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CH. 4: Pat VS Cygnus' Family

Pat comes back the mansion wearing Luna's clothes and he carries a net dragging on the ground. "Time to catch some APE!" said Pat with pride. "There are no apes in this mansion!" said Rey impatient, "Well, Dr. Light gives you a net to capture ghost in! Luna's dress does not even match your hair, why you go with Viewtiful Joe instead of this stupid dress?"

Pat ignores Rey's nagging as he went back inside the mansion, the foyer's light went on and Cancer Bubble standing next to the right stairs. He was not in his EM form instead he was in his human form, he sits on the stairs shaken in fear. "HELLO CANCER!" said Pat cheery. "Hi Pat," said Cancer looking up to him, "You did not realize that Cygnus Wing and Queen Ophiuca got marry?" "WHAT THEY HAVE!" said Pat surprise. "The Snake marry to Swan?" said Rey twitching, "They do not mix together!"

"They do make a good couple!" said Pat jumping. "SILENCE!" said Queen Ophiuca's voice from the hall where Pat was at last night. "Oh that," said Pat shaken in fear. "I wish you good luck and I won't be here after that snake poison me," said Cancer leaving the mansion. "Bye," said Pat disappointment waving goodbye to Cancer who leaves the house. "One crab is out of the picture," said Rey chuckling at the background.

Pat cries as he went upstairs and he went to the same hall on the left and he went try to key on four doors. He went into the last door on the left and he opens it. He notices that it is a master bedroom with walls made of purple and blue except for the ceiling. A dresser table with a mirror and a chair right in front of a window with black curtains. A rug of a dead panda on the floor and the room decorated with jewelry all over the room. It has a huge master bed on the right side of the room facing vertical close to the wall. The chandelier on the ceiling and a closet door on the right side of the window as it turn around clockwise.

Pat sneak inside the room without causing a noise and the door slams behind her as he sneaks inside the room. He notices a ghost of Ophiuca sitting on the chair minding her own business combing her hair without anyone disturbing her. He said in his mind, "Ophiuca as Lyria, I thought Leviathan and Harpuia are going to be Neville and Lyria, but I was wrong. Beside do I have a crush on Luna? She looks so hot in her Queen Ophiuca outfit!"

Pat daydream about Luna coming out of the kitchen carrying a tray of brownies and she wears a strapped white dress. While Pat sit down on the dinner table with a napkin tuck over his collar and holding a fork and knife. The daydream interrupts with Ophiuca standing right in front of him with red eyes glowing in the dark and she said, "YOU WERE THE ONE WHO KILL MY HUSBAND! YOU WILL DIE!" "Oh shit!" said Pat holding his net that turns into twin guns. He begins to shoot Ophiuca and he did not realize that he is now wearing Death the Kidd's outfit from Soul Eater.

"Take this snake!" said Pat continues to shoot at the Queen Ophiuca, but she uses one of her snakes a shield before she get a chance to attack. She charges straight to him, Pat said to her, "You look so beautiful!" "Uh!" said Queen Ophiuca blushing. "So symmetry!" said Pat staring at her, "So beautiful than Luna and Sonia combine!" "HEY!" said Sonia's voice and Luna's voice at the background. "Your hair is so symmetry with your fine body," said Pat winking at her. Rey stands there at the background and he said to him, "What are you a womanizer?"

Pat holds Queen Ophiuca's hand and he kiss it; Queen Ophiuca giggles a little leaving Cygnus Wing in his ghost form getting mad. "Ok then," said Rey floating away from Cygnus Wing while Pat flirts with Queen Ophiuca. Cygnus Wing said, "Who does that boy think he is?" "Just Pat for you," said Rey apathetically. "I thought he was gay from the beginning," said Cygnus Wing apathetically. "Yeah, you almost kiss PAT!" said Rey aggressive. "I thought he was a girl," said Cygnus Wing gagging. "No, he is a boy!" said Rey laughing, "I cannot believe you fall for that trick!" "Shut up!" said Cygnus Wing in anger. Pat overheard Rey and Cygnus Wing having an argument, Pat grabs Queen Ophiuca by the hand and leads her out the mansion. "

(The Romance music begin to play at the background)

They both spend time with each other while they were shopping for clothes online and they stolen ice cream from Aaron's apartment. Then they both eat it on top of the rooftop, they were disgust by the taste of the ice cream and Pat said disgusted, "Yuck Tuna…" Pat throws the ice cream on the ground and they fly the night sky away like Peter Pan without the theme song. They enjoys their night terrorizing people, stealing ice cream from Geo's house and making out in Luna's room without her parents knowing until the end of the night. Ophiuca enjoys herself and she said to him, "Thank for the night, I never have no fun after I marry to him." She uses her fingers to comb Pat's hands and they both stare at each other. They both blushes and turns away, Pat said to Queen Ophiuca, "Don't worry, I will get you back Luna… I promise."

Pat grabs her by the closer and she gives her a close kiss, he uses the net to capture Queen Ophiuca. Next thing, he knows he was back in the master bedroom as the light comes on, Pat wake up from his sleep on top of the master bedroom. "What took you so long?" said Rey lays down next to him. "WAAH!" said Pat panicking, "I have this good dream where I fall in love with Queen Ophiuca instead of Luna, but it was SO SYMMETRY!" "Well, you idiot," said Rey slamming a pillow down on Pat's face, "That is Luna trap in Ophiuca's body, you should know better than that!"

"WAAH!" said Pat struggling until Rey removes the pillow from Pat. He notices red lipstick kiss on the side of his cheek and Rey said to him, "Uh where did you get a kiss from a girl?" "Uh?" Pat said touches the side of his face, he notices a brown envelope next to him. He picks it and he opens it revealing to be pictures of him and Ophiuca. "This was a dream," he said sitting down on the side of the bed staring at the pictures and a letter drop out of the envelope.

Dear Pat,

Before I was trap inside the painting, I wrote this letter to express my feelings and apologize for ignoring you. There are so many questions that I need to ask. Why you will not at school? Why did not you show up on the vacation with us? Why did you have leave us behind? WHY give me a good reason why you left Edge Ridge before we were on vacation? Is it because of me having feelings for Geo or was it your depression? Was I am a fool to fall for Geo instead of you after he return to school? Please give me a good reason, we could settle this, but I would understand you if you could just talk about it.

I think it was my fault for abandoned my feelings for you and I am sorry for everything that I did to you. Please Pat give me a second chance to improve our relationship for my sake. I already know Geo has feelings for Sonia instead of me and I was such a pushover instead of being a good friend to you.

I will encourage you as you fight your fears and save us from this nightmare.


After Pat read the letter, he got up from the bed and he said in his mind, "Why Luna?" He leaves the room with Rey right behind him after picking up the money and the key on the dresser table. He leaves the room with pride as he left the room a silhouette of Luna standing in the middle of the room.

Pat went into the room in the middle and he said, "I think this is where I face the baby?" "I wondered who that baby is?" said Rey wondering. Pat put the key into the key hole, the door open revealing a nursery room and Rey said, "This is strange and where's the trap when you need to kill your light side?" Pat did not say a word as he close the door, he sees a shadow floating by the crib revealing to be baby version of Cancer Bubble. "CANCER IS THE BOSS!" said Rey in shock. Pat did not say a word, he went up to the rocking horse and he begins to rock the rocking horse. "I think that is how we suppose to wake with this," said Pat focusing. "THAT STUPID CRAB IS THE BABY BOSS!" said Rey in shock with his left eye twitching, "I refuse to be beaten by a baby."

Pat ignores him as he rocks the rocking horse, Cancer Bubble wakes up, he appears right in front of them wearing a pink jumpsuit, white bib, and a red pacifier. The sleeves cover his claws and he said, "Would you like to play with me?" Rey throw a ball at him and he said, "You are one ugly baby!" Cancer got mad; he begins to throw things at them. As Pat and Rey begins to dodge teddy bears, mini rocking horses, dolls, Tom's dirty clothes, Zack's retainer, Solo's dirty gym clothes, Geo's socks, Bud's dirty underwear, and Sonia's dirty shoes. "Yuck!" said Pat cover in everyone's dirty clothes, "It causes me to feel dizzy."

"Don't think about, don't think about it," said Rey trying to keep Pat up until they realize that they were tiny in a crib. "What is happening?" said Pat panicking, he realize he wears a light green strapped nightgown with pink slippers, "OMG, why AM I WEARING MY PAJAMA?"

"WAHAHAHA!" said huge baby Cancer floating outside of crib holding a gray rattle at his hand, "YOU THINK YOU SO TOUGH, BUT YOU ARE NOT ANYMORE! COME AND FIGHT ME!" Pat switch body with Rey who is now holding the vacuum, Rey hold his dress down and he said, "You need wears some PJ Pat!" "Shut up and let's get on to the battle!" said Pat cheering him on. Rey dodges the mini rocking horses and he said, "What do I have to do?" "Use the vacuum to suck the ball and hit the target," said Pat to Rey.

"Ok!" said Rey as he picks up the balls bouncing around the crib. He throws ball at Cancer and he falls down on the ground as Rey throw three balls at him. Rey takes out the vacuum and he begins to suck the Cancer ghost. "He only got 50 HP left, do not let anything stand in your way," said Pat cheerfully at the background until the rocking horses come out of nowhere. Rey hit by one of them, Cancer laughs as he regain his powers. "Dammit!" said Rey getting up.

"Pat!" said Dr. Light coming out of the communicator, "I got good news!" "Not now Old Man!" said Rey continually throwing balls at Cancer, "Dammit he regains his HP and I know you can't do that!"

"I was getting to there," said Dr. Light, "Unlike Luigi's Mansion, they do not regain HP, but when it comes to Megaman style. You are able to uses anything from the game; you are please to except you can't pulse in without your favorite FM Alien."

Rey continues to throw balls at Cancer, but he miss the target by 15 in a row and he said, "Talk another time!" "I think I know what to do?" said Pat as he switch places with Rey wearing Harp Note outfit.

Rey said, "Where did you get that outfit?" "I borrow the power from Sonia thanks to the Brother Band!" said Pat as he sings "Resonance" by TM Revolution.

Pat: If the lamplight of connected souls points toward your heart,
Can you hear a resonance stronger than words now?

It got Cancer's attention as he sees Pat as Harp Note singing the song while playing the guitar. He begins to dance to the beat and Dr. Light said in his mind, "I was about to tell him, but somehow he knows."

Pat: Our eyes barely even meet, but our fates are intertwined;
Our destinations are exactly the same, so run through the unbearable night alongside me

Even if the radiance that we chased too far,
Continues into bad dreams

If the lamplight of connected souls points toward your heart;
Can you hear a resonance stronger than words now?

Cancer cannot stops dancing as he is being controls by Harp Note's ability until the final moment. Pat turns the guitar into the net and he charge straight to Baby Cancer. Pat finally captures Cancer Bubble and everything went back to normal. "I did it!" said Pat cheerfully while Rey suck all the money inside the vacuum. "Yeah let's get back to Dr. Light," said Rey walking outside. "How did you?" said Pat wondering, "I thought I saw Rey a moment ago. Naah, it is just my imagination." Pat walks out of the nursery with pride and Rey come out of the closet as Pat leaves the room.

"So, you want me to work with you right?" said Rey with an evil smirk, "And in return you will make me whole." "Yes," said a voice, "Now go!" "Yes, Sir Bass," said Rey vanishes as the light went off. Pat went back to the house where Dr. Light waits for them outside and he said with pride, "Pat, my boy, welcome back. I do see you capture the ghosts very well!" "Yes, I did!" said Pat cheerful, "They are happily inside the vacuum." "No, WE ARE NOT!" said the ghosts stuff inside the Star Carrier. Pat hands the Star Carrier to Dr. Light, Dr. Light takes the Star Carrier to the computer and he said to Pat, "You know Cancer Bubbles hands me two possessed painting containing Tom's Soul and Zack's Soul. Each room contains the painting of its victims and I also was about to tell you."

"That you could borrow your friend's power when you have a Brother Band," Dr. Light explains, "And also no wonder that you have fans that got your back from online. Especially you have a brother in Death City who seems to send you this message and a brother from the Cosmo. I could tell you, you have brothers from all over the dimensions." "I did not realize that," said Pat surprise as he sits down on the chair and he grabs a cake bar from a bowl, "No one did not realize the pain, I am going through except for Geo-Kun. Luna is fallen for Geo while I suffer the pain from my other half Rey."

Dr. Light put the Star Carrier into the machine and he activates it by the computer. All the ghosts and zombies appear on the computer monitor, as they slowly become chips coming out of the dispenser.

It also separates the FM-ians from the ghosts that possess their body with them sitting in middle of the room. Cygnus said with a headache holding both his wings to his head, "What just happen and I feel like someone touch in strange places?" Ophiuca and Cancer stare at him for a second. Ophiuca said hiding her feelings, "No one did not touch you in strange places." "Why HAVE YOU FELT SOMEONE TOUCHING YOU?" said Cygnus waving his wing at her. Ophiuca did not say a word, but she begins to blushes for second instead of showing her feelings to Cygnus. She comes up to him in a romance manner and she begins to beat him up with her flute. Cancer sitting on the edge of the bed enjoying his popcorn while Ophiuca beats up Cygnus for no reason.

Dr. Light said to him, "You look tired and you need to rest. There is a room next to the painting room, you rest there and tomorrow is another day."

Pat yawns as he went inside the guest room and he falls on the bed. He changes into his pajama before he went to bed and he said in his mind, "First dancing with Cygnus, second go out with Ophiuca, and last battling a baby. What is the bizarre thing I can come up next?"

Pat staring at the ceiling and he could think of Luna before he falls into a deep sleep. "I will save you somehow or the other," said Pat in his mind. As he falls asleep, a shadow appears on the ceiling staring down at Pat as he peacefully go to sleep. Rey's head pop up out of the shadow with an evil smirk on his face and he said, "I am not in your body anymore and I don't need you to share the body with you. You pathetic loser, see you until we meet again…"

He vanishes before Dr. Light comes into the room; Dr. Light said in his mind, "I should have sworn that I heard voices from the room."

He sees Pat peacefully sleeping on the bed and he smiles as he covers Pat before he leaves the room. "He got another challenge ahead of him tomorrow," Dr. Light said as Pat sleep peacefully.

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