Twisted Yet Still Pure

Summary: Hinata Hyuga, heiress to the Hyuga clan, deemed a failure by all, her family and the little public she met. Beaten, ignored and seen as a failure since three, the purest Hyuga snaps and becomes stronger than anyone could expect.

Chapter 1

A sharp slapping sound rang through the training ground, and a delicate body was thrust into the air. The four year old landed painfully on the floor, a shadow looming over her.

"Again." The cold voice commanded. The shadow called Hiashi Hyuga strode to the other end of the ground and got into fighting stance; not caring about the small figure sprawled on the floor. He simply looked over it.

The body, namely Hinata Hyuga, twitched and got to her feet, coughing up blood. Her skin was decorated in patches of multi-coloured bruises and cuts, and each one of them stung and ached. She looked pleadingly at the man she called the 'father', but his face remained as icy as his eye colour. She got into her fighting stance, cringing at her fathers disapproving look.

"Your stance is too weak, and your legs are too spread out. I have been over this many, many times with you. You should know by now. Why is it so hard for you to grasp?" Hiashi scolded, like always.

Hinata felt a stab of pain, but it wasn't from her many training wounds. It was inside her, a heavy, dull feeling of uselessness, a feeling she was all too familiar with.

She corrected her stance, letting out a small whine as her frail body protested. She knew, she knew this style wasn't for her. The four year old knew it was too rigid, not flowing enough and didn't make good use of her flexibility and speed. A toddler of 4 years knew, but her experienced 'father' was too busy criticising to notice.

"Still too loose. A mere baby could take you out." In a rush of speed, the elder man was before her, and he sent a blow to her heart. The blow wasn't laced with chakra, but it was far too hard for simple sparring practice, let alone his tiny daughter. Once again, the girl was thrown back, so far this time she slammed into the wall, leaving a trail of crimson red where her head had struck.

Something dangerous glinted in the Clan Head's eye. "Why" he walked over to her, full of anger. He raised his hand and slapped the girl, hard. "Are" Another slap. "You" A kick to the ribs. The beaten girl cried out as her ribs cracked. "So" The man picked up his daughter, and looked into her tear filled eyes. "USELESS!" he flung his daughter into the opposite wall. He screamed in frustration as his eyes met his daughters, sad, pained ones. He didn't need a sad, weak daughter. In those eyes, he wanted to see strength, anger, coldness. Things that a Hyuga needed to survive. In his book anyway.

"You are not my daughter. My children would never be pathetic or weak like you. I try, I try so hard to beat some skill into you, but I get no effort and no progress in return. And it is YOUR FAULT!" Hiashi screamed, blinded by his rage. He charged at his daughters cowering frame, his palm spiked with deadly chakra. His hand was about to strike her heart, when he felt himself being thrown through the air. The Clan Head span in midair and landed gracefully on his feet, taking in the intruder.

It was the Clan Elder.

Hiashi calmed himself, settling back into his cold, cool exterior. He bowed low to the older man. "Father."

"Hiashi, do not harm her." Somehow, the still conscious Hinata started listening, heart going lighter from her grandfathers words. "The Byakugan must pass on somehow, and killing the only heiress would be rather vexing." Hinata's spirits were lessened slightly; she was only being spared because she needed to breed the next generation of Hyuga. "No matter how weak or pitiful she is, you cannot dispose of her until another heir is born."

Hinata's heart froze. Disposal. Even at her age, she knew what disposal meant. It meant receiving a Cursed Seal and possibly, being disowned from the family. What she didn't know, was that she already had been. But that wouldn't matter until later.

"It's only a matter of time… My wife is very far along. This… Break in control, won't happen again father." Hinata almost sighed in relief, but that might give her away. She was desperately trying to scoot along the wall and get out of the room, or at least away from her father. It was rude and against the rules of her etiquette to leave before being dismissed, but for once, Hinata didn't care. She refused to listen to this any longer. It only meant her getting hurt.

"See to it." The Elder commanded, leaving the room without even glancing at his granddaughter. "Remember, the Kumogakure alliance negotiations are today." Then he finally left.

Hiashi sneered at his only child trying to escape the room. As much as he would have liked to continue… training, disobeying his father's orders would be disrespectful and he might just end up killing the worthless brat. Anyway, he would need to calm down properly for the meeting; an angry Hyuga had an air of unfriendliness that didn't bode well for alliances and negotiations.

"Dismissed." Hiashi stated, sweeping out the room, not even bothering to get his daughter some desperately needed medical attention.

Hinata shook in pain, but refused to cry. It was rare, usually after training she would break down, but her ducts were refusing to work. Even after what had been by far the worst training session she had ever had, she wouldn't shed a tear. Not for herself, not for her situation or anything else.

Everyone is right. I am weak. Hinata told herself. I-I have no confidence in my little ability, and I am going to be replaced by a baby anyway… Dare I? Dare I defy my clan? S-Should-Should I learn something different? I am… G-Going t-to be d-d-d-disp-disposed of! Hinata's pain was fading somehow, and darkness began to shroud her thinking mind. I don't care about the Clan…

Much later, the heiress awoke to find she was still in the training room. It was dark, cold and her head pounded and her ribs burned desperately with each small, raspy breath she took. The only thing good about her situation was that she had a pot of medical herbs on her. She concocted the brew awhile ago, after her harsh training began. At first, her experiments in herbal potions turned out like black, poisonous tar, but after much study and practise, the little Hyuga had created a perfect remedy for cuts, bruises and pain. Shivering as agony and chilliness tore through her; she fumbled around for the pot that would relieve her of some discomfort. She found it and slathered the pleasant smelling substance over her body and lay still. After 10 minutes, her cuts had fully healed and her bruises had faded completely. It may sound like a medical mystery that one could heal so fast by only an ointment as the heiress was no Jinchuriki, but in fact the reason she had healed so fast was simply because she poured her chakra into her creation without even knowing it.

Broken bones and torn muscles couldn't be healed by an external cream, no matter how much she had tried, but it did numb her pain a little. Hinata knew, when her knowledge of herbs and such became greater, she would make potions to remedy internal injures. Knowledge of medical herbs and her little healing ointment was her little secret, no one else knew, or cared for that matter.

Slowly, painfully, the small girl got to her feet, using the wall as a support. She stood for a while, getting used to moving again. She did feel numb to most of the pain, but it was difficult to walk as her legs were like jelly, and cracked every time she took a step forward. The littlest Hyuga got to the door and listened around, trying to see if there was anyone who could take mercy on her and transport her to the hospital. Her ears perked up and she was almost excited when she heard footsteps.

"Gorou, do you sense that chakra?" a deep voice rumbled. Hinata froze in fear. There was no one called Gorou in her clan.

"Indeed. It seems there is another Hyuga around. Hmmm… We don't have much time if we want it… After all, our first attempt failed." Another voice whispered.

"Yes, the Clan Head's newborn was far too protected it seems. However, I did manage to… cause some strife for the Clan Head…" The voice recognised as Gorou chuckled darkly. "Let's just say that kid will grow up mother-less." Hinata stifled a cry. Mother! I h-have t-t-to get to h-her-her! But her fear overcame her need to save her family, and she simply stood pressed against the wall, hoping to melt away so the ninja would simply ignore her like the rest of the world.

"How?" his partner breathed in what sounded like awe.

"Simple, a Shadow Clone and the Transformation Technique. Heh… No one had Byakugan on so I staged being a midwife… Of course, as soon as the child was born the guards knew the Clone was an imposter so it dissipated… Not before I could have my fun though. All it took was one toxic plant extract and a glass of water. It's just too bad the clone couldn't nab the baby too…"

"Why didn't you just do it yourself?" Gorou's partner asked.

"Baka! If I had been there then I would have been dead in an instant!" Gorou scolded quietly.

"Sorry… Anyway… What we gonna do about the brat?"

"Heh… You get outta here. I'll do it."

"Yes, Gorou-sama. Please, be careful, Kumo needs you to stay alive because there isn't another Head ninja like you."
"Ass-kisser. Go." Gorou commanded.

Hinata quivered in terror as one set of footsteps grew fainter and another got louder. Her legs refused to work, and her putting up a fight would be about as effective as air. She had no chance to run or to fight. There was only one thing she could do.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Hinata screamed, letting her little lungs burst out sound that hopefully would attract attention.

"Shut it brat!" the man appeared before her. He was a tall, slim man with dark eyes and a black beard. His head was bandaged and a Kumogakure forehead protector covered his right eye. His left eye was creased into a glare directed for Hinata. He scooped up the small child and ran.

"If the Byakugan wasn't so powerful… I would have never had accepted this bloody mission!" The head ninja cursed.

Hinata was too weak to even move. Her small, light body was jostled painfully with every step her kidnapper took, and her limbs just wouldn't obey her commands to thrash and struggle. Hinata's mind did the only thing it could do to protect her from becoming mentally scarred by the whole process. Her mind went blank.

Even when her father turned up and killed the Head Ninja of the Clouds right in front of her eyes, Hinata felt nothing. Her brain just wasn't registering what was happening. When it was all over, everything just clicked again.

Sobs wracked Hinata's body as the lifeless eyes of her kidnapper bore into her, the pain he had felt during death etched into his tanned, scarred features. Her father observed the scene for a moment before picking up his shocked, crying daughter none too gently and taking her to the medical room.

He dumped her on the examination table and strode out of the room, leaving Hinata to her thoughts.

T-t-th-that m-man w-was d-de-dead! F-f-father ha-had to s-save me, but h-he d-doesn't car-care! He doesn't care! I h-ha-have a sis-sister now, so wh-why did he kill t-that ma-man t-to save my u-useless l-life? Why? WHY? The poor child clutched her head and bawled. She had never felt so helpless, so useless, so unloved. No one really cared; she was just a failure; the dropout disappointment of the clan. Her father hated her, her mother was dying and she was going to be replaced by her newborn sibling. Her family cared little for her existence as she was too weak to be seen as Clan heiress. And now, when it counted, she couldn't defend herself from enemies and had to rely on others to save her. She was a liability; someone who carried the Byakugan but was so pathetic anyone could steal it. She saw the Curse Seal behind her closed eyelids, and something snapped.

N-never again! I won't make let myself be treated like this anymore! I am not trash, I am not useless! I-I will become strong, so I-I can prove them all WRONG! I won't do this for the clan; I will get stronger for me! The little Hyuga vowed to herself. She didn't feel better immediately, but she was relived somehow, relieved that she had finally found a use for her weakness. One day… I will be strong enough so no one has to help me out of situations. But… for now… My weakness will be deception, nothing more. I w-won't give up! I have to grow up now! There will be no more messing around!

Hinata nodded to herself as a medic rushed in. The medic asked no questions as to how she was feeling or how she got her injuries; they just healed her with glowing green palms while the small, curious Hinata watched.

But… I have no teacher, but that looks like something that will be very useful to me if I could learn it… But how? How could I find out and practice? Ask? No, I need to keep it a secret… Library? Hmm… Not the Hyuga library, I know I will be found out. Unless, I could change my looks… or sneak in? I'm already ignored anyway… Maybe they won't notice… What else do I need to learn?

Questions continued to circle around the girls head, some were answered, and some were not. The medic had finished a while ago and Hinata was all alone.

She snapped out of her semi-excited thoughts and took a cautious look around. Who could blame her, she had just been kidnapped. She had a right to check out anything before she went ahead.

Her heart sped up as she spotted a scroll case. Her small, petite body launched itself off the table. Why didn't I notice it before? How could I have missed this? So much knowledge! I mean… Father put me in here many times before… Hinata thought sadly, fingering through the old scrolls. They were all carefully labeled.

Yin Healing Wound Destruction

Wide Healing

Mystical Palm Technique

Chakra Transmission

The Idiots Guide to Herbs and Potions: That could kill someone!

The Beginners Guide to Herbs and Potions: Well, at least it didn't explode!

Advanced Herbs and Elixirs: Wow, it's not poison!

Master Herbs and Elixirs: It actually works!

Beginner Ninja: What is chakra?

Beginner Ninja: Chakra Control

Beginner Ninja: Taijutsu

Beginner Ninja: Genjutsu

Beginner Ninja: Ninjutsu

Hinata giggled at some of the titles, who knew her Clan had silly books like these! But, they all looked very useful. She took The Idiots Guide to Herbs and Potions: That could kill someone!,

The Beginners Guide to Herbs and Potions: Well, at least it didn't explode!, Beginner Ninja: What is chakra?, Beginner Ninja: Chakra Control, Beginner Ninja: Taijutsu, Beginner Ninja: Genjutsu and Beginner Ninja: Ninjutsu from the shelves. A small pang of guilt went through her body, but technically she wasn't stealing, she was borrowing… For a long while.

Taking a deep breath and checking around, the little beginner ninja took the scrolls and dashed to her room, smiling just a little at feeling so mischievous. It was a feeling she didn't really know about since her father was so strict, but she decided she liked it. She met no one on the way there thank goodness, and soon got to her bedroom without interruption.

She stored the 'borrowed' scrolls underneath her bed, excitement leaving her body to be replaced with exhaustion and worry.

What if Father finds out? I mean, he already hates me, would he punish me for trying to be better? Well, hopefully he will be too distracted by my new sis- OH! Hinata gasped. Her mother!

The terrified child tore through the house towards the infirmary (there was a small medical room and a large infirmary) to seek out her mother. Her heart pounded, her head span and her legs began to burn, but she didn't care. Her mother was dying! She neared the infirmary and heard raised voices and a baby screaming.

"DON'T JUST STAND THERE, HEAL HER ALREADY!" the voice she knew to be her fathers bellowed. It held notes of something she had never heard in her father before: fear.

"It-it's too late Hiashi-sama. She's gone. The poison, it was too quick."

"NOOOO!" her father howled over the babies screams. "ATSUKA!"

A worried nurse ran out of the room with a bundle of blankets in her arms, not paying attention to the small girl stood against the wall. There was a small, salty puddle where the girl stood. She made no noise; the only noise she created was the dripping from her tears that splashed on the floor.

M-mummy! ! M-m-mummy, y-you le-left me! Y-You w-was the only one who wa-was kin-kind t-to me… A scream of grief came from the girl and she ran away from the infirmary.

Her little legs gave out somewhere, and she collapsed on the floor, screaming and sobbing. M-mummy… I-I w-will… I will be strong mummy… I hope you are watching over me now… Mummy…