Oh yeah!

This is going to be good.

[devilish smirk]

Why was it so cold?

It was very breezing, indeed. Hinata just wanted to grab more covers and shield herself from this uncomfortable wind! There must have been a window open somewhere, and that was quite strange; she never left her windows open. She lived alone and in the city. It terrified her to even think of someone breaking in, so she just stuck with electric heat and air condition. Hinata cradled her body, feeling those goose bumps on her skin and rubbed over them like as if they were braille. She wished she had another comforter!

Where was this damn air coming from!

She was getting chillier by the second, and she grabbed onto the sheets she laid on.

And like a wish, warmth engulfed her.

Ah, yes! This was what she called freedom from the harsh cold. She felt this peculiar sensation wrap around her and immediately accepted it. The balminess had a heated core in which she snuggled herself in. Now, this was more like it!

The warmth tightened its grip.

Mostly around her chest.

Hinata frowned a little to herself with a wrinkled brow. Things were getting a bit too hot — and clusterphobic — so she needed some air.

And space?

"I thought you were cold?" a playful voice whispered.

Oh gracious.

She was too afraid to even open her eyes! Her heart beat faster with every second after hearing this stranger's voice! She was very much single, no roommates; she lived in a damn condo — what the hell was going on? Her heart froze at a deep, eerie chuckle.

She sat up so quickly and completely ignored the cold air.

Daringly, Hinata looked at the outsider.

Just seeing her made him smirk with bliss. He missed those broad eyes and that gaping mouth.

The creepy smirk grew.

"Good morn—oomph!"


She held her shaky hands in each other after palming the man in the face.

Disregarding his grunts of agony, she pulled her hair with clenched teeth.

What the hell?

Whoa. I think you broke his nose, Hinata. . .


Oh well!

See you in three days :]

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