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Distributing Arms


Ebony POV

I just woke up from the weirdest dream I've ever had. Maybe because of what happened last night. Maybe not. All I know is, it was f-king weird.

First off, I was listening to my iPod, on a school bus. Well, Ivory was there too. But the weird thing is, she wasn't sitting next to me like she usually was. Robert was. Yeah, weird, right? Actually, Ivory was sitting in the seat in front of me. And Forbes was sitting next to her. Weirder still.

For some reason, even though in dreams everything seems completely normal, no matter how bizarre, it didn't seem off or even slightly out of place that two guys from the mid-to-late 1800's were in the 21st century, sitting with me and my sister on a school bus. Then, when we reached the stop we (and by 'we' I mean me and Ivory) usually get off at, I woke up. The sun was just coming up. I was one of the first up an' at em'. Well, I'm not complaining. I don't feel tired (maybe because I'm finally getting used to being up an hour earlier than usual), and I don't have to be woken up. Pretty cool, I guess.

After that, things went pretty much routinely. Robert sent me to the postmaster again, with more letters to deliver. Apparently, he likes to write home. A lot.

When I came back, I noticed that everyone was lined up. Someone I quickly recognized as Rawlins was prying open a long crate. When it opened, he began reading numbers off a list, and then he took a gun out of the crate. Holy shit. The guys are getting guns today.

I jogged up to the building they were distributing them under (I didn't bother to look and see which one), only to run into Robert.

"Did you deliver the letters to the postmaster?" he asked.

"Yes sir," I replied, trying not to sound bored. "What's going on?"

"The men are receiving their arms today." Well, at least the 'slang' for guns is arms, not balls. Otherwise, that would've sounded so wrong.

"Ah, so, they're finally gonna learn to fight with a weapon?"

"Yes," he said slowly, giving me the 'why are you talking like a man?' look. A look I was used to getting from him. And pretty much everyone else around here, except for Ivory.

"Hmm, that's good." We lapsed into an uncomfortable silence. A voice from behind broke it.

"Robert! Ebony!" I recognized the voice as Thomas's. I turned around and smiled. Something I've been doing a lot more of lately. Weird how being throw against your will into another time period can change shit, huh?

"Hello, Thomas," said Robert, obviously trying to keep things formal. And failing.

"It's about time we got weapons," Thomas said, but good-naturedly, not rude or snarky like the boys back home would be. "There was a rumor going around, about us being used only for manual labor." That confused me. What the hell? I thought this was the army, not a slave plantation. Why wouldn't they get to fight?

"It's not true, is it?" asked Thomas, sounding a little worried. "About us not getting to fight? Because, everyone here's ready. I know I am!" In the background, one of the guys made clucking noises. I didn't even have to look to know that it was Trip.

Seeing as how I'd been forgotten, I just walked away without being dismissed. Not like they were paying attention.

I walked off the edge off the wooden porch-like thing, and saw something completely idiotic. The troops were playing war. Literally, pretending to shoot each other with their guns. My jaw dropped. What morons! What if those came loaded and someone's finger slips or something? ! They could kill each other, for real!

I hissed a sigh, rolled my eyes at their stupidity, and walked as far to the left of the madness as possible, so I was right up against the wall. I planned on showing Ivory Then, a shot rang out. Glass shattered. I cried out and fell backwards, feeling a shooting pain in my left arm… wait… left? The madness is to my right. So… I'm not hit. At least, not by a bullet.

I remember some glass shattering… maybe… maybe a shard or two got in my arm? I looked more closely at my injured arm, and quickly realized that that was the case. Being in a time where surgeons cut off the body part that got hit, I really dodged a bullet there. No pun intended.

Several people called my name at once.


"E-Ebony? !"

"Ebony! Are you alright? !"

"Miss Brooke!"


Because so much was going on at once, I couldn't make out who the first or third voices belonged to, but the second, I'm pretty sure was Jupiter (the stutter never fails to help identify him), the fourth was Robert's (like I've said before he's the only one that doesn't just call me by my first name, except Mulcahy, and he just calls me 'Brooke'), and last one was definitely Ivory.

Wincing, I stood. Five people reached me at once; Ivory, Robert, Forbes, Thomas, and Jupiter. Well, that settles who the two unidentified voices belonged to.

"Ebony!" that was Thomas. "Are you hit? !"

"No," I said, grimacing, "but I think I have some glass in my arm." I took my hand away so they could see. Everyone grimaced.

"E-E-Ebony, I-I'm so sorry!" stuttered Jupiter. I'm assuming he's the one who shot.

"It's alright; I don't look dead, do I?" I joked, trying to lighten the mood. I was ignored. F-k.

"Miss Ivory," Robert said, turning his attention to my sister. "Take Miss Ebony to the medical tent and make sure her arm is attended to. Dismissed."

Ivory saluted, and walked away, with me in tow. Well, what a helluva day this turned out to be.

Yes, Ebony was near enough to the glass bottle that Jupiter shattered to get hit with some glass. Oh, trust me, this is not the last time Ebony's going to get hurt. That much you can count on. Well, with that said… typed… whatever, this is Katie (yes, my real name is Katie), signing out!