Samantha's POV:

I walked up to meet Gary at his dorm room to talk about the silver sight with the new midnight society but when I got there all I saw was the new midnight society banging on Gary's door yelling at him to let them in.

"What are you doing out here?" I asked them.

"Tucker lost the key Gary gave him and Gary locked the door." Vange said. Then I pulled out the key Gary gave me and handed it to Tucker.

"Here use mine." I said. One look at their faces made me feel like I'd said something bad. "What?" I asked.

"Nothing." Tucker said but I could swear I heard him and his friends laughing at me. Gary was sitting down just staring at piece of the record if we don't find the silver sight I'm pretty sure he'll go crazy.

"Gary," I said then he looked up at me.

"What?" Then I stepped back so he could see the new midnight society. "Oh, right so what did you want to show us Sam?" Gary asked.

"Just wait it should be here any minute now."

Betty-Ann's POV:

"Frank do you even know where we are." I asked we had been walking around campus for at least an hour and by now I was pretty sure none of us knew where we were plus my feet were starting to hurt.

"Hi" The voice freaked me out so much I jumped out of my skin. When I turned around I realised the voice had come from a little boy.

"Hey kid ,you lost?" Frank asked. Of course he's lost I thought. what would a little kid be doing on a collage campus?

"No but you are. your looking for the midnight society right?"

"Yeah" I said a bit scared that he knew that.

When I looked over at kiki and frank I could tell they were thinking the same thing as me.

Then he started walking away. "Well are you coming or are you just going to stand there like statues?"

After a while we came to a door in a long hallway.

"Well knock."

"Right" kiki said knocking on the door and I heard her footsteps on the other side. "Thanks kid." Kiki said. Just as the door swung open.

"who are you talking to Kiki?" Sam asked. The boy was gone. "Never mind come in."

"What are they doing here Sam?" A guy wearing glasses who could only be Gary asked.

"Were here to help."

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