"Stop copying me!" James yelled at his siblings.
"Stop copying me!" Albus and Lily echoed.
"Mum!" James called from his bedroom.
"I'm not having a shouted conversation, James." She replied. James sighed heavily and stomped to the kitchen where his mum was making dinner. He heard his younger siblings do the same. "Now, what did you want to talk about?"
"Mum, they won't stop copying me!" He pointed, exasperated.
"Mum, they won't stop copying me!" They giggled, having great fun.
"Did you ask nicely?"
"Yeah." He replied.
"And now you want me to tell them to stop?"
"Please, they're so annoying!" He begged his mum. Please make them stop, Mum.
"Please, they're so annoying!"
"Do you want to help me cook?" She offered.
"No, I just want them to leave me alone!"
"No, I just want them to leave me alone!"
"Quit it!" He shouted, clenching his fists and stomping a foot.
"Quit it!" They laughed, delighting in his anger.
"Come here, sweetheart." James hugged his mum, trying very hard not to cry. "You wanna know something?" He nodded. She leaned over to whisper in his ear. "If you don't say anything, they can't copy you." He smiled shakily.
"Thanks, Mum."
"Thanks, Mum."

James walked back to his room, his siblings following him. He lay on his bed and started reading. He heard Al and Lil whispering, and they left soon after that, bored. He flipped a page and smiled.