-1Silver Horror: Another Megaman Star Force (Ryuusei no Rockman) fanfic except it is with the crossover with Luigi's mansion from Nintendo starring Patrick as the main protagonist of the story.

(Note: I am tire of Capcom making him a minor character instead of a main character like the others, I wish I can punch Capcom in the face… to see how DOES the fans feel about this…Well, I can't because I will end up being sue or jailed) (Giggled a little)

Cancer Bubble: She does not own Megaman Star Force (Ryuusei no Rockman) only Capcom does Buku… or Luigi's Mansion only Nintendo does.

Geo Stelar: I do not know why do you have to make Patrick a cross dresser? (Awkward glare)

Silver Horror: (Blushes) Fan girl instinct…

Bud: You are giving us male characters of Megaman Star Force a bad name…

Luna: So what? I wonder what WILL HAPPEN IF I MAKE ALL MALE CHARACTERS CROSS DRESS! Besides he make all girls want to be make the guys wear dress…

The Male characters of Megaman Star Force: Oh boy! (They all run away from the girls)

Silver Horror: This is not going to like no ordinary parody of Luigi's mansion… (Sly glare drinking tea) Enjoy the story…

Sprigs' Mansion

Chapter One: A Strange Contest that Patrick Never Enter In

Patrick Sprigs is an orphan boy living in the base (as a home for him) where Geo sent into the space and face the FM-ians in battle. He does not seem to mind spring-cleaning while wearing a purple house cleaner dress with black and white stockings and black gloves peacefully cleaning away with Gemini Spark who live with him in their EM human form thanks to the memories. They do not have a kitchen or a bathroom, Patrick usually buys dry food in the store and sometimes used the dumb outside as his personal outhouse. Patrick sighed seeing his home well clean and tidy while Gemini Spark B and Gemini Spark W are fighting over a simple 6 weeks-year-old molded honey bun that Geo's mom made for him.

"Hey that is my bun, I been saving it since last week!" yelled B punching his half in the face. "No, its mind because it is on my side of the bed!" said Gemini Spark W slapping like an idiot. "You slap like a girl!" said B aggressive, but Patrick grabs the honey bun and eats it peaceful leaving both B and W in shock. "Dammit Patrick!" yelled the twins in anger, but Patrick is about to say a word and he got sick. He rushes up outside and throw up in one of the junkyards, they both stare at each other and they both said, "Thank you Patrick for being a taste tester!"

"Hey Patrick!" said Geo waving at him excited, but than turn to shock, "WTF ARE YOU WEARING A DRESS?" Patrick turn embarrass seeing Geo in shock, "Sorry I will change!" Patrick rushes back into his home and kick Gemini Spark out of the home to change his clothes. "So how are you GS?" said Mega stare at them, "How did you remain in this form so far?" "I don't know it's the memory I am guessing?" said Gemini Spark B getting up.

Gemini Spark W is stuck in the diaper pile head first, "A little help, this smell is getting me sick!" Gemini Spark B said turning away taking out a Megaman Zero Picture Book, "Sorry I am busy right now!" Gemini Spark W said with a panic all of the sudden after feeling something crawling in his back, "CAN SOMEONE GET ME OUT THIS PILE?" "I think we should help him beside he is our ally you know Mega!" said Geo as he grab W's leg, start to pull him out. "Uh Geo remember what happen last time," said Mega did not say a word. "They are peaceful right now!" said Geo after pulling him out of the piles, W hug Geo said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" "Go you stink you need a bath!" said Geo release from the hug and step away from him. "We don't have a shower!" said W, but B push him into an ocean. B laughed, "How is that for a shower?" W gives B the glare and he said swimming back into the junkyard dead fishes floated on the ocean, "thanks a lot B… at least we can survive by eating the fishes."

"You know Patrick should live with Solo, my mom, and Chaud at my house instead of living in this dump," said Geo speaking out, "How do you use the bathroom in the junkyard?" Patrick finally comes out of the home wearing his usual and he said to Geo, "hello…" "Patrick you should moving into our home for now on," said Geo stare at him, "Come on, who would want to live in a junkyard here without a bathroom or showers?" "Uh hobos do!" said Patrick point to hobos singing around the fire, but than wave at Geo and he wave back at them.

"Ok… except for that!" said Geo apathetic while Mega and Gemini Spark snap their fingers getting into the beat of their song. "Man they are very good singers," said Mega snap his finger. "Well, I don't know," said Patrick looking around the junkyard, "The junkyard is my home and I kind of like it here, even they got rare things inside the junkyard like we found some clothes. I am not happy living into mansion or house, just happy being a homeless kid."

The hobos applaud on Patrick's speech and Geo remain silent until a Mail Man riding his bike saying, "Mail for Patrick Sprigs!" The Mail Man try to use his brakes, but trip and went into the ocean, Patrick grab the mail from the Mail Man's hand and help him up. Patrick Sprigs opens the mail and takes out a paper that says "Patrick Sprigs congratulation on winning your new mansion!"

The hobos congratulate Patrick for winning the mansion, Patrick remain in shock and confuse. He turns to Gemini Spark B with a glare, he said to Patrick, "Don't look at me; I didn't go on porn sites last night…" "W," said Patrick giving W the glare. W said, "I went to watch some soap opera online!" The record scratch at the background and everyone give W the glare, W said bravely, "HEY There is nothing wrong with watching soap opera!" "Agree!" said Patrick along side with him.

"Ok I am with two idiots that watch Soap Opera; FM-ians don't watch soap operas!" yelled B full of pride doing his pose on a pile of broken-down machine, but fall down into the diaper pile. "Uh," said Mega ignoring whistling at the background along with Geo.

Geo skip the subject and he said stare at the letter, "no one use this type of mail anymore and they use e-mail instead right…" "I am guessing there are some people don't trust technology at all," said Patrick staring at it turn the letter over revealing a map.

"The mansion is somewhere in a middle of some kind of place," said Patrick examine the map, "I don't see no bus going into that area at all, I think I should invite everyone to check it out…" "Why is that?" said Geo envious. Patrick changes into his maid's outfit, "I volunteer to clean to school so meaning that I will be there night at 8:30 PM sharp… to get my credit up once again." "Oh how can I not remember," Geo said in his mind giving Patrick the awkward glare by not upsetting him, "When will he stop cross dressing like a girl, it is giving him a bad name in the school…"

Patrick happily skip out of the junkyard as birds and little creatures coming out of nowhere while he is singing peacefully following him, Geo turn away envying him and he said giving Gemini Spark the glare, "This is going to be one awkward story…" Geo, Gemini Spark, and Mega peacefully left the junkyard pretending nothing happen, the mailman turn seeing them leave. He said with a strange evil grin, "Let the game begin." He laugh and vanishes in thin air without the hobos noticing him, things are not going to be good at all… What lies within the mansion and WHEN WILL Patrick STOP WEARING THE DRESS? Tune next on Sprigs' Mansion…


Geo: I cannot believe that mail man is a GHOST… (In shock)

Silver Horror: You are ruining the story Geo, but you will see in the next chapter…

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