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Main Characters (alphabetically by last name): Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley, Blaise Zabini

Timeline: Begins 1999 (1 years after the war)

Rating: M and in some cases M+

Warning: I'm sorry but I need to include Snape in this story so he didn't die for the sake of me not being able to live without him just yet.

Summery: War's over, time for teenage drama! Draco Malfoy finds his one true veela mate but Ron Weasley fights tooth and nail to keep her from 'the dark side' but that was Ron's down fall. Telling Hermione Granger what to do.

Looking at the mirror what did see? Life had completely changed from fine to awful back to fine again in the space of 3 years. The war lasted only 1 of those years but wars can do strange things to people.

Harry saw his face full of stubble small scars dotting around from many different times. Him running through the forest from the snatchers, when he landed on the ground after Voldermort had just cursed him, the large amount of hexes narrowly dodged but close enough to leave a scratch and of course, the big one, the lightning bolt on his forehead. Harry picked up the hair brush lying on the table and attempted to tame his hair even a little bit. Ginny appeared behind his and he viewed her through the mirror. She was beautiful, rosy pale skin, fiery soft hair and bright brown eyes just like her mother. He looked up at his, their eyes meeting through the mirror. She smiled at his struggles with the brushing device.

"If I were you I would give up" she half laughed as she darted outside fetching something. Harry sighed. He looked at his face again. He hadn't looked at himself so closely in years but now he saw how much older he looked and in a way, almost worn out like too much had happened to him. Too much had happened to him. Even though Tom Riddle had deserved to die Harry still hated how he was the one who caused it. He had never, through all his adventures killed someone, wounded yes but not killed. It bothered him that he was so bothered by his guilt of murder but as Ginny very often said 'what can you do?'

What could he do? He could help the ministry get on its feet, move on with his life of adventure or…

He picked up the envelope turning it over examining the familiar Hogwarts seal on the back. He could go back, learn some new stuff and have a proper normal year at Hogwarts worrying about normal teenaged boys did, girl and grades. Ginny got a letter too and she said she would go where he was but he knew she secretly wanted to go back more than going into the real world. He didn't even know why he had to consider it. He loved Hogwarts, wanted to go back and it would make Ginny happen but something felt…unusual.

"Ginny" he called looking straight into his eyes, his mother's eyes. She would want him to go back as would his dad and Sirius. She appeared at the door not needing to ask.

"Let's go back"

Hermione looked into the mirror only a little surprised at what see saw. She was a woman, not a little girl, a woman. She was capable of going into any situation and acting professionally and adult like. She had responsibilities now as well as total freedom. Being 17 meant she could just leave and never look back, do anything she wanted, go anywhere she wanted. Apart from one place. The top. She was going back to Hogwarts not for the fun or the chance of another year at childhood. She loved Hogwarts yes but she needed the grades if she wanted a good job, and a good life.

She turned away from the mirror and shut the large trunk on her bed. She sighed and walked out of the small flat she owned all by herself. Her parents had died in a car accident in Australia. Nothing to do with Voldermort, just a normal muggle death. In that case she was glad how they died even though it tore her to pieces that her parents were dead and that they died when they couldn't remember her. I was that small fact which cut into her deeply. Hermione brushed a tear which had escaped. Her parents would want her to go back anyway.

If that's what they wanted that's what she'd do.

When Draco looked in the mirror he was ashamed. His blond hair growing too long, he had cold grey eyes, his pointy face that he just didn't like and what he hated to admit, he did look quite ferret-like and especially with his extremely pale skin. He looked like his father. He hated his father. He didn't blame the people who looked at him and though 'just like his father - a death eater' because in a sense they were right.

He looked like his father, acted like his father and ended up in the service of you know who like his father. He did this often; look in the mirror but not to see how he looked like his father but to try to see the differences. He spent ages at first unable to come up with something but now it was easier. He was alive, his father was dead. He was forced to join the dark lord, his father chose it. He had very fine hair; his father's hair was extremely thick. He had his mothers high cheekbones, his father didn't. He had deserted lord Voldermort while his father had not.

"I think you should go." His mother said, "Show you aren't afraid of them"

"I'll go to get the rest of my education. To show I've moved on but...no one will believe me mother"

"Then prove them wrong like the Malfoy you are. Let's start a new image for ourselves."

They had had that same conversation hundreds of times over the summer and they repeated it just so Draco was sure he wanted to go. He was no Gryffindor, he was not brave. He had to be persuaded. He looked away from the mirror and hugged his mother. It was new for them to openly show love to each other but both mother and son were relieved.

"Let's go" Draco said pulling away and Narcissa swore she saw his dab his eye slightly. She loved her son and to see him show such strong emotion that wasn't fear made her smile. In her eyes he was nothing like Lucius. He was her son. Not Lucius's son.

Ron looked in the mirror and was livid. There on the side of his rather big nose.
"A fucking spot!" he swore. He was 17 now shouldn't all the puberty stuff be finished by now?

"Ron hurry up we're going to miss the train!" His mother screeched up the stairs.

"I'm coming for god sake! Calm down!" he would talk to Fred and George to see if they had anything he could use for the offending imposter on his face. Wait no. Not Fred and George. Just George. Ron shook himself, he still had to get used to that. He stomped downstairs dragging his trunk behind him and finally landed in the kitchen.

"You know," Charlie said jamming his toast, "you can use magic now that your 17 so you don't need to break the house dragging that thing behind you." Ron cheeks fired up.

"Shut up!"

"Ooooh scary!" Ron stormed outside.

"Harry!" he shouted "Mum where is Harry?"

"He and Ginny left earlier on, she said he couldn't sleep so they were going to digon alley for an ice cream and some coffee. They're probably at the platform right now! Now have you got everything?"

"Yes mum"

"Okay then let's go. We'll apparate" Ron's stomach squirmed. He didn't like apparating but he wasn't going to tell anyone that. He pulled out his want and counted to 3




Harry had the familiar sounds of people apparating behind him and he knew instantly who it was from their matching flaming hair.

"Harry dear are you feeling better?"

"I'm fine Mrs Weasley just a bit nervous that's all"

"What have you got to be nervous about? You're a hero Harry! Everyone will love you!" Ron shouted annoyed by his early morning.

"Exactly so now people expect something out of me!"
Just then another person apparated just behind his almost tripping him over.

"Sorry Harry! Are you okay?" Hermione looked at him her eyes bright.

"Fine. How was your holiday Hermione?"

"Good mum and dad are staying in Australia though. In Adelaide. But shouldn't we be getting on the train?" Mrs Weasley immediately started squawking orders at them, getting their trunks and owls in the right places, making sure they had the sandwiched she had made for them earlier. Hermione was relieved. She loved her friends but she hadn't been able to pluck up the courage to tell them what had happened. Harry would be so upset and he would blame himself.

"Hey Harry get a look at this" Harry looked up and followed Ron's pointing finger.

Draco Malfoy was there with his mother looking pale as always but without his confident smirk on his face. Before he properly knew what Harry was going he was striding over to the Malfoy's lots of pairs of eyes following him. Draco looked up at him as if expecting this but he sure as damn well wasn't expecting Harry's fist to fit him squarely under his nose knocking him off his feet. The whole platform went deadly silent.

"That," Harry began "was for everything you've done. All the hurt you've caused in the past. Dumbledore's death. You're constant bullying. Name calling. Letting death eaters into the castle. Everything!" Draco stared up at him, his eyes almost understanding

"But this," Harry held out his hand "is for the future. Let's move on Malfoy. Get over what we've done" He was almost pleading. The war had been caused because of old hates not being forgiven. He didn't want that. This public display would, hopefully, get people to start again, not hold past actions against them. Draco took Harry's hand and he hauled the Slytherin up and they embraced clapping each other on the back which Ginny said 'only men can do'. Harry turned to Narcissa "Thank you Mrs Malfoy. I owe you my life"

"And I owe you mine. I believe it was your final statement which stopped me from going to Azkaban." Harry nodded and turned around the shocked eyes following him as he walked back to Ginny.

Everyone was staring at him especially Ron who looked delighted he had hit Malfoy.

"My knuckles are sore" he finally said lightly to Ginny who burst out laughing.
That was the catalyst to hundreds of voice starting up all at once.

"That was bloody amazing!" Ron shouted in glee, "Did it feel good to finally strike down the bastard?" Harry felt annoyed at Ron

"No Ron. It didn't. I didn't punch Malfoy because I believe he deserved it or because I wanted to. I did it to try to send a message that we should let go of all the old hate lying around. That was Voldemort's problem in the first place! If we don't forgive each other and give each other second chances then nothing has changed" again the platform was watching him this time in awe. Ginny hugged him knowing how he felt

"Come one. Let's find a compartment"

The whole school knew about Harry hitting Draco including all the teachers and the great hall was simply a mass of people talking about it. Draco had come in alone his nose still bleeding 5 minutes after everyone else as he had needed to go to Madam Pomfrey to fix his nose.

Professor McGonagall - now Headmistress McGonagall had even mentioned it in her opening speech.

"It is time for us to get over our differences and forgive each other for the past as was displaced at Platform 9 3/4 earlier today. If two enemies such as Mr Potter and Mr Malfoy can settle their differences then we all can." Harry had turned scarlet at that but the Gryffindor's around him congratulated him on his fabulous displace.

The next morning in the great hall, when the post arrived, the story was on the front page of the daily profit and Harry was pleased to see that the article was encouraging people to forgive the Slytherin. Of course any article involving Harry came with a large amount of fan mail. Malfoy too, Harry noticed had an abnormally large amount of mail too for the next few days.

"Is it just me or does he look a bit miserable? I would have expected him to be bathing in the attention he's getting" Ron hadn't let go of the Malfoy issue and it was starting to annoy him.

"Oh Ron let it go! He's done nothing wrong yet!" Hermione snapped at him. Harry turned away looking at Ginny who also fidgeted uncomfortably. Hermione and Ron argued loads now a days and it made spending time together quite an ordeal.

"You're sticking up for him!"

"Ron his father died not long ago! We hated him yes but maybe Draco didn't! He is just as affected of this war as we are! The same goes with all the Slytherins. You don't need to love them or befriend them but you can at least shut your mother and keep your thoughts to yourself!" Hermione slammed her book shut and stalked out the great hall. Harry and Ginny looked at each other.

"I'll go" Ginny hopped up gathering her bag and followed Hermione out the hall.

Hermione had run outside to the lake and was now sitting down curled up in a ball.

"That time of the month?" Ginny asked. Hermione nodded glumly.

"Ron's being an idiot and he knows it. He just cant lower his damn pride," Hermione sighed

"I just feel so sorry for anyone who is will be or was a Slytherin. They are not Voldermort but they will always be compared to him and it's just so unfair! Look at Kreacher and Sirius's brother. The black family was known for being terrible but look at that relationship!" Ginny reached into her bag and got out the chocolate frogs she kept where ever she went in case she was on a low. She handed Hermione one and together they nibbled on them silently.

"Do you think you'll ever marry Ron? I would love it because you would, by law, become my sister but at the same time I'm against it cause...it's Ron. I just don't think he deserves you"

"I don't think so Ginny. I know that's what Ron's aiming for but I just guess it's not what I want," Ginny nodded leaving them again in silence.

"Okay then" Ginny started her voice changing to one of suspicion and cheek, "this future guy you're going to hook up with do you think he'll be sub or dom?"


"What? I personally think he'll be a sub and you'll dom away," Hermione stood up face red as Ginny laughed.

"Come on we have potions now!" The two years had been mixed together but the head boy and girl were chosen from Ginny's year only. Professor Snape was back at Hogwarts and had taken back his post as head of Slytherin and was as terrifying as ever however he was now forced not to be so biased or there would be consequences...well that was the rumour that was going round. Imagine that Snape being nice to Gryffindor's. Sorry I just can't imagine that.

Draco was early to potions waiting outside with Theo. Theo looked like a kid in Disney land when he came back to Hogwarts. He had this happy nature that made you either be happy with him or insanely tired. Today for Draco it was the latter. He was leaning against the cold stone his eyes closed concentrating on breathing deeply.

"Hey Draco" he felt Theo's hand rub his arm up and down in slow moments. Ever since Mr. Nott's death Theo had been acting more bisexual of late and it had caused Draco to set down some rules. He could look, he could even touch a very little bit but if Draco said no he had to back off no questions asked.

"Not in public Theo"
"There's no one here" just then two Ravenclaws came into sight giggling with each other.
"Go flirt with the girls if you're bored."

"I've done them already" Draco lifted an eye lid

"Same" Theo sighed and didn't say another word till Snape let them in just as Potter came running round the corner one minute away from being late. When they entered Draco seated himself in his usual place, right at the front and turned around staring at his classmates. Potter was at the back talking to Granger taking Weasley's usual seat. Weasley wasn't doing potions. Draco beamed to himself. Out of every Gryffindor in the school he hated Weasley the most, not because he was prejudges but because he hated his annoying personality.

"Who are you and what have you done with Draco Malfoy?" Teddy joked

"No Weasley this year" Life seemed better already.

The next "major event" happened on a Thursday. And you all know Thursdays. The day before one day before the weekend. The really long day. Yeh that one.

Well it was the first lesson of Defence against the dark arts and the teacher, a much unknown Mr Fairhurst who reminded Harry of Dedalus Diggle, decided to start off with a very practical lesson. Duelling.

"Okay we should pair you up with someone in similar skill to yours. No Miss Patil I will do it myself. We'll start with...oh this is difficult. Ah! Mr Potter and Mr Malfoy! Good match… and then Miss Abbott with Mr Longbottom" on went the list till everyone had a partner. Hermione was paired with Theodore Nott who apparently was just as clever as she was and had very good experience.

"Everyone Duel at once and I will walk round and see what everyone can do! Now remember this is not a serious duel just one to practice your talents"

"Okay off you go" the class did nothing for a minute but stare at Mr Fairhurst till Hermione waved her wand at Theo and cast a silent Expelliarmas spell knocking him backwards. Theo groaned on the floor

"I guess I deserved that for not paying attention. Good shot Granger"

"Yes yes exactly Mr Nott! While in a proper duel you do not wait for your partner to start you simply jinx and try to beat his or her as fast as possible using any means necessary. 10 points to Gryffindor for Miss Granger's instant start and 5 points to Slytherin for Mr Nott acting honourable after defeat and recognising his mistake. Now off you pop" Harry and Draco both jinxed quickly at the same time diving instantly into, for them, a calm and fun battle but for the others it looked like a miniature war. In the end neither of them won Mr Fairhurst called off the duel.

"I am confident you two will both pass with an O in you practical exam so now would be the perfect time for you to start on your essays. You too will work together to write 2 scrolls about blocking spells. Miss Granger and Mr Nott you may also finish however you should work separately from Mr Potter and Mr Malfoy."

Hermione and Theo crossed the room and started unpacked their bags. Theo fingered the back of his head lightly and winced.

"You're not bleeding I hope" Hermione said

"No just a bump. Anyway I'm sorry but can I ask a kinda personal question" Hermione looked into the boys clear blue eyes and let out a long sigh. He seemed nice so far...

"You can ask but I won't promise to answer it or get too offended"

"I just wanted to ask if you and Weasley are together or not because from the look of things you aren't and I thought that was strange causes aren't you meant to be like the dream couple? It looks like the love between you died out or something"

"You aren't far from the truth. We aren't together, no, and love, you could say, has died out. I think it's my fault. He just irritates me so much sometimes and we spent the whole summer apart and since we've come back he's been acting weird so Yeh... Love died out"

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that. I'm not particularly fond of Weasley but...I guess I was hoping you had found a guy you liked"

"Why would you want that?" she was honestly curious because as far as she knew Theo didn't care one bit about her.

"You beat my dad. I am happy he's gone so...Yeh" Hermione laughed only a little nervous. She bent her head and started working only asking the occasional question about particular blocking spells.

"Hey you're really pretty!" Theo suddenly came out with from no where. Hermione looked up shocked.

"Ummm...thank you"

"Oh don't get offended or anything! You're one of those like hidden girls" the look on her face must have told him he needed to explain.

"Have you ever seen some girls who are really confident and were nice clothes and stuff and you instantly think 'their really pretty' but then you look again and find out their really not? Well I have and you're like the polar opposite of that. You're really pretty it just takes a while to figure that out" Hermione smiled feeling completely flattered. Then she remembered Theo's fling reputation.

"That's really sweet of you to say that but...to be blunt I'm not going to have sex with you Theo" Theo looked at her a slightly shocked face which just looked adorable before he burst out laughing.

"Don't worry Granger I wasn't hitting on you! You aren't the type to be played or used like that. You're a proper sweet one that doesn't take bullshit. And thank you so much for calling me Theo! It sounds like we might actually be able to be friends! Can I call you Hermione?"

"Yes of course...Theo" she added on the end just to see his adorable smile.

"You know you are incredibly cute you know that" she said to him having been caught into his Disney land mood.

"I've been told but not by anyone quite like you Gra-Hermione" the rest of the lesson washed past with lots of smiles and laughter. Hermione learned that Theo really was incredibly smart and like her liked to read a lot. They had both practically finished by the end of the lesson with lots of little notes that Theo had added everywhere over what he called his 'planning sheet' where he wrote down the things he needed to add in. It reminded her of a scribble pad. She also learned, which sent her eyebrows right into the air, that he was bisexual.

"Really?" she couldn't help herself. She hadn't ever met anyone gay or bisexual.

"Reallyreally. For example, you see Draco over there?" He was working quickly and silently on his parchment asking a question every so often.


"I hardly want anything more than to get with him for one fantastic night" Hermione turned red and even gave out a little giggle.

"I just want to have a taste of his body! I've seen him changing and in the shower and god I love it!"

"Does he know?"

"Yeh I told him and he's okay with it. I can look and very slightly touch but if he says no I need to back off instantly" They spent the rest of the lesson discussing the male population at Hogwarts and all those Theo believed he could convince to dabble in the 'queer way'. It was the funniest and most immature lesson she had ever had.

Later in the common room she was finishing hers off by the fireplace listening to Ron moan about the Hufflepuff he had been paired up with.

"Hermione could you check this for me?" Harry passed her his essay. She read it over and was really surprised.

"Harry this is really good! You only have mistakes near the end!"

"Yeh I know. I didn't know Malfoy was so smart but he is" Hermione nodded seeing the result for herself.

"These Slytherins are quite something. Now I know where they get their points from"

"Yeh I know but what was really shocking was that Malfoy is like the youngest boy in our year. His 17th birthday is tomorrow."

"Wait if he only turns 17 tomorrow then why can he do magic outside of Hogwarts without the ministry getting involved?"

"Maybe he death eater father pulled some strings in the ministry like the fucktard he is" Ron cut in angrily.

"Ron!" Ginny shouted but Hermione didn't have the energy for Ron right now.

"It's really good Harry but you've accidently taken some of Draco's notes. You should give those back" she handed back the paper and went up to bed ignoring Ron's apologise all the way up.

Draco rubbed his temples trying to calm down his headache. It had started only a while ago but had been getting worse for a while now. He looked at the clock. 1 o'clock. No wonder he was tired.

"I'm going to bed" he staggered to his dorm collapsing on his bed and listened to Theo come in behind him. Only Draco Theo and Blaise had the boys' dorms now. Crab was dead and Goyle didn't come back.

"Draco are you okay?" Blaise asked

"Just a Headache" Draco stood up and started undressing making Theo stop and stare a small smile on his face.

"You are so gay Teddy you know that" Theo smiled even more at the sound of his nick-nick-name. His headache was getting even worse as he pulled on his pyjama bottoms.

"Draco are you sure you okay?" Pain exploded in his head and he cried out

"Theo go get help!" Blaise lay him down on the bed and from somewhere started dabbing a cold cloth on his forehead. Draco's whole body buckled as what felt like a wave of acid hit his body causing him to fall off the bed and blackout.

The great hall was filled with shouts of shock when Harry came downstairs which meant something had happened he didn't know about yet. He glanced over at the Slytherin table looking for Draco but found Theodore instead. He walked over to him.

"Can you give this to Malfoy please? I accidentally took it with me after Defence against the dark arts" Theo looked at him in shock.

"I'm guessing you haven't heard what's happened have you?" he said taking the notes anyway.

"No but I'm guessing it's got something to do with Malfoy"

"Harry! Get over hear!" Ron called from the Gryffindor table.

"That" Theo pointed to them, "will be the story"
Ginny started telling him before he had even reached the table.

"Last night Draco collapsed! There was a huge thing in the Slytherin common room and he's been taken to St Mungo's."

"Really what happened?"

"First you got to know that Malfoys' have veela blood in their veins and every so often one of the Malfoys' becomes a half veela like Fleur what's strange is that Draco is a boy! There hasn't been a male veela in decades! They're really rare!"

"That's crazy. Is he coming back to school?"

"Apparently yes but that's not what everyone's so hyped up about. Male veela's aren't the same as female veela's. Male veela's have mates."

"Like soul mates?"

"Yeh exactly like that but if Draco does find his mate, which is very unlikely, and she rejects him he dies" Harry's insides knotted.

"That's unfair. He knows there's someone out there perfect for him and if she says no he dies." Hermione just looked puzzled.

"Is she allowed to say no? I would have thought the ministry would have a law about that."

"No idea. It's been so long since a male veela has been around". Harry returned to his


"I do not envy him" and he truly didn't

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