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Chapter 1: Nightmares

A/N: The first chapter is in third person.

Disclaimer- I don't own Harry Potter, all belongs to J.K. Rowling.

"Hermione, you're my daughter."

Hermione woke up with a start and looked around. Where was she? Then she heard a murmur and looked to her right. Lavender Brown was hugging her pillow, asleep. It was then Hermione remembered where she was. The girls' dorm. Her thoughts tarried to the dream she had had. She had been in Voldemort's house- their house. She had found out at the start of the year that Voldemort was her father, and had been having nightmares of that moment ever since. Her hand crept up to her arm thoughtlessly. Another thing- because of her heritage she had become a Deatheater. But nobody knew she knew apart from her and her father. Not even his closest associate, the greasy Severus Snape. She peered over at her alarm and sighed. She should realy get over it. What blood status she was, what blood status she was. But she was forever paranoid that they- Harry, Ron and Ginny would find out. It was midnight. She lay back onto her fluffy pillow and closed her eyes. After 5 minuets she opened them, and realised she couldn't sleep. Sighing again, she got up from her bed, and slipped on her slippers. She took a cloak from her trunk and wrapped it around her arms. A midnight stroll around the castle and it's grounds would make her feel better.


Draco Malfoy opened his eyes and looked over at the moon, shining in on his pale-skinned face. Half annoyed, half relieved, he sighed. Blaise was forever doing that, opening the curtains in the night, so that he'd wake up, which would annoy him. But that night he was glad for it. He had had a nightmare about his father. Over the past few years his father had become more arrogant towards him, and the last time he had visited home, Lucius had Crucioed him. And he'd been having nightmares of it. But Draco knew he'd be tired in the morning so he stretched and went over to the window. He took a quick glance outside at the frozen grounds of Hogwarts before drawing the dark green curtains of his dorm. Then he paused. He'd seen someone out there. Curiously, he opened the curtains again and peered around the pure white snow. He saw a black cloak sweeping against it. He leaned towards the window. Then the hood fell back, revealing soft, bushy brown hair. Draco smirked. Granger, he thought. He knew he'd have some fun tormenting her while Potter and Wealsy weren't there. He swept back to his trunk and took out a cloak. Then he went back to the window and diverted the moon onto Blaise's pillow. Grinning to himself, he left the Slytherin boys' dorm.

Hermione stopped and bent down, crouching against the cold, white snow. Lost in thoughts, she never heard the crunching of footsteps creeping up at her. Her hand sneaked up her arm to where the dark mark was, and she stroked the pattern over it. However much she loved her father, she felt someone would find out, and that she'd be in hot waters if she did. She hadn't looked upon the dark mark ever since school had started that year, and she yearned to look at it. Her hand reached for the folds of her cloak and she pulled it off herself. Her skin numbed against the chilly air. She brought the top of her arm over where she could see it, and no one else could. She pulled up her sleeve, and looked upon it, she scaly snake connected with the death white skull. To herself she smiled.

Draco saw her, kneeling down on the white snow, staring at her arm. He crept up slowly, knowing of what he'd do. She shivered and went to put her cloak on. One more step, and he pushed her. She yelped and was sent sprawling down a banking. She looked up at him angrily, her hair all over her face, snow over her hair.

"What did you do that for, Malfoy?" she asked him irritably.

"Because you were there, mudblood, and I was bored." he mocked. She got up and dusted herself off.

"Why were you even out here?" she wondered.

"Why were you?" he retorted. She sighed.

"Won't answer until you do." she told him.

"I'm out here 'cuz I saw you and I knew I'd have some fun tormenting you." he told her.

"The reason why I'm out here, you'd never understand, cockroach." she smirked. He frowned at the memory-bringing name.

"Try me." he replied angrily.

"No." she commented, stalked up the banking and pushed him down. Not expecting this, he sprawled across the snow. "Night, Malfoy." she said as she walked to the front doors.

"Same to you, mudblood!" he shouted back, getting up. He would have gone after her, but he could tell it would be a bad idea. God what's wrong with her? he thought as he made his way back up to his dorm. Blaise was sat on his bed, smirking at him as he walked in.

"Where've you been? And by the way, brilliant comeback with the lighting." he said as Draco took off his cloak.

"Saw the mudblood, thought I might go torture her." Draco replied.

"Without me?" Blaise whined mockingly. Draco laughed as he got into bed. He found himself in a dreamless sleep.

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