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Chapter 24: Teaser

"I am SOOOO bored." Alice said as she flopped down on to Jasper's lap on the couch.

"Me too. There has to be something we can do." Rose replied. She had her head laying in Emmett's lap.

"Like what? There's no music, no TV, no Xbox, no fun." Emmett said lazily with his head against the back of the couch.

Bella and I were sitting on the love seat snuggled together as we all huddled in the candlelight. The six of us had been at our place, while Alyssa was at Charlie's house for the weekend, when the nasty storm hit. Bella wouldn't let anyone drive in this weather. Of course because the weather had been so bad, the power had gone out and had been out for the last two hours while the storm raged. We were all sitting in my living room trying to think of something to pass the time.

"Cards?" Bella asked.

Everyone groaned, shaking their heads.

"Twister!" Emmett yelled and Jasper whacked him on the back of the head.

"OH! OH! I know! Truth Or Dare!" Alice started bouncing up and down in her excitement which made me grimace because of the look on Jasper's face. Ugh.

"Umm… Honey… could you… maybe." He grabbed a hold of Alice's arms and settled her down. I'm sure you all understood why. We just laughed out loud.

"Oops. Sorry Jazzy."

"Blech." Bella grimaced. She hid her head in my chest and I hid mine in her hair.

"Let's play Truth Or Dare." Alice requested more calmly. No one groaned or denied wanting to play so I shifted Bella off my lap.

"If we're playing this, we are in desperate need of alcohol." I quickly kissed Bella's lips, grabbed a flashlight off the coffee table, and ran downstairs to the bar in the basement to get essentials (meaning vodka, whiskey and rum.) Jasper met me at the top of the stairs and I handed him two of each types in a small laundry type basket before making my way to the kitchen. The girls were grabbing munchies and coke bottles to take to the living room and together we all settled back, drinks in hand and munchies in bowls.

Alice sat forward from her place beside Jasper and looked at each of us with an evil grin on her face. The candle in front of her was glowing against her skin making her seem even more sinister than normal. It was really quite eerie because right before she spoke lightning and thunder flooded from the windows outside lighting the room in white.

"So… who's first."

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Now, if you're not understanding the second game here's how it's played. The first person says something like "I have never had sex in a car." Anyone who has had sex in a car has to take a drink. The raunchier or more surprising has to be said out loud to the rest of the crew and then it's the next person's down the line.

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