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Okay, so this is my first story that I've ever written on here... Please be gentle. I'm willing to finish the story, as I know where it will generally lead, but as of yet I don't have Chapter Two written. The chapters will be mostly EPOV perhaps some in between if the characters decide to smack me in the head wanting their POV placed, but tell me what you think so far, and I pray it's worthy of some of the other authors I've read.

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Until then, here's the Prologue, and Chapter One...



"BELLA! Oh, God baby don't do this. Please don't do this. Stay with me, come on, stay with me."

I heard the heart monitor go haywire and finally flat-line. I was pushed out of the way, falling on my ass as I stared, gawking at the machine.


"GET HIM OUT OF HERE!" The doctor pointed to me while screaming at a nurse. A few security guards came in and tried to haul me up onto my legs.

"NO, I can't leave her. Please…. Please don't make me leave her like this!" I cried, begging the men to let me stay.

"Sir, you have to come with us, you're not doing them any good sitting in their way. Come on."

Finally I collapsed, letting them drag me out of the room. I couldn't move my legs, I couldn't find any will what-so-ever as the last thing I saw, was Bella's body arching off the bed from the use of the defibrillator.

My ears felt muffled, clogged as if someone had put cotton in my ears, as I heard people screaming down the hallway. I looked up and saw them running towards me. My mom, my father, my brother and his wife, Bella's father, Bella's sister and husband, all crowding around me. My mother collapsed onto the floor beside me trying to hold me tightly.

"OH MY GOD, Edward, what happened!" She screamed at me, trying to get my attention. I couldn't see her very well from the tears running down my face.

My father was yelling for a gurney. I didn't understand why, who else was hurt?

"Edward, where's Bella, what's going on?" Bella's father continued to ask me, but all I saw was red. I couldn't see anyone anymore. I looked up in their general direction and sputtered when I spoke next.

"Gone… Bella… gone."

At that moment, my stomach clenched hard, and I threw up everything I had eaten that night. I heaved until nothing else came out. Finally after what felt like hours, I fell into darkness, remembering the beginning.

Okay, so I know the Prologue is short, but I am posting Chapter One as well with this... as soon as I figure out how... don't worry should be quick.

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