Samantha's Pov:

"Just before he died Grampas wrote down a story his last and its the most amazing story the midnight society's ever going to hear. He began it over 60 years ago and its still not finished." Gary said walking around the circle.

"Not finished?" A boy sitting next to me asked."

"He wants us to finish it." tucker said in that little kid voice that I'd missed so much. It was amazing how much I missed be around the camp fire telling stories even if it was with a bunch of strangers and my boyfriends grandfather had just died.

" Its about five best friends that got this charm from a magic shop. They thought it was a good luck piece but they soon found out the only luck this charm had was bad luck. the charm was called the silver sight and it held a powerful black magic. When they found out the friends tried to get rid of it but they didn't know how and then horrible things started to go down. All because one of the friends, someone they thought they could trust was using the evil magic of the charm.

" A traitor in the group excellent" Quinn said getting excited and yes I know his name now I had asked tucker everyone's names after I had to refer to someone as the boy sitting next to me.

"So one of the friends took the charm and hid it. He gave each of the others one clue that told where it was hidden. he figured they'd have to put their clues together to find it to find it and working together was the only way they could destroy it.

"Cool what were the clues" Vange asked

Gary ignored her and carried on with his story. "the guy made a voice recording. they didn't have cassettes or cds back then so he made a recored and broke it in to five pieces. on each piece he wrote one clue and gave a piece to each of his friends and kept one him self."

"Then what happens"

" What happens is this isn't a story is it?" Megan asked

Then tucker stood up "It is a story a true story." he said.

I put my hand on Gary's shoulder and said "why don't you tell us every thing Gar."

"Alright here it is ,the five friends were the first midnight society. They never got back together so the silver sights been hidden all these years but yesterday day some thing scared grandpa Gene so bad he had a heart attack and it had something to do with the silver sight. This note is a plea for he gave it to me because he didn't think any one would believe him."

"What kind of help?" Vange asked

"gramps wants me to track down the old midnight society, get their clues, find the silver sight and destroy it once and for all."

"so how come your telling us?' Quinn asked

" because we got work fast and there's no one else who would believe us besides you guys." tucker said

" so, what do you want us to do?"

" I've got four names ,the rest of the old midnight society gramps wants us to track down the old midnight society and get their pieces of the record. tuck and I will take it from there." Gary said

" you know we'll help you. right guys?" I said standing up next to Gary. there were a few scattered yes and people nodding their heads.

" now remember it's the pieces of the record that we need we'll meet tomorrow in my dorm room for a status report." Then all of us started to leave.

"Wait you forgot something." Andy said


" Your story needs a title." Then me and Gary reached our hands in the midnight dust and pulled out a handful.

" Submitted for the approval of the midnight society I call this story the tale of the silver sight." we said tossing the midnight dust on the fire and watching it go out like someone turned of a light. so with that we started walking back home. a little while back it remembered I had left the key to my dorm room back at the camp fire.

" Gary, can you wait a second I left my key at the camp fire." And with that I ran off towards the fire. When I got close enough to the fire I saw a little boy standing next to the fire. That was bright red and orange one second then vanished along with the boy the next second.

"GARY!" I screamed running back towards him and away from the camp fire.

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