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Chapter 18- Epilogue

Looking in the mirror what do you see? Life had completely changed from fine to awful to fine again in the space of 3 years. The war only lasted one of those years but wars can do strange things to people.

Then came school, and everything changed once again. Now that school is over what do you see?

Hermione saw a woman, a person finally grown up. She had been through so much, a war, a break up, a marriage, halfway through a pregnancy. And now this. Behind her was an empty house. Well half empty. They were going through it, cleaning it, putting stuff in boxes and deciding where everything. That's what Hermione felt like on the inside. Half of her felt empty now that Theo was gone. It was his house they were cleaning out. He was buried now and with no proper family, going through his things was left to her, Draco, Ginny and Harry.

The funeral had been the week before and it had been magnificent. Hundreds of people came all of them grieving terribly. He had been so loved and so unique that his coffin had been paraded down the streets of Diagon alley and for once the bustling street was quiet and still, even though there had been lines and lines of people right down the road. Never had Hermione seen so many flowers in her life, all of them bright vibrant colours just like he would always have wanted. Draco had been given the honour, along with Blaise, Harry and two other boys Hermione didn't know to carry Theo down the cobble street. Silent tears had run shamelessly down his face.

The ceremony had been beautiful, and Draco had spoken telling so many stories of Theo's life. All the silly wonderful adventures he had done as a child, his exciting and amazing personality.

"No one I have ever met has made such an impact as Theodore Nott. Only once every thousand years does a wizard come along like him. Theo didn't care about what divides us, whether it was race, house, blood or believe. Or even sexual preference."

"Hermione?" She could see Draco in the reflection of the mirror carrying another box outside. He was still very concerned about Hermione. She was convinced it was her fault Theo had died resulting in days and days of grieving, not eating or sleeping. But that had been the same for Ginny too. She too was in the room, sorting through some papers her eyes still red.

"I'm okay," she said to Draco, leaving the mirror and returning to the boxes she needed to sort through. Because of her "state" she wasn't allowed to do any carrying so she got the job of sorting through what to keep and what not to keep. She had immediately changed the black words on the side of the box to "keep at home" and "keep in storage" because she couldn't bring herself to throw anything away just yet.

Because everything in this little house is all they had left of Theo. Theo was dead. Gone, for good. Hermione's worst moment of her entire life was when she saw his face, his eyes staring at nothing and his limp, cold body. Draco had gone to him falling to the floor and instantly started searching for a pulse.

"Theo!" Draco slapped his face, "Wake up. Wake up, now." Draco slid one of his arms under Theo's neck which lobbed backwards.

"For fuck sake! Theo! This is not the time to play your fucking games."

Behind her Harry was duelling with Pansy. He had not realised what had happened. He did not realised another person he loved had died.

She bent down and pulled another one of the unopened boxes too her and began opening her. She heard a gasp of wonder from behind her. Turning she saw Ginny had found some old child's colouring books.

"He did this when he was five? I couldn't do this now!" Ginny said showing her a picture of a friendly pixie in a woodland forest coloured with fantastic shading, and design.

"That's amazing," Hermione said flicking through the book. There dozens more as well, all gorgeously coloured in and finished with a little signature messy 'Theo' at the bottom of each page.

"Why don't you frame some of them and put them in the nursery?" Ginny said as she collected them all together and put them carefully in a pile next to a "keep" book.

"I think I will," Hermione said smiling sadly as she returned to her box and finally opened it.

What she saw made her freeze.

It was a collection of extremely large organisers all labelled with little coloured tags and post-its. On the front of each organiser were the words:

Hermione wedding

Hermione sat down quickly, her eyes wide. Shakily she opened the organiser and landed on a sketch of a dress. A wedding dress. A perfect wedding dress. It was so simple and elegant but also so fancy. A strapless ivory bodice with a long delicate and elegant train pooling out behind her and the whole dress had a gorgeous silver design spiralling over it right down the train. The beading was so light and so delicate, it was perfect. One plain piece of silk lined the top of the of the dress when curved down under her breasts completing the look in a very simple elegant way.

She turned to another page and then another. The venue, the guest list, invitations, bridesmaid dresses, Draco's suit, Theo's suit, a list of possible dinner foods, even a best man speech. Hermione felt a sob rise up in her throat. There were dates, reservations, every possible piece of information to have a wedding. Theo had planned out her entire wedding.

Tears fell down her cheeks and she felt the comforting hands of her mate on her shoulders.

He had done all this and Hermione had said no. She had told Theo that it was her wedding; she was going to plan it. She had told him no.

"W-we are having this wedding. T-this is it. It's so perfect and-" she couldn't continue anymore. Emotion was just flowing over her but Draco understood. Ginny too came over and had look. She found another file named Draco and Hermione's honeymoon.

"I'll take care of this," she said wiping at her own tears.

Over the next few weeks they followed every single detail in the files. There were no bumps, no issues, nothing and when the wedding came along it was magnificent.

Malfoy manor had never looked so beautiful, neither had Hermione when she walked down the aisle. Ginny looked stunning as maid of honour with a deep red dress and Blaise was simply spectacular in his suit, Draco's new best man. Harry had given her away and even gave a little speech during dinner gaining many laughs and a few tears. The day had been so perfect.

The honeymoon was again perfect. Ginny had done the whole thing and had been smiling for weeks after everything was booked and ready to go. They went to the canary island, just off the coast of Africa. Very quiet, sunny but with not a lot to do, if you were a muggle. But it was a Wizarding goldmine. All over the island there were sites of magical properties they Theo knew Hermione would love. The newly-wed couple had spent a whole month, lying in the sun and making love over and over again in the sand and warm sea water. The time there would always be considered as some of the best of their lives.

All because of Theo.

"I hate you Draco Malfoy, I hate you! This is completely your fault! It's because of you I'm in such agony! You-"

"I know love. It's all my fault," Draco said holding his wife as she screamed and dug her nails into him.

"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU!" It was like a marter going on and on and on. The worst thing was this had all happened once before.

"Just one more push and it'll be out," the old midwife said, "The heads already crowning."

"Come on Hermione, just one more time," Draco said soothingly as he rubbed her arm.

"Just shut UP!" she pushed with her entire body and finally she felt something slide away and the screams of a baby were ringing out. Hermione collapsed panting, tears in her eyes.

"You did it," Draco said looking at her lovingly dabbing at her forehead with a damp cloth, "you did it." It didn't take long for the after birth to come through while her baby was being weighted.

"Where-?" Hermione started as she tried sitting up.

"3.2kg! Very healthy and very good," the midwife said placing the swaddled baby in Hermione's arms. "It's a girl by the way and a beauty for that matter."

The midwife was right, she was a beauty taking after Draco's looks again with his fair skin and his white blond hair but she had Hermione's eyes and nose, even her jaw.

"She's perfect," Hermione said as she rocked her carefully.

"She's quite a long baby so she'll probably be tall when she's older. Want to start feeding her?" Hermione nodded and Draco helped to undo the hospital gown at her shoulder. To her surprise and relief the baby latched on immediately and started sucking earnestly.

Draco kissed her on the forehead and stood up, "I'll go get him shall I?" Hermione nodded and then turned her attention back to her baby. Draco couldn't wait to hold his daughter, but he had to wait until she had been fed. Walking outside into the waiting room he spotted Harry and Ginny sitting with his own miniature version of himself.

"Daddy," his son asked, "why does mummy hate you so much?" Draco smiled lovingly at his first born.

"She was just feeling bad and saying she hated me made her feel better. Don't worry," he crouched down and gathered his son into his arms as the toddler snuggled into him. So many people had commented on how incredibly vocal his son was and the speed of which he began to walk. He was running before he had even turned one. But his children were practically guaranteed to be brilliant especially with a mother like Hermione who was his veela mate. Their off spring would in theory be perfect. And in Draco's opinion they were.

"Well?" Ginny asked excitement pouring out of her.

"It's a girl," Ginny shrieked in joy and Harry reached for his money bag handing over a considerable amount of coins. Draco only raised one pale eyebrow.

"Hermione's just feeding her now, and then we can get started choosing some names"

"Got any in mind?" Harry asked.

"I've always wanted to continue the black tradition of calling our children after a star constellation or a family member. I quite like Hermione's mother's name, Jean, so we'll just have to see."

"Daddy," his son said quietly, "I'm hungry."

"Well why don't you and Uncle Harry go and get some food from the café while I look after mummy and when you come back you can see her too." His son nodded and scampered off taking Harry's hand as they went downstairs.

His daughter was still sucking when he went back but not as urgently. Her eyes were also fluttering as if she was about to fall asleep. Hermione unattached herself then very carefully started to burp her daughter like she had done a million times with her son.

She looked at Draco, "Do you want to hold her?" Draco nodded his voice stuck in his throat. As soon as she was placed in his arms a great feeling of love and attachment filled him. She was unmistakeably his. His to love, to cherish, to protect. Now he understood why fathers liked to lock up their daughters when they were 17, if any man were to come and take his daughter he would most definitely put up a fight.

She started to quietly make a fuss, her head moving from side to side and little mewls coming out of her mouth. He leaned down and very lightly felt his chest vibrate as he rumbled. His daughter became silent instantly and she completely relaxed. The noise meant only one thing to her; father. When she was with father she was safe. The exact same had been for Draco's son. It had been almost exactly the same when Hermione was still carrying them in her body

"Your son is very active today," Hermione said as she grimaced. She loved it when she could feel her child moving inside her but they were very strong that day. Draco continued messaging her back but slid one of his hands onto Hermione's stomach and stroked softly.

"Calm little one, your mother needs some peace," instantly the child stopped. Hermione turned to Draco shocked.

"He just…" Draco leaned forwards and kissed his wife.

Hermione loved the expression of Draco's face as he beheld his daughter. He absolutely adored her, stroking her softly as he cooed her to sleep and her lips made a perfect little O.

"She needs a name," he said his eyes not leaving the baby in his arms.

"I know. Any ideas?"

"Do you want to call her Jean after your mother?" Hermione's nose wrinkled.

"I love my mother but I'm not calling my child Jean. Second name?"

Okay," Draco agreed, "For a first name I thought maybe Carina. It's a star constellation and it's always been a tradition in the black family to-"

"I like Carina," Hermione interrupted, "It suits her." Draco smiled.

The door quietly opened and Ginny popped her head round the door mouthing quietly. Hermione smiled and beckoned them in. The miniature Draco instantly climbed up on the bed and hugged his mother who kissed him on the forehead lovingly.

"Son," Draco said as he slowly lifted Carina up and placed her in Hermione's arms, "meet Carina Jean Malfoy." Their son looked at the baby in wonder as he fiddled with his hands- something he only did when he wanted to touch something he wasn't allowed to.

"What is it?" he asked peering over it, getting a better look. Everyone laughed.

"It's a baby," Hermione said, "a tiny human. And she's your sister."

"Carina is a very nice name," Ginny said, "doesn't it mean pure?"

"I thought it meant 'dear one'," Harry said also peering to get a better look, "She looks a lot like Draco but you can definitely see Hermione in there."

"Either way," Draco said still smiling, "She's perfect."

"You are not wearing that!" Draco said a look of horror on his face. Hermione frowned and looked at the so called offending outfit. It looked so good, showed off the curves in all the right places yet still managed to look elegant. It had been very expensive when Hermione had bought it and it had been bought for almost this precise occasion.

"There's nothing wrong with it! It looks fabulous! And do you have any idea the trouble Ginny and I had to go through to secure that dress in the correct size? "

"It is showing far too much skin!"

"It's a floor length dress!"

"I can see bare arms and tops of breasts!"

"Well with breasts of that size you can't wear a high neckline! It looks ridiculous!"

"I said no!"

"What is wrong with the dress Draco. It looks fabulous and is even Slytherin green! I thought you would like it!" Hermione said putting her hands on her hips and challenging him. How dare he order her about especially since appearances were apparently her responsibility as Lady Malfoy!

"The reason Daddy hates it so much," Carina said admiring herself in the mirror, "Is because I look so good and he doesn't like it when boys look at me." She looked at her father a coy smile on her face as she tweaked one of her, silky fine, blond hairs back up into its up do. "But don't worry daddy. None of those silly boys interest me," She went over and embraced her father. You would think that at the age of 18 he would be less protective but that wasn't the case, especially with Veela fathers.

"So she will be wearing that dress, Draco. And what would you prefer, for her to wear it in your presence when you can look after her, or when she would all by herself?" Draco simply glared.

Footsteps could be heard coming down the hall and Scorpius, Carina's younger brother entered in his second best suit. He took one look at her and raised an eye brow and said, "So the Potter's will be joining us?" Hermione walked over to her son and admired him. He was 16, soon to be finishing his last days at school.

"You look so dashing," Hermione said. She knew her son was handsome with his father's delicate features, eyes and hair colour however, he had Hermione thick rich hair texture and her very slightly tanned skin. A combination which she knew made him one of the most attractive boys in Hogwarts.

"Are the Potter's coming? All of them?" he asked again.

"Yes," Carina said a knowing smirk on her face as she applied a little lip stick. Scorpius turned around and walked of quickly removing his jacket.

"Scorpius? What are you doing? We need to go in a minute!" Hermione shouted, confused.

"To change!" he shouted back from his room, "I know I have a better suit somewhere." Hermione turned to her husband in wonder but from the shrug that he gave her, he didn't know either. Draco checked his watch.

"We have 10 minutes before we are officially late," he said looking at his wife. She was the one who had the issue about being everywhere on time. Not early. Not late. On time.

"We're missing two children if you don't count Scorpius," Hermione said looking intently at Draco and Carina for them to spill the answers.

"Our eldest son said he will be arriving by floo just before we needed to go and that he will be coming straight from work." Draco said and he turned around and strode to the window and peered over his estate.

"Why is he working so late? He might get ill if he pushes himself too much," Hermione worried. Carina stared at her parents who were on opposite sides of the room, face different directions yet still managed to look like a couple sown together with love. She was lucky, she never needed to worry about her parents relationship and whether they would be getting a divorce or not, never needed to worry about money. She was truly privileged.

Her parents were so worried about her older brother who was determined that he get his own job and earn his own money and take nothing from the gringots account her father had set up for him one his first birthday. Her parents thought he wasn't to prove to the world that he was successful because of who he was, not who he was related to. But that was only part of it.

She wasn't so brave. She still relied heavily on her parents especially when it came to money but she had just started her first term at a muggle university studying literature. She loved books and there wasn't anything quite like university in the Wizarding world.

"Where is Alyssa then?" he mother asked looking up the grand stairs as if she were about to appear.

"I'll get her," Carina said gliding past her mother and up the stairs. When she reached her sisters room she knocked.

"Lyssa, mum and dad are waiting downstairs."

"I'm not coming. I don't feel well." Carina frowned. Her little sister didn't sound well either. She began to turn the door knob.

"No! Don't come in! You might get sick too!" Carina ignored her and entered the room to see a sight that shocked her. Her little sister was on her bed, in her new fancy maroon dress which fell above her knee, eyes red from tears and her platinum blond hair in a tangled mess.

Alyssa had brown hair.

The shocked expression on Carina's face reverted Alyssa into tears. Carina gathered her into her arms and rocked her.

"Why did you dye your hair?" she asked.

"M-millie said that I wasn't a p-proper Malfoy b-because-" a great sob cut her off but Carina got the picture. Out of all the four siblings Alyssa was the only one to have their mother's brown hair and she was very self-conscious about it. She was convinced it made her look plain but what Alyssa refused to accept was that she looked gorgeous especially since her hair was so long, and thick yet still straight making it look so soft and shiny. And she had her father's silver eyes.

"Do you want me to undo it?" Carina asked slowly stroking her little sister's back.

"It can't be undone! I used muggle dye!" At that moment Draco entered.

He took one look at his daughters, one of them sobbing her eyes out, and went to Alyssa and took her into his arms. It was always like that, for all the Malfoy children, when upset father's presence usually made things better and it was definitely the case this time as well. Alyssa calmed down in less than a minute.

Draco had overheard the girls when he went to check on them so he knew why she was upset. Once she was calm and snuggled into his chest he got his wand and tapped his daughters head returning the hair back to its original colour.

"But," Alyssa said after she ran to the mirror to see what had happened, "I thought you couldn't undo muggle hair dye with magic."

"You can't," Draco said as he stood up, "I've put a concealment charm on you and tomorrow we can go to a muggle hair dresser and get it fixed. You shouldn't be upset about how you look, darling. You are a very beautiful girl and having brown hair doesn't make you any less my daughter or a Malfoy daughter or anything. I know it's difficult but try to ignore what Millie Flint says. Or slyly get revenge, without getting caught. But don't let her make you feel ashamed of yourself." Suddenly something in Draco's manner changed and he went to the door.

"You're mother needs something. You two better hurry before she gets upset." Draco went downstairs to his wife. She was sitting on the couch a letter in her hand, her eyes speeding across the page.

"Something wrong?" Draco asked as he kissed her cheek.

"You're eldest son says he will be late for dinner. Apparently he's caught up a work in the ministry and will be there as soon as he can. He also promises that he will definitely be there for desert," Draco frowned. His eldest had been rather busy lately, staying late at his office and missing several family occasions.

"Do you think he's met a nice girl he likes? He's acting a little strangely," Draco asked.

"He hasn't," Carina said as she entered the room.

"How do you know?" She just looked at her parents with a knowing expression on her face.

"Trust me. He hasn't met a girl he fancies."

Just then Scorpius came speeding in, his hands fixing his hair wearing his best and favourite suit.

"Okay, I'm ready. Where's-?"

"He's late and will be meeting us at the restaurant. Now let's go or we'll be late."

"Albus stop fussing! You have your father's hair so get over it!" Ginny said as she located her wand and fixed the newly broken heel.

Albus through his hands up into the air in surrender, "it looks ridiculous!"

"Trying to say something?" Harry calm voice said. He was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper fully dressed and ready to go. They weren't late and Ginny always stressed so harry wasn't worried.

"You!" Ginny snarled spinning round and pointing her wand at him. Okay now he was worried.

"I'll get James will I?" Harry dashed upstairs.

Albus collapsed in his fathers vacated seat fisting his hair angrily. Two small delicate hands pried his fingers away and stared to fix his hair.

"Thanks lily," he muttered as he held still trusting his little sister to sort things out.

"No problem," she said calmly. Lily was a blessing in the family. She was kind, sweet but not shy she just wasn't overpowering.

"Carina's going to be there tonight," she said quietly into his ear. She also happened to be very sly.

"I know."

"So will Uncle Draco."

"I know."

"He's going to skin you if he finds out."

"I know! And he'll skin you too if he finds out about Scorpius!"

"No he won't. I'm his god daughter. Besides I'm a nice girl dating his son. You're a nasty boy snatching his daughter away." Albus huffed in annoyance. His sister was right of course.

James bounded down the stairs his face grinning with happiness, "Ready to go?" he asked skipping over to the fire place. He had just got a promotion earlier that day and was still filled with happiness.

"Yes lets go," Ginny said grabbed a handful of floo powder and disappeared into green flames. Harry and James followed suit each calling out the restaurant. It was just Albus and Lily left.

"Good luck," Lily said smirking before she too disappeared. I'll need it Albus thought stepping into the fire place, closing his eyes as he tumbled through the floo network. He could hear the Potters' and the Malfoys' greeting each other before he had even opening his eyes. And when he did open his eyes he was stunned. There she was, standing in an elegant green dress her blond hair hanging perfectly around her face as she smiled that beautiful smile. His dick went instantly hard.

"Albus!" he engulfed by Hermione knocking him out of his stupor, "How has life been since leaving Hogwarts?"

"Well, I've definitely missed it," He said truthfully. Hermione's mouth moved to his ear.

"If you be any more obvious then Draco might notice."

"You know?"

"Of course I know! I'm not stupid," Hermione whispered amused.

"Trust me; no one thinks you're stupid." Hermione laughed and they all walked together to their table.

Scorpius waited until he had said hello to everyone aside from Lily then casually went over and hugged her too.

"Hi," he said lightly pecking her cheek, "How have you been?"

"Good. I managed to finish all our holiday homework so I find myself with a lot of free time."

"You are such a little minx," Scorpius said quietly in her ear as he tucking in her chair for her like the perfect gentleman he was the gracefully took the seat next to her.

Draco took the seat at one head of the table and Harry took the other leaving one space free.

"Where's your eldest Draco?" Harry asked as the family looked through the menu.

"He says he's working late at the ministry but I think there's a chance he might be visiting a girlfriend." All the adults suddenly became very interested and laughed discussing what this possible girlfriend looked like. All the children looked at each other. Their parents were clueless.

The whole table was full of laughter and noise especially when the starters first came. Hermione had ordered for her missing son and when he didn't arrive his portion was split around the table.

"So Albus," Draco asked down the table, "What have you been doing since Hogwarts?" Albus began to sweat. Her remembered the time when Draco never used to scare him and his was fond of his intellectual banter. But now things were different. What could he say?

Well for starters I've been shagging your daughter every night and sometimes during the day too. That takes up a lot of my time…

"So far I've just been enjoying myself but-" Albus felt a perfect hand travel up his thigh to his groin. Oh she must be joking. His eyes darted to the scheming face of Carina.

"but I've started to look for some work as well. I've-" her hand started to rub and his boxers were becoming smaller by the second.

"I've gone with dad into," every single person was staring at him and he was sweating like a mad ox.

"into the Auror office to see what it's like to work in the ministry but-" she started to rub even faster and he felt his cheeks go alarmingly red.

"but I really haven't done much." He finished. He grabbed his fork tightly trying to get some ounce of control or he would cum right there at the table.

"Well if you want I can organise some work experience for you. I think it'll be right up your street especially since you enjoy potion brewing so much." He was about to come. Right there. And she wasn't stopping. He could feel his balls swell and tighten. He was about to come!

"There is a fire message for Mr Potter and Mr Malfoy. From the ministry." Her hand stopped and Albus took a deep breath. Thank God.

Draco looked angry. He hated it when work or the ministry ever cut into the time he deliberately separated for just his family and friends. Harry wasn't pleased either. They both quickly got up and strode out the room. Silence followed as they all watched them go.

"When the fuck did this happen?" came the almost outraged voice of James are he gestured between Albus and Carina.

"Language!" Ginny said before returning to her wine. "It's been going on for months. But don't say anything because neither your or Carina father knows and the situation is delicate."


"It's not our fault your unobservant James," Lily said.

"Unobservant? I know about you and Scor!"

"What?" Hermione, Ginny and Carina shrieked.

"James!" Lily accused as she glared at her brother.

"Lily please tell me you haven't had sex!" Ginny all but shouted as she turned white.

"No!" both Lily and Scorpius shouted, "all we've done is spend time together and gone into town together and-"

"Made out in each other's bedrooms" James cut in.


"What did he do this time?" Everyone flinched at the sound of Harry behind them. Judging by the confused look on his face, he didn't know what was going on.

"James spat on my food!" Lily complained.

"It was an accident! Plus you don't even like peas!"

"What did the ministry want?" Ginny cut in successfully changing the topic without making anything look suspicious.

"Apparently someone swore they heard the voice of mad eye moody shout that he was back to take revenge. The entire thing is ridiculous because apparently he wanted to take revenge on all things mustard yellow and sunset pink. Both Draco and I have just listened to the memory and it sounds nothing like moody at all! A complete farce."

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT HUNCHES, I CARE ABOUT FACTS! AND I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH BULLSHIT LIKE THIS ON MY DAY OFF!" Hermione was up and out of the room before Draco had finished shouting. She was the only one who could calm him down.

"Wow, dad hasn't lost his temper like that in a long time," Scorpius said.

"Well these dinners are very important to Draco. And because of all that difficulty with the re-introduction of the Tri-Wizard Tournament we haven't had as much time to simply relax and enjoy each other's presence."

Carina's voice cut the conversation and moved it on to a new topic, "Where have you been?"

"Work; had to stay late to finish some stuff. What's got dad so angry?" The eldest Malfoy child took the empty seat next to Carina and shrugged off his work robe.

"The ministry contacted him about this farce of a problem-"

"The mad-eye moody thing?"

"The exact same,"

"I can't believe they contacted Dad on his day off about something so irrelevant as this. Everyone knows that the whole thing was completely stupid in the first place. Anyway what course are we on? I'm starving,"

Hermione entered and raised her eye brows at her son's comment, "you wouldn't be starving if you had arrived on time for dinner." He simply smiled up at her. His mother was so worried about him eating properly and always slightly nagged him about eating a good healthy 3 meals a day.

"We've just had our starters. Mum ordered lasagne for you," Alyssa said and as if summoned all the food began to arrive. Draco re-entered the room and beamed when he saw his eldest sitting at the table.

Carina gazed over her elder brother. No wonder her mother was going on about eating properly, he was as thin as a rake! But he was eating his food very happily and also was helping to polish off Alyssa's food as well. She kicked her brother under the table.


"Dad thinks you've got yourself a girlfriend," her brother's face fell.

"You need to tell him. Tonight." He sat there for a moment thinking then slowly began to nod.

"Alright. I got all my accounts in order today so if he disowns me-"

"He's not going to-"

"Desert!" called the waiter as he passed around the desert menu.

"We will be discussing this later!" Carina hissed before she returned back to the dinner a smile plastered on her face.

Scorpius could hear his elder siblings fighting from his bed room. They were talking in hissed voices and angry tones. He really couldn't help but eavesdrop at the door.

"This isn't just about money!" Carina was shouting, "what about mum? And Scor and Lyssa? How do you think they will feel if you suddenly disappear?"

"I'm not a bloody Gryffindor Carina! I'm not brave!"

"Oh please! I know you can do this especially after what you managed to do with Filch!"

"The thing with Filch was a joke! This isn't Carina! This isn't a joke!" Scorpius felt a light tug at his arm. Alyssa was standing there, the concealment charm had worn off leaving her with bright blond hair. She squeezed past him and opened the door.

"Lyssa! What did you do to your hair?"

"I think you should tell daddy," she said quietly.

"You don't know what this is all about Lyssa," he said his voice low.

"Yes I do. I heard you talking about it last time." Scorpius took a deep breath and stepped inside the room.

"We all know bro. And I also think you should tell dad." The eldest Malfoy look at his three younger siblings. They all watched him, waiting for his reaction, his decision.

"Okay," he said slowly, standing up. His legs felt like lead and his head felt even heavier, "Right." He paused for a moment thinking, "you know I love all of you. Right?" Alyssa sprang into her brother's arms clutching at him tightly. She was 15 but she was just so small and seemed so very childlike.

"Better hurry up," Carina said stiffly. She was so stubborn about this, acting like it was nothing. No possible life changing consequence. Scorpius watched his brother leave. He would be lying if he said he wasn't worried for his brother.

Draco's eldest son walked down the grand stair case. He could hear his mother in the library humming happily oblivious to the whole situation.

"Darling," she called down to him. She must have heard his footsteps on the stairs. He quickly went back upstairs and joined her in the library. She was curled up on the sofa reading a small book, "Do you want to stay the night?" She looked so hopeful because after all she didn't see her first born very much anymore. A picture behind his mother caught his eye. It was a page from a child's colouring book, framed, with a scribbled "Theo" in the corner. He remembered when that had been in his nursery room. He snapped back to the present.

"No, its fine. I'll go home tonight. Is dad in the drawing room?"

"Yes." He could hear his father now as he stood outside the door waiting. He peeped round the corner. Yes there Draco was, a glass of fire whiskey in his hand as he read the paper.

"You want to talk to me about something?" Draco asked his eyes not lifting from the page.

"How did you know that I wanted to talk to you?"

Draco folded the paper over and placed it on the table giving his son his entire attention.

"You always hid outside the door like that when you were younger and you wanted to talk to me. Fire whiskey?"

"No thanks," his throat felt dry. Now he was here he had no idea what to say.

"Carina has told me that you have not got a girlfriend hidden away," Draco stood up and journeyed to the window.

"She's right," he admired the expensive rug on the floor avoiding his father's gaze.

"Son," he looked up, "if you've done something…wrong then know that your mother and I will always be supportive." He hated hearing this. Hated it so much. They were just empty promises his father was making.

"Whether you've stolen something, hurt someone, perhaps a pregnancy."

"Dad!" He stood up. Looked his father right in the eye. He was just going to say it. Right now. Have out with it.

"I'm gay," It was such a horrible word! And such a horrible way to say it too. His father just stood there looking at him, frozen. Suddenly all the strength in him failed and he collapsed back on the sofa.

"I'm gay," he said again almost hysterically. He took the fire whiskey bottle and drank. His father still hadn't moved.

He knew it. His father wasn't going to accept a gay son. Malfoy's are never homosexual and he was some anomaly within this proud family. He was a freak. That was why he had refused to take his father's money and why he had worked so hard to get a decent job and his own flat. He was preparing for having to enter the world with no help.

Draco set his glass down, the noise of it cutting through the silence. He looked down, not able to watch his father anymore. He heard footstep coming towards him, then his father's shadow covered him.

Draco kissed his son on the forehead. He couldn't help it as silent tears cascaded down as he fell into his father's embrace.

"My boy. My little boy," Draco said softly, "never doubt that I will not love you." A strong wave of feeling came over him, perhaps relief and he broke down. He had been hiding this secret for years.

"Besides," Draco said, "we did call you Theodore after all."

The end

Author's note: Oh my god. What a journey this has been for me. Even since the beginning, when this story just popped into my head, I knew three things.

Draco was a veela

Theo would die

"Besides," Draco said, "we did call you Theodore after all." Would be the final sentence of the story.

I read over what I've written, with my friends there telling me what they liked and pointing out my embarrassing yet hilarious spelling and grammar mistakes. I love my story as a whole but every time I read it I know I can do far better. Sometimes I think "why did I write that? That's awful!" and what really bothered me was that none of the chapters flowed together. I considered rewriting the whole thing but right now that looks impossible. This chapter took a lot out of me especially the beginning with Theo's funeral. In my head it looked so much bigger and better than what I can write down but that's because I just can't give Theo the justice he deserves. Rest assured I was weeping the whole way through.

Theo needed to die. I once imagined an ending where he lived because Pansy didn't specifically say the killing curse but just shrieked that he lived however spent the rest of his life in hospital permanently physically and very slightly mentally damaged because of the spell and because of this Draco and Hermione had their wedding in the hospital so Theo could be there and they didn't have a honeymoon. Also I couldn't see Theo falling in love with someone (they wouldn't be good enough for him) and I didn't want him to be alone for the rest of his life. I know many people believe that a Harry/Ginny/Theo pairing would have been fantastic and it did appeal to me quite a lot actually but unfortunately I just couldn't change my story half way through to meet that pairing.

Many of you will no doubt wonder what happened to Pansy. When I wrote this the words seemed to flow out of me and there really wasn't that much space to show what happened to Pansy. She was punished. Lived for the rest of her life in Azkaban in the cell next to Lucius and died very quickly from a mental fit of some sort. By the end of her fight to get Draco she was full out crazy and there was no way I could have "saved" her.

Ron is a different matter. I have always loved the character of Ron finding him hilarious and a great joy in all the Potter books and films but he is just so good and easy to make evil. He was just the perfect baddy for this story. I imagine that he would have married someone like Lavender Brown and had many children and though Hermione eventually forgives him for what he did their relationship is never truly mended.

I hope so much that you have enjoyed this story and that you may come back to it to re-read it. All I can say now is thank you. Thank you to every reader who reviewed, alerted or favourite. Thank you to those who have been here whether you joined me at the beginning, middle or end of the story. Even if you have just discovered it. Thank you so much.