, but it still said the same thing. Sure, I knew he'd been in the army, but I couldn't believe that he'd died so young…

"Miss Brooke," said Mrs. Flaaner, "as punishment for not paying attention, you are to stay after class for detention." The class erupted in mocking laughter. I only grunted in confirmation.

Of course, I wasn't actually going to stay; it was Friday, and I wouldn't have to see her all weekend. I could deal with Flaaner on Monday.

She continued to lecture us after that, but for some reason, I just couldn't tune it out now. It's like I just felt this sudden compulsion to actually listen to what she was saying, as if it was suddenly fascinating. Weird, huh?

Ivory POV

I watched as my sister Ebony fumbled for the answer to Mrs. Flaaner's question. I sighed when she was given detention; mostly because I knew that she would just slip out when Flaaner wasn't looking. Of course, I wasn't going to tell; what are best friends (and sisters) for?

Though, what surprised me is that it seemed like she was actually paying attention after Flaaner jumped on her. It's like she's suddenly interested. Huh. Well, it's none of my business.

"Now, as I was saying," started Mrs. Flaaner, but she was cut off when the end of the day bell rang. She sighed, "Alright, I suppose it's time for you to go, but we will pick this up on Monday! And Ebony, stay after for detention!"

Everyone, having gathered their things, stood and went out the door. Of course, Ebony would have to wait until Flaaner was busy with something and blend in with the outgoing crowd, so I waited patiently outside the door for her.

As usual, she appeared a moment later, and said, "C'mon, let's get out of here before Flanner flappy-mouth notices I'm gone."

Before we were even half-way down the hall, I heard Alison Mitchell, the self-appointed 11th grade snitch, call out, "Mrs. Flaaner! Ebony is trying to escape detention!" Upon hearing that, we sprinted down the hall, rounded the corner, and rode down the handrail when we got to the stairs. Yes, we rode down it. As it, we sat our behinds down on the rail and slid. We do that a lot, when escaping the Flaan. Which happens a lot, since Ebony gets detention a lot.

We didn't bother getting on the bus; Flaaner could easily stop ours and pull Ebony off, so we cut through the four-foot wide gap between our building and the boys' building (yes, our school separates by gender).

I knew we weren't out of the woods yet, because I heard Mrs. Flaaner holler, "Ebony Brooke! Get back here this instant! Ivory, you are to stay for detention also!" Looking back, I saw her gaining on us.

That was another thing about Flaaner; she would chase a student almost anywhere if they were supposed to stay for detention.

We sprinted across the freeway behind our school, not bothering to wait until the 'Walk' light flashed on. From there, we fled into the woods that surround our little town like some sort of shield. Beyond the woods (all forty-two acres) lay the open country, where our parents used to take us for picnics when we were younger.

We both knew that Flaaner wouldn't follow us into the woods; she's terrified of them, and it's the only place she wouldn't go. She thinks that bears live in the woods. They don't, of course; the worst that lives around here are a few raccoons, the occasional fox, and a deer or two. But try telling that to Mrs. Flaaner.

We stopped after running a good couple yards in. I leaned up against a tree, panting, and Ebony plopped unceremoniously on the ground, gasping for air.

"Well," she said, after taking a moment to catch her breath, "I think we lost her."

I laughed, "You think?"

Ebony POV

I walked next to my sister in silence, listening to the cry if the cicadas. They wouldn't be around much longer; fall was on it's way, and the cold air would definitely drive off any trace of the bugs. Which kind of sucked, because listening to cicadas was definitely better than listening to Mrs. Flaaner's lectures. Plus, they made it easier to tune everything out; it gave me something to focus on.

"Ebony?" I heard Ivory say.

"Yeah, Ivy?" I asked, for once using her little-known nickname.

"I'm a little confuzzled," she said.

"About what?" I asked. Usually, if she avoided her own question like this, it was something important.

"Well," she said, biting her lip, "I was just wondering… do you-" her question was cut off by the sound of a surprised and pained yell.

"What was that?" I cried out, jumping back a little.

"I don't know! Hey, I think it came from over there!"

We ran through the bushes, only to find… a boy with cinnamon-colored hair, crystal-clear blue eyes, and freckles. He looked older than us, maybe in his twenties, and he wore a silver t-shirt and baggy green cargo-shorts. He was rubbing his lower back, and I think we could both see that he'd managed to fall flat on his ass.

"Who are you? !" I shouted angrily.

"I," he said, standing up and brushing himself off, "am Caleb. Nice to meet you, ladies. Er, what are your names?"

"I'm Ebony, and this is Ivory. What's it to you?" I snapped bitterly. I don't know why, but I didn't like him. He seemed like a real pretty-boy prick. Something about him just made me want to kick him in the happy place. In short, I didn't trust him. At all. Not one bit.

Ivory POV

I don't really see why Ebony's so against Caleb. He seems nice enough… Well, I may be judging a book by it's cover here, but really, he doesn't seem all that bad. But I would like to know where he came from, how he just suddenly appeared, and why I've never seen him before.

In a small town like ours, everyone knows, well, everyone. And everyone knows when someone new moves into the neighborhood. I'd never seen Caleb before, which is really odd, and I hadn't heard about anyone moving into the neighborhood. Plus, our town is really out of the way; the nearest town to ours is about 50 miles south. So, the million dollar question is… where did he come from?

Caleb POV

I could obviously see that Ebony didn't trust me, and though Ivory looked a little more friendly, I could see plainly that she was skeptical, too. Over the course of the next few awkwardly silent seconds, the skeptical look became one of distrust. Shit.

Ebony POV

After a few awkward seconds, I asked, "What are you doing here?" lacing the words with so much venom they were dripping.

He smiled and said, "Actually, I'm looking for two willing participants to, well, participate, in a completely harmless experiment. I know, it sounds sketchy," he added, seeing my deadly glare, "but trust me, it's completely harmless."

I looked at Ivory. She seemed uncertain.

"Well," she said in a tone that meant she was thinking about it, but not entirely sure.

"Good enough for me!" Caleb yelled, and he grabbed my wrist, and Ivory's.

"Hey!" I screamed, trying to yank away. "Let us go!"

"Sorry," he said, "no can do."

"No CAN'T do, you son of a bitch! Now f-king let us go!" Pardon my French.

"Ooh, testy, aren't we? Sorry, I can't. But don't worry; this'll all be over soon."

I could hear Ivory screaming. F-k, f-k, f-k! What the hell is this guy going to do to us? !

Suddenly, everything began to swirl around us. WTF? ! It's official; this is the weirdest day of my life!

Then, everything faded to black.

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