A/N: So to be honest, this drabble I made, I made because I heard the word unpardonable. IT'S A FUN WORD! XD So yeah, let's see, your song today!

It's odd, this song has two versions of it, but oh well. It's a pretty song. It's called Duty by Ayumi Hamasaki. And it's just a type of lullaby type song.


Okay, so... Enjoy!



Something Unpardonable

This is… Something unpardonable, isn't it?

To want him to live, to want him alive.

With me.

To be with me forever.

"Miharu, please erase my existence…"

When he says something like that, I can't help but think how much I want to get to know him.

I want to know why he wants to disappear.

I want to know why he chose Kira.

Why he chose to be alone.

"But Yoite! I want you to live-!"

We had never laughed, so hard, so happy; we had never felt that happy before.

I'd stare in his eyes, so cold, so sick, so alone, but there was something more.

"You have to live…"

No, no, not without you.

I wanted him to exist, by my side, forever. I wanted to use the Shinra Bansou, to save him.

But it wasn't what he wanted.

Was it wrong for me to want him by my side?

"Thank you, Miharu… For not asking anything about me, yet staying by my side."

That's all I wanted…

"For looking at me when there was no reason to…"

You're wrong…

"For never, letting go of my hand."

I didn't want to, to never let go.

'I will erase you, so don't die until then.'

'I will make you the Nabari No Ou!'

"I want you to grant my wish, so you can smile and laugh in the future."

I don't want that. I want you to live.

It's something unpardonable, this wish.