***My sister,whoes 11, asked if Sirius black ever fell in love...which gave me this idea.

Harry stumbled into the pensive. And this is what he saw...

One day, a very brilliant afternoon after finals James, Sirius,Lupin,and Peter sat under a shady tree. Watching the people go by. Especially the girls."Which one you want?" James asked them casually. Lupin looked at him "Why you ask?"

"Because, you're lonely," James gestured towards Lupin, "And you're well I mean look at you." he pointed at serious. As James laughed. Lupin looked at him and sneered ,"Why don't you just go make an ass out if yourself in front of Lilly Evens." That started the argument. Sirius blocked them out. Until he became distracted until he saw her. He looked at her colors...Gryffindor so that was good. He'd seen her in potions before he'd never talked to her. The brown or blonde, it was mixed, layered hair, and bright blue eyes. She was eye catching to him. "Yeah yeah. I'll be back" Sirius said getting up to talk to her. Like every other girl in Hogwarts, she was surrounded by a bunch of other girls. Too nerves to talk to her, he had to get her alone. He took out his wand and whispered "Serpensortia" as the snake wound it's way around the group every girl ran for their lives. Except for her. She stood there her arms crossed. "What the hell was that for you prick!" she screamed at him striding forward as if she was about to hit him. They were almost eye to eye, he was taller than her. Looking offended, he stared at her and said, "I only i did it to try and talk to you." her eyes softened. "Oh, um well." she muttered. He laughed softly "I'm SIrius, Sirius Black." he said introducing himself. She smiled a smile that lit up the day a bit more. "I'm Violet, Violet Ellis." she said biting her lower lip shyly her brown hair fell in her face. They stood there starting at eachother smiling, not noticing the fact everyone was going indoors. As rain started to sprinkle. "Vi! Comeon!" a blonde haired girl yelled running towards her stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Sirius. "Oh" her face had a shocked expression.

The rain was picking up getting heavier,"Coming Emily!" Violet said not bothering to turn around, "I'll see you later then." and he nodded she got on her tip toes and was hesitent at first, but she kissed him squarly on the lips. She pulled away and ran off in the pouring rain. He stood there stunned as she walked away. He heard applause, "Bravo!" Lupin yelled jokingly. Sirius smiled,"God shes stunning." Thunder echoed and they ran inside. Harry stood there...his jaw dropped.