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The phone rang a little after four that morning. Booth turned over to the night stand and blindly searched for the phone. For a moment there was a slight panic as phone calls at this time were usually an indication of something wrong. But as a familiar voice came across the call, he didn't have to guess what it was about.

"Hey Booth, sorry to wake you. I know it's late..."

"Its okay..." Booth yawned. "Everything okay with you and Angela?"

"Oh yeah, everything is great. But we were wondering if you could do us a favor... Angela's not doing to well being away from Michael..."

Suddenly the speaker changed to a female, "Don't tell him that! You miss him too!"

Before a round of bickering could begin, Booth stopped them. "You wanna come pick him up?"

"Yeah... sorry. We know it's late."

"Don't worry about it. We'll get him ready," Booth turned over to see if Brennan was listening and was met with her absence.

"Booth?" Angela took the phone from her husband. "Will you make sure that Brennan knows that we're in no way questioning her ability with Michael. We trust you both completely. We just..."

"Miss him."


Booth hung up the phone and went in search of Brennan and the baby. At some point in the night she must have snuck out of bed; probably determined to try her hand with Michael again. Booth heard no crying baby, so things must have been going smoother.

He found her in the living room and although it was a late hour and she had no make up on- he was sure he had never seen her look more beautiful. Michael was nestled snug in her arms sleeping soundly; he had never seen her look so maternal.

"Hi..." she spoke softly to him.

"You're up early."

"Well, I heard Michael getting a little antsy. I didn't want to wake you." She turned her attention back to the sleeping baby. "He.. um.. he needed to be changed. And then he was hungry. And now..."

"Motherhood looks good on you," Booth sat down on the couch next to her; draping an arm over the back of her shoulders.

"I am getting much better," she was proud. "Actually, I'm finding it very strange that at one point I was so vehemently against having children."

Booth laughed a little bit thinking back to those days, "Oh how the times have changed."

"I've changed a lot," She observed and although there was a smile on her face, a hint of sadness crept into her tone. "Sometimes, although it is ridiculous, I imagine what it would have been like for someone to have informed me seven years ago about these changes to my life."

"Time travel is not possible," Booth mocked her.

She rolled her eyes at the tease, "Even so... I never would have believed it. You've changed me a lot."

Booth couldn't help to feel a little uneasy about that comment, "I don't think... I mean... Do you really think I've changed you that much?"


"You do know that I'm not trying to change you, right? I love you just the way you are."

"I know," she snuggled closely into him. "I am very pleased with these changes, though."

"Well... if you want to give me credit..." he didn't mind so much if it was a good thing. "Hodgins and Angela called, they're on their way to pick up Michael. They wanted me to make sure you know that it's not because they don't trust us, they..."

"Miss him."


"I understand. I imagine that after I give birth, I will have great difficulty being away from our child for an extended period of time," or any period of time for that matter.

"Just a couple more months, Bones, and we'll be holding out own little guy..."

"Or girl."

"Right. Or girl. Christine Booth."

"... Christine Brennan."

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